Part 1: Chris Bumstead Is Not Complete As Me From Head To Toe | A Convo With Breon Ansley

I just really feel really blessed to be in this position new competitors coming out of nowhere so essentially how do you feel now do you feel less confident I think the signs of a true champion is just you know meeting the challenge man another guy I want to ask you about is Chris bumster of course she did question with me ask him about him what you do is good to finally meet you in person man yeah absolutely man good to meet you in person I've seen all the content I've seen the stuff so I feel like I've know you already I appreciate it you know what I noticed why you always positive always smiling you're the most positive person in the world man well yeah man I you know oh absolutely absolutely I think you know I just feel really blessed to be in this position and I've just I've just been raised right not just my parents have just raised me right so I don't always be humble to kind of always really kind of just don't get too don't get too excited and don't get too high things come your way so I wanted to ask you when you're growing up boy your expiration is bodybuilding always in your family was something you kind of always had interest for no not always my first interest is track and field in football since I was like six seven years old then you know I kind of moved along into track and field in football then I started noticing let's see magazines bodybuilding magazines let's see you got flex magazine you have a muscular development and then I just noticed the physiques on there bodybuilding wise you know when I was about 11 12 years old then that's when that kind of my interest you know it's kind of fascinated with the physiques and that's when that kind of started put it I put it in the back of my mind but you know like all kids that started football man we want to go to the league we want to go and that's those were my dreams and aspirations she were trying to uh absolutely to go to the NFL and that was it and I you know like all kids and all teenagers we put all our eggs in that basket right so it was a harsh reality when that didn't happen I kind of had a little cup of coffee in the Arena League playing arena football in Florida Jacksonville which was which was cool but injuries our reality didn't work out to make it all the way to the NFL so that's when Entertainment acting kind of you know took place and then actually we were talking about the scenes um you actually an actor right your audition goes on oh absolutely yeah yeah well that was my I graduated with the liberal arts performing arts degree from Iowa State University yeah so I was one of the few it was kind of different you know for a college football player to be studying theater definitely when when during my time so and I kind of took pride in that you know so I went with that I said okay you know what I'm liking this I like like being different I like going against the grain a little bit and came out here when arena football was done I said let me go in and let me go ahead and do it you know parents already lived out here stayed with them for a bit then moved to North Hollywood where I still live in like 2004 and hat was was able to do some pretty good stuff some pretty exciting things obviously your physique was a challenge for being an actor I'm a similar in shape and larger than other actors right right right well you know my physique back then wasn't what it wasn't looking like how it is now I was a lot smaller than so when the only challenge really came in like you know when in maybe 2011 12 when I really started taking bodybuilding seriously and whenever my physique really started growing muscularity wise that's when it was a problem because my agents and my managers were like bring on your face looks a certain way but then your body looks totally different and so we don't really know how to you know yeah we don't really know how to pitch you where to pitch you and the people that you know are in charge of casting you they don't really know how you know where to where to fit you in and where you where you gonna fit in so I was kind of discourage you a little bit and then that's when I went you know well steam ahead into bodybuilding I said well let me just let me just get bodybuilding everything right now and then kind of put acting on the back burner so the classic physique division announcement came in 2016 I believe that's when the first competition was held prior to that were you going to a bodybuilding like men's open what so we're we trying to fit in exactly I was getting ready to do the 212 division yeah the 212 division was yes basically men's open that most definitely is but just a smaller version of men's open you got to be under 212 pounds so but they sure don't look it hahaha they look like 250 260 still so yeah that was that was where I was gonna go with it and then they came out was you really big because most guys came from a men's physique of me right yeah yeah yeah that was pretty much mostly the the path that you know people were taking some some 212 guys were moving down to to classic but it was probably missing with mostly more men to Zeke moving up to classic I would say we heard announcement right you right away wanted to go to the division what did you want to go from 212 to that I did a few to 12 shows already in 2014 and it didn't go well so I was before classic was announced I was taking a strong look at what I was even gonna really do with this thing you know because I knew I could be great and I knew I can do well but almost like well those didn't go well and of course that was discouraging I did the New York pro in 2014 big show starting my first one then the Phoenix pro and they didn't go well so I you know I just kind of had to just take a step back and think about what I wanted to do and I remembered when and then classic was announced in the late 2015 right there's like the later that year and then the first show was in 2016 early and then I said oh well you know what my best look was when I turned pro at 175 pounds I was my best look and you know I was doing the research on where I needed to be weight wise as far as my height for klax division and it was 175 at the time 175 so I said okay well you know what let's let's go ahead and attempt to do that and try to take it to the top because that was my best look I know it and it's and mind you I was preparing to do this to 12 at this time so I was hovering around two hundred and sixteen seventeen eighteen pounds yeah you know so now I had to shift my whole type of training and lose a lot of weight to come down 175 it hurt it hurt but it was worth it it was worth because that's what we stand now you felt like you've found something that's yours to control that to rule that you know I mean absolutely absolutely yeah there you go so I just took that you know that that fuel that I had a little bit of that chip on my shoulder from not doing it as as well as I wanted to do and just carried it on throughout the next year with my training with my focus with my intensity and and I luckily we were able to give the champion ship that next year the competition just kept getting harder actually because more competitors and then next year got more competitive oh absolutely absolutely I mean you have you saw guys just busy competitors coming up that had great great potential you saw guys from all over the world coming all over the place you know that uh that that had great shape and it definitely most definitely got tough that definitely doesn't get any easier because guys are coming they're coming and they won't they they want that title and I don't blame them I don't blame good for that you part of they're probably the most competitive division right now everybody either switching to that division where new competitors coming out of nowhere so how do you feel now less confident when you go to these battles all the time I feel even more confident I mean you know I think yeah I think I think the signs of a true champion is just you know stepping up to the you know meeting the challenge man meeting the challenge and you know is when the challenge increases and it is big or as I don't know I say unattainable that it might seem that we just want to go and grab it and continue into grabbing you know so that's the way I feel I feel that I just kind of relish in the fact that it gets even more then it gets tougher and tougher and you have guys that look even more great and that are coming with a lot of heat and you know to stay on top I think that's I think that is greatness and and plus I'm doing a lot of I'm getting a lot of my competitiveness out of me because remember football didn't work out for me you know so I'm still getting it out of my system and having fun with it from what I've seen you got a top notch physique and what I've seen on that stage what are you do like to follow through do you get bigger to get more conditioning how do you improve I think it's a little bit of both of what you said you kind of maybe can add in add more sure yes yes that is a challenge so if you put on a little bit more muscle which we can't then you're gonna have to work that much harder to come down to the same weight you know to lose that much more water to lose that much more fat to come down to that same way and then maybe even you do the same next year you're not gonna put on that much muscle because that's just that's that would just be counterproductive you know to put on five six seven eight pounds of muscle per year and if the weight stays the same to just have to come down to that much but yeah half a pound one pound pound and a half two pounds of lean muscle mass makes all the difference in the world and I think if you do that from year to year to year in in half in you know do the work to come down to that that a weight that you have to do it I think the physique well I know that the physique just will look that much better and that much more have just that much more wow factor to it you know that's what we go for just well factor of the physique everything pop and everything looking like wow how much do you care about who competes against you not into my preparation but please believe I do know who's out there and I do know who's who I do know who they say you know has a chance to take me down or has a chance to you know give me my stiffest competition most definitely I do but as I'm training and with my focus I'm definitely not thinking about them I'm thinking about everything that I have to do you know – cuz i because for me I put that much more on my plate every year to continue to look great and continue to look and continue to have the the championship look that I need you know to kind of make it undeniable I don't really want to be wanted to be close so you know I just kind of put more on my plate and kind of like my day-to-day routine of what I do and how I go about my business for instance you know I might train twice a day but earlier on in the year you know which I didn't might have not have done that the previous year or yeah just add little little stuff to the plate to just you know keep making the the physique you know the best another guy want to ask you about is Chris bumster course she did question we asked him about him question do I feel like you two have very different physiques but it's no competition what do you think about his physique and and him competing against you especially at Olympia last year oh absolutely yeah yeah great we'll definitely be right there again for this Olympia I think a Chris has great physique great physique again I don't think his physique can match up against mine when I'm on my a-game and when I'm a thousand percent I just don't think I see it but you know for me being a fan of the sport and I mean just seeing with my eyes and being objective about it I think that he is a great physique and great wow factor to his physique I don't think he has come as is as complete as I am from head to toe and I think that's what has allowed me to be victorious over him over the past couple of years yeah you the back and just other things just complete just not really lacking any body parts that are kind of obvious you know so just the complete the completeness man of just the development of the body parts from head to toe as I think what what what I bring to the table Rasha is a great competitor I really is a great competitor and a very nice guy let me let me say that and I'm and I don't blame anybody who wants to come and and take my title away you know that's what we're in this for to do our best to win damn it so more power to do


  1. Yeah but cbum has more fans ,i find his physique more aesthetic to look at,something special

  2. Muscle maturity comes with time

  3. Dude can't even hold his stomach in, the new generation is going to mop him up

  4. Vlad it's ALWAYS hard to hear you in your videos…. speak louder


  6. Age is gonna catch up with him in the next few years!

  7. He is not complete because it's classic physic not open bodybuilding
    But from a structure and classic stand point cbum clearly beats him.

  8. Well I've said it before and my mind is as yet unchanged — athletes esp. bodybuilders are best seen and not heard. I did make it to two minutes before noting of interest here.

  9. like breon but he acting like it was a blow out, ALOT of ppl thought chris should have won

  10. Says who???? Lol… Chris looks better… Breton just won… when ur 5’7 lolmuscle will look different on u than on Chris who is 6’2.

  11. Breon keep going while u can !!

  12. Champ speaking facts. Bum is young & his muscle maturity will only get better. As of right now, he can’t take Breon.

  13. The IFBB needs to double the prize money for the Classic Olympia this year.

  14. Cbum's fans are as gay and delusional to think a 90% Cbum lost only one point to Breon with all their bullshit excuses lol

  15. Chris Bumstead

    Breon Ansley

  16. i love cbum´s phisique. but he has the worst biceps ive seen in a pro…


  18. Not hating on Chris but I honestly don't know how he lost by only 1 point. It was a night and day difference. 2018 CP Mr O in my opinion: 1. Breon 2. George 3.Henri 4.Chris

  19. Didnt Breon win by one point vs a guy who had serious medical issues to make him retain pounds of water, messed up training, and dieting near the end of prep?
    Like, if none of that happened cbum would have blown him out of the water worse than phil heath smoked kai at the Olympias

  20. Cblum only lack on the back side, but the rest he beat you.

  21. He's not complete? He has wayyyyyyyy better structure. Eye appealing asssss fuck. Let's just say, out of everyone in Classic Physic…who's body would everyone want to have???? Hmmmmm let me think 🤔 Chris Bumstead. He looks like a freaking Greek Titan.
    While you, no offense look like a mere mortal with a insane back and peaks in your biceps.

    Let's be real. Only if CBum came in a bit better then he did on his 1st Olympia Stage. We would be listening to him talk in stead if you Breon. Your a great competitor. But no Mr. Olympia in my book.

  22. Good background music

  23. Breon is a child

  24. head to toe,is this include balls and dick

  25. Cbum is the future and breon will be history soon mark my word..

  26. He kinda has the rhythmic pattern and tone of Katt Williams!

  27. Breon put it on the money honestly. With Cbum struggling in the arms and the back department. Pretty obvious body parts that you certainly don’t want to lack in when standing next to Breon. Also, you have to remember that Breon is much older than Chris and has far more muscle maturity to his physique; I imagine that with more time Chris will take the title as he will be able to bring up the weaknesses that he has.

  28. Chris Tucker's younger brother!!! lol

  29. Cbum lost by a point at the 2018 O even with everything going on with him. So we will see If Breo is singing the same tune come September

  30. Put a 24/25 year old breon next to Chris now who wins, not the guy in this video

  31. The interviewers lip movement doesn’t match the words coming out it’s tripping me out

  32. I don't like breons physique looks fat with his over proportioned legs

  33. 12:43 THANK ME LATER

  34. I love his humble brags 😂

  35. Dancing around those short bis of Chris. I love Mr. "Weekend Warrior" up there in the great north, dont get it twisted. 2019 classic physique is gonna be bonkers! If both Chris and Breon come in at their best its gonna be the show to watch on my opinion.

  36. He reminds me of the famous Bill Grant. I've watched him on Ric's Corner yesterday.

  37. Absolutely………………..

  38. Crazy how Danny Hester took the first title when Breton was In the lineup. So much progress

  39. damn hes 35 looks 31!

  40. what a clickbait shit stirring title—fucked up..i would be pissed if i was Breon

  41. Good champ smart humble! Think he wins again..

  42. Breon’s gyno aint so complete

  43. Dropping weight from 212 equals less gear. I don't think it's fair for guys to go from bodybuilding to classic.

  44. i have to respect this guy, so humble and just a pleasant person.

  45. He can't say from head to toe cause then he would have to take into account his calves

  46. Breon is 5 years older than Big Ramy😂😂 so unbelievable😂

  47. @generation iron kindly Bring jp trained by jp here

  48. It’s true.

  49. Chris was never in his best shape because he was ravished with this genetic disorder only a week away that made him retain a huge amount of water. Next year will be a different story.

  50. Liberal arts isn’t even a degree lol I’d be embarrassed to have said that. I love beron

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