Paper Cup Diet | Lose 5Kg In A Week | Weight Loss Diet Plan To Lose 5 Kgs in 7 Days

Hi guys, in today’s video I’m showing a
new type of diet which is paper cup diet. Paper Cup Diet is nothing but a portion
control diet. It is pretty easy to follow and you’ll be able to lose up to 10
pounds or 5 kilos in 7 to 10 days, so let’s get started and the most important
thing you need to have, to begin with this diet is something to control the
portion size i.e. 3 cups like these. Paper or foam cups or wax paper cups any would do. These types of cups are not expensive at all and are easily
available at any stationery, gift or a grocery store but they have a thin
lining of plastic to keep the food hot or cold which I don’t think is health
friendly hence to make the process more environment and health friendly you can
use a glass measuring 200ml for this diet, like the one I am going to use in
this video. The idea is simply to restrict the portion. Now for breakfast, take three cups : First
cup is for carbohydrates and needs to be filled up with brown rice or whole wheat
roti or brown whole-wheat or multigrain bread. In case of bread or flatbread,
break it into small bits and then fill them in the cup. This way you would be
able to accommodate more bread or roti slices. I was able to put in about two
slices of bread. The second cup is of fibre so fill it up with fresh fruits of
your choice and fill half of third cup with protein like boiled eggs or chicken,
steamed fish or grilled meat. If you are a vegetarian then have tofu,
boiled lentils or beans like chickpeas and black beans, green lentils etc. For lunch, fill the first cup with brown rice. Second cup with boiled or stir-fried vegetables or any soup and fill half of
third cup with protein like boiled eggs or chicken, steamed fish or grilled meat.
if you are a vegetarian, then fill half of third cup with tofu, boiled dal or
lentils or beans like chickpeas black beans, green lentils etc For dinner, fill the half of first cup
with brown rice which means we will cut down the amount of carbs to half. Second
cup with boiled or stir-fried vegetables or any soup and fill half of third cup
with protein like boiled eggs or chicken steamed fish or grilled meat. if you are a
vegetarian, then fill half of the third cup with tofu, boiled dal or lentils or beans like chickpeas, black beans, green lentils etc. Now to show how much food you will get
to eat in this diet, I’m transferring the lunch to a plate.
You can see that the portion size is very much sufficient for one person. The
plate is almost full. Depending on the selection, this diet plan will range from
1,300 to 1,500 calories a day. You’re not allowed to eat anything outside the
three paper cups. You can drink a glass of milk or almond milk, lemon water,
coconut water, green tea, cold brew coffee etc. every time you feel hungry in
between the meals. If you are stir-frying vegetables, then use less oil and less
salt. Also ensure to use a good quality oil like olive oil etc. This plan will
prevent you from overeating as it’s easy to control the food amount with paper
cups hence this will prove beneficial for people who binge eat and to those
who eat unnecessarily. This plan will also prevent you from eating junk. Just
plain homemade food for a healthy body and mind. You will get enough nutrition
for the entire day as it covers carbs fiber and protein. Also, you save a lot of
time as cooking time is less. The plan is safe for all be it a Thyroid
PCOS, PCOD, Diabetics, Elderly, Fatty Liver or IBS patients etc, as there are
no restrictions on what you wish to have in terms of fruits, vegetables or protein. Choose whatever suits you. This diet is sugar-free i.e. there is no added
or refined sugar in this plan which will keep you healthy and active. Follow this
plan for 10 days and if you are able to carry on with it,
then you can follow till you achieve your weight loss goal. Try to indulge in
some activity like 10 to 15 minutes of fast walk each day. Hope you like this
Paper Cup or better known as Glass Diet Plan. Do hit like, subscribe to my channel
if you still haven’t and click the bell icon for notifications and I will see
you soon with a new video till then remember, practicing portion control and
eating clean can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle… bye bye


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  7. Please note : As this diet contains a lot of carbs too, you will not see your weight dropping everyday. It will not work as miraculously as my other diets do. This is more of a clean balanced diet which will show results only if you follow it for a minimum of 10 days. So don't step on to your scale everyday to measure your weight 😊. Also the weight loss will vary from individual to individual. It can help you lose upto 5 kgs in 7 to 10 days.

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