Patanjali Yoga Sutras – A Musical Rendition | International Day of Yoga

Of all the things in the world Of all the things that a human being can do Why Yoga Someone sings a song, Someone dances. Someone writes a book. Everything that you do. Everything that you say. Everything that comes out of you. Is essentially an expression of who you are. Yoga in that way is diametrically opposite. It is not an expression. It is a method. It is a means. It is a Technology through which you can change
the very shape of who you really are. Changing the very fundamentals of one’s existence. (Music playing) योगश्चित्तवृत्तिनिरोधः
yogaś-citta-vṛtti-nirodhaḥ तदा द्रष्टुः स्वरूपेऽवस्थानम्
tadā draṣṭuḥ svarūpe-‘vasthānam योगश्चित्तवृत्तिनिरोधः
yogaś-citta-vṛtti-nirodhaḥ तदा द्रष्टुः स्वरूपेऽवस्थानम्
tadā draṣṭuḥ svarūpe-‘vasthānam वृत्ति सारूप्यमितरत्र
vṛtti sārūpyam-itaratra वृत्तयः पञ्चतय्यः क्लिष्टाक्लिष्टाः
vṛttayaḥ pañcatayyaḥ kliṣṭākliṣṭāḥ प्रमाण विपर्यय विकल्प निद्रा स्मृतयः
pramāṇa viparyaya vikalpa nidrā smṛtayaḥ Sadhguru: Patanjali’s yoga sutras
starts in a strange way “And Now, Yoga” Which is half a sentence. Such a great document on life
starts with half a sentence. If you still believe, with money everything will be ok If you still believe, with a new house
or a car everything will be ok. If you still believe, by getting married or unmarried
everything will be ok. It is not yet time for yoga. You have seen all this and you know
it does not really transform you. This realization, that all this activity can give us opportunities
to find different sort of expressions to who we are, but, they are not tools for transformation And Now, Yoga. प्रत्यक्षानुमानागमाः प्रमाणानि
pratyakṣa-anumāna-āgamāḥ pramāṇāni विपर्ययो मिथ्याज्ञानमतद्रूप प्रतिष्ठम्
viparyayo mithyā-jñānam-atadrūpa pratiṣṭham शब्दज्ञानानुपाती वस्तुशून्यो विकल्पः
śabda-jñāna-anupātī vastu-śūnyo vikalpaḥ अभावप्रत्ययालम्बना तमोवृत्तिर्निद्र
abhāva-pratyaya-ālambanā tamo-vṛttir-nidra अनुभूतविषयासंप्रमोषः स्मृतिः
anu-bhūta-viṣaya-asaṁpramoṣaḥ smṛtiḥ अभ्यासवैराग्याभ्यां तन्निरोधः
abhyāsa-vairāgya-ābhyāṁ tan-nirodhaḥ योगश्चित्तवृत्तिनिरोधः
yogaś-citta-vṛtti-nirodhaḥ तदा द्रष्टुः स्वरूपेऽवस्थानम्
tadā draṣṭuḥ svarūpe-‘vasthānam वृत्ति सारूप्यमितरत्र
vṛtti sārūpyam-itaratra Who you are right now is a certain form physical, mental and energy form If you want to transform And Now, Yoga!


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  35. God Bless You Kind-Loving Mr. Sadhguru. A Revelation that Hath been Revealed to me through God's Divine Guidance:
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  41. That's a pretty bad way to put it and can easily cause misunderstanding.
    Yoga is not about changing who you are. Its about being who you are. Right now, you aren't what you are. You're what society, family, situations made you. You're a by product of circumstances. Majority of the descision most people take, are compulsive.
    Yoga is about going conscious from compulsion. To become truly oneself, not what society want you to be.
    That's what "purity" means. Purity doesn't mean "good"! It means something being what it is.

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