Parenting Tips: How to Care for Your Child — and Yourself

– The years we’re raising our kids are the most time stretched
years of a human’s life. Inarguably, nobody
would ever dispute that. So here’s a way to think about the job. (upbeat chiming music) First, divide it into two parts. Raising a human, and being a human. And then each of those
have four components. So to raise a happy healthy human, we as adults need to divide our time between four activities. We have to provide for our kids, right, we have to work and make and manage money to pay for the things our kids need. We have to arrange the
logistics of our kids lives, which is a very time consuming, tedious, sort of thankless part
of the job, but is critical. We have to spend time
relating to our kids, which is getting to know them for the unique individuals that they are. And we have to spend time
with teaching our kids, right, we have to teach our
kids values and life skills so they can be successful
out in the world. So as adults, we’re responsible for our children’s well-being, but also responsible for our own. We have to spend time on sleep, right, and rest, so that our bodies
and our brains operate, and think, and can be
creative, and patient. We have to spend time on
exercise, that’s the E. Whether it’s formal or informal movements so we feel energized, and we
feel confident in our bodies. We have to spend time on
love, adult relationships, because it’s so hard to nurture another when we don’t feel nurtured
and don’t get our cups full. And we have to spend time on fun, and most parents laugh
when I say that part, and they think you’re supposed to wait til your kids are off in college, but no. You have to build in
whatever hobbies or passions make you feel like you. You may not be able to do
it in the big blocks of time you did before you had kids, but to integrate those
self-care activities in 20 minute doses or
less actually enable you to integrate it into
the fabric of your day, the fabric of your week, and really give you everything you need in order to do your part for your kids.

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