hi I'm Brent Stafford and this is Right Watch bye regulator watch comm joining us today for part two of our exclusive in-depth discussion on the issues and controversies around east cigarettes is professor Stanton glance arguably the most well known tobacco control activist in the world he is also an ardent critic of e-cigarettes eternally frustrating vaping supporters and public health colleagues with his blood talk in combative style honed over the years in the trenches fighting the war against big tobacco professor glance thanks for joining us picking up where we left off in part one he made several points about dual use which is when people use e-cigarettes and continue to smoke at the same time do you know why that happens exactly why isn't totally clear I think one reason is because these cigarettes are promoted as a way to use recreational nicotine in places where smoking has been banned and there's a very well-developed literature some of which we contributed to showing that Clean Indoor Air laws and smoke-free environments smoke-free homes make it easier for people to quit smoking and the e-cigarettes are blunting that effect professor glance if an adult smoker walked into your office and made a convincing argument that they would not become a dual user would you recommend any cigarettes as an option to quit smoking no plan why not alright we have a bunch of therapies chantix what you mentioned you know other therapies that have gone through rigorous testing and approval by the government and what's work and people should use things that are demonstrated to work you know if the if the e-cigarette companies wanted to go out and do the clinical trials and actually test them to see if they work for smoking cessation and submit the evidence to the usf the air the approved corresponding Canadian authorities fine weapon well you've opened Pandora's box mentioning the FDA vaping advocates say the new deeming regulations the FDA just put into effect in the US are going to devastate the industry well the I I've been very critical of the FDA law from the beginning I didn't even wanna okay but what the law did a political compromise that was made in the law was that any product that was on the market as of February 15 2007 is grandfathered in but that's unfair isn't it well that's politics you know and and the whole argument that's been made for the FDA law is that any new product that comes on the market after that has to go through premarket review and be shown to have net public health benefit the I can tell you the people a lot of the people at the FDA are very sympathetic to the whole harm reduction argument and the possibility that he cigarettes might lead people to switch to a less risky product I'm they're way way more Pro harm reduction than I am but but the point is that before they allow that you should have to present some evidence to them and while an e-cigarette is not as dangerous as a cigarette it's still pretty dangerous fuzzer Glantz you acknowledge e-cigarettes are not as dangerous to cigarettes yet the FDA's grandfather clause leaves cigarettes currently on the market untouched big tobacco doesn't need to prove cigarettes having that health benefit and how could they it's proven they kill so how is the grandfather clause fair in regards to e-cigarettes if you came to me and said dude I like that grandfather date that was written into the FDA law the 2007 no I didn't like the FDA law I thought it was there were too many compromises with big tobacco in that law and I still think that but the fact is that's what the law is and when as people have gone into this business they've gone into it knowing that was what the law was and so I frankly I'm tired of hearing them whining about it professor glass I guarantee viewers are throwing objects at their monitors right now well I'm sorry that they're unhappy you know professor glance a lot of vapors the regular Joe's out there they know and respect what you did in the battle against big tobacco and they see you now fighting big sugar they expected you to be an ally and yet you're the loudest voices against vaping they can't put it all together in their minds and they're kind of hurt do you understand that yeah I know I've heard that I mean the thing they're ignoring is that Big Tobacco is pretty much taking over the e-cigarette business anyway and in fact when you go back and look at the problem we have with kids that's probably not much due to the vape shops and the people you're talking about can use of e-cigarettes was kind of marginal for a long time there was only when the big corporations got into the business started advertising on television in the radio going into the internet and and bringing modern mass marketing and product development into the market that we saw the increase in use by kids so I mean my personal view is that if all we had were these mom and pop bait shops out there I probably would be you know you'd have a little niche market with a few enthusiasts probably the people who are trying to quit smoking and you know probably wouldn't be worth bothering with frankly from a public health point of view speaking of public health professor glance he seemed to be in a disagreement with some of your public health colleagues over the potential dangers of e-cigarettes as reg watch reported last spring the Royal College of Physicians in the UK released a groundbreaking report which could only be characterized as a ringing endorsement of e-cigarettes in its two hundred page report titled nicotine without smoke the RCP makes some sweeping conclusions including nicotine alone is not carcinogenic and compared to continued smoking nicotine use in e-cigarettes is of minimal consequence the report also states there is no evidence East cigarette use has resulted in the renormalization smoking or that vaping serves as a gateway for never smokers including young people to pick up the habit finally professor glass public health England the nation's top health protection agency released an evidence report last year stating cigarettes are 95 percent less harmful than normal cigarettes how do you explain such a massive discrepancy between your assessment of e-cigarettes and that of public health officials in I understand and I have to say and I mean I know a lot of the people who wrote that report they're friends of mine I just can't figure out how they possibly do those conclusions and the most critical element of that is this claim that e-cigarette use is 95 percent less risky but cigarettes well you as a critical thinker need to track back to where that number came from and where that number came from it's a half a dozen self-described experts got together and sat around and decided it was 95 percent safer if you read the original paper are you referring to the public health England report from last year no it was the one before that so you don't agree with the 95 percent number then I think it was a made-up number if you go read the paper which I've read it has no evidence whatsoever in it it was a group of people some of whom had financial conflicts of interest got together and just picked it it was kind of amazing to then see public health England uncritically just pick it up and repeat it and it was even more shocking to see the Royal College of Physicians do it but but all I can say you know they're just focused on cancer and most smokers are not killed by cancer they're killed by heart disease and non-cancer lung disease and those reports paid absolutely no attention to that finally professor glass what's your bottom line on e-cigarettes if you ask me the question do I think the world would be a better place if we didn't have any cigarettes yes I do I think these cigarettes are making the simcard epidemic horse but you know that one great thing about what's going on in England and I mean I think those people are again they're friends of mine I've worked with some of them for years I think they're absolutely nuts right now but but you know they're doing this wonderful experiment over there you've got the government giving e-cigarettes out to people now through the National Health Service and we'll come back in two or three years and one of two things will happen it'll have worked and been tremendously successful in reducing smoking in which case the rest of us can say boy we're so glad you were courageous enough to push forward and do this experiment and prove the rest of us wrong or we could say thank God we didn't do that – you've got a complete mess on your hands and they're doing the experiment we'll know in a couple of years so it's a matter of fingers crossed then yeah I mean I wish them well you know the thing is if the thing in evylyn works and it reduces disease and death and smoking and all of that it's always easy for other people to say okay we're gonna take our foot off the brake you know but once it when you're dealing with a big industrialized product like this and creating a big industry behind it once it's there the genie is very hard to shove back in the bottle well that's it for this special edition of reg watch before you head off please like us on Facebook and don't forget to follow us on Twitter for Regulator watch com I'm Bren Stafford


  1. Hi folks, here is our latest coverage on the Glantz sexual harassment allegations:

  2. Well it's been a couple of years… Just like he said… It looks pretty F'n good for the Vapers!

  3. are you even a smoker in the first place???? if not then i dont think youre the best resource person to talked against vaping!!!!

  4. I will trust public health England before this muppet

  5. Does Glantz serve any other purpose besides being a pain in the ass? Retire already you hard headed, narrow minded, blow hard douchebag!

  6. Never have I ever heard someone so full of shit in my life. This "doctor" should be ashamed of what he's doing, because it's a disservice to public health.

  7. wow…. this guy's PhD must be written in crayon, his recommendation is chantix over vaping?!?! are you freaking kidding me? does he even know the side effects?

  8. This guy goes to school for years and goes on this show and sounds like the biggest moron there is wow

  9. Hopefully he is near EOL …………
    Over 4 yrs. without a single Craving for a Nasty as Cigarette. Enjoy Vaping and Nic control.
    It is Simple
    Glantz/FDA/Funding/Pharma………………<<<<Selling out Americans
    if 1/2 switched = 1/2 of 480,000 annual Deaths in USA from Tobacco.

  10. I've spent abt $2,000, stocking up against the FDA Deeming regs which will decimate vaping. I'm a vaping advocate and any time that I see a person vaping I tell them what I've done and tell them to stock up. I've purchased 8,000ml of 100mg/ml Nude Nicotine Armor, 12 mods, 12 RDA/RDTA/RTA/Tanks, flavors, a scale, cotton, coils, battery chargers, etc. I have abt 15yrs worth of vaping goods and before I stop, I'll have 25yrs worth of goods.

    I've probably had 2 cigarettes since September 1st, 2015. I am not a dual user in any sense of the word, nor are all of the vapers that I meet.

    The UCSF should be ashamed that Glantz is on their staff.

  11. "Big tobacco has pretty much taken over the e-cig market anyway" FALSE. Guy is a liar. He's only interested in MONEY from the Big Pharma (and likely big tobacco, too).

  12. He just said he opposes harm reduction.

  13. That's not a "compromise" – it's BS.

  14. WTF? "That's politics?" That's his description of a grandfather date that PRIOR to e-cigarettes even existing? Jerk.

  15. Well done Brent, for maintaining your dignity while trying to get a reasonable response from glANTZ, who we saw was frustrating you.

  16. I smoked for 47 years but have not had a single cig since Dec 12/15. I don't want one, don't crave for any and will never go back. That is all the proof I need!

  17. I know I started vaping just over 2 yrs ago and I smoked 2 packs of Newport 100s a day…. I ordered a starter kit on a Wednesday and got it Saturday afternoon and haven't picked up another cigarette since that day.. they say vaping doesn't help u stop smoking cigarettes and I tried the gums Chantix and patches and none of them worked for me… these ppl that r saying vaping is bad need to take there hands out of big tobacco's and big Pharmaceuticals pockets

  18. As @suckmymod pointed out to me in part 1, if people quit smoking, he no longer gets funded. And did he seriously promote Champix?! A drug with a huge list of side effects like suicidal thoughts that lead people to committing suicide?! That drug is ok by his standards but vaping isn't?! What a tool!

  19. The Mechanic Reloaded.
    Raiders of the Lost Marbles.

  20. what a cock

  21. We have more vapers here in the states than the UK does. The experiment is going fine. Get on board Stanton! They work and the whole academic world know it! If you are not promoting vaping to smokers, YOU ARE PROMOTING SMOKING!

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