Pantry Chit Chat (Healthy Eating Series)

good morning Francis is Renee from little village homestead today I've taken you to Meyer with me – we're gonna do some shoppin and get some good healthy foods for our health meetings so hang tight we'll be there and I'll be back keep it on you high man the food we got grapes grapes are on sale for 28 cents a pound this is a good price dollar 28 a pound I said 28 cents at $9 28 so we're gonna get a bunch of grapes and if you like cantaloupes these are a dollar ninety-nine apiece which is a fairly decent price for a size of cantaloupe that's a nice big cantaloupe so we're gonna get one of these fruit salad for lunch or a dinner side let's see what else have we got here oranges 249 I think we're gonna grab these because that's a good price and then it lasts more than a week got peaches nectarines and plums of Valor 99 a pound oh there they've learned just went up used to be just 99 cents each another a dollar nine each those went up we're not gonna get those okay do you want any nectarines come into your grocery store Meijer or Walmart wherever you go in hit the salespeople because that I used to eat healthy and still save money nectar you don't want them too bright because you're on the best a little bit it's a public forum so we got we've got oranges melon and grapes so far and we wanted okay we're gonna look at the apples over here and see they got apples over here ever crisp apples a dollar ninety-nine a pound Granny Smith a ballot eighty nine a dollar forty nine Jonagold apples a dollar forty nine I think we're gonna get a couple of those know I don't always buy apples like this I usually if I am in a bag but I don't use that many of them well wait a minute we're gonna look over here first we're on the corner here and see if they got bags of apples that are on sale and they do so I got my grandbabies at my house for the whole week so I think maybe I'll just grab a bag uh you got three pounds of McIntosh three pounds one of these Gala oh the Gala apples are good $2.99 for three pounds I think we'll go ahead and get that instead okay now look at the limes on sale 39 cents each it's a good price we'll get at least two limes and this will probably last me the entire month through wine shelf because I don't cook that often the blinds we're trying to do this one-handed okay no we'll get a couple of him and then I'm gonna grab a lemon the lemons are nice there 79 cents each oh and I got grapes at two for three dollars grapefruits are wonderful I like and you'll laugh at me and that's alright I love broiled grapefruit it is absolutely a fantastic breakfast okay let's see we got strawberry oh look at this those are two four six four raspberries strawberries are dollar seventy seven a pound well I think we're gonna get some of these because get legal because those will go good and they're not completely ripe either so they're you're gonna have a little bit of time with these so we're gonna get one of these fruit seller I got boogers I don't need those we are all good on that I think let's see bananas our 48 I dry my own bananas i dehydrate my own banana chips these are $2 for that little bit of banana chips I got a huge I do I get them when they're on sale like you know these ones are 48 cents some tongs and you probably should get a bunch of these from mr. Rana and when I buy bananas I get the ones that look like this they got the little bit of green because they last a little bit longer and separate them I showed you that in a video how to keep your bananas lasting longer just separate them tear mal apart but what was I Sam so we got enough free I think we got enough food now no no guys stop it that's good paper going we're gonna go over this fresh fish okay bitches 89 cents well like the stir-fried works in the future I'm gonna get a head of cabbage I don't think I need a bad thing that one there private rutabaga rutabaga is fantastic and suit if you can't eat potatoes rutabagas the next best thing because it tastes just like potato soup in fact I'm gonna get one 79 cents don't need a huge one that's probably a good site No that's a good size right there I put this in my rutabaga in my soup because it always tastes like they taste like potatoes so let's go see what we can get down so so far most everything I've got was a good sale now I don't usually do this because this is always more expensive I prep my own fish but if you like your fresh herbs and spices perfect spot for it I don't need to buy any of this because I got all mine that I grew and I dried them little green onions because you're gonna get wet our 89 cents each they're not on sale but they're cheaper than most I want that bag to go away celery so I've got the hydrate I don't want to buy the celery this time around 69 cents for radishes that's not very big big but we're gonna get it because it is a sale and you can use them in our salads so let's see so three pound is only two dollars okay I'm gonna get a big treat confit and carrots this is so and then buying it over there where they're already cut to clean prep your own it's easy so we got that and that's good lettuce is a dollar twenty nine each now that's fairly decent because at my local at our local grocery store they call in Calvin's Larry's they were selling a head of cabbage for 329 a piece so we're gonna go ahead and get a head of cabbage I don't like buying the pre-made salads or head of lettuce pre-made they're always recalling all that stuff and I I'll prep my own okay so and look friends you can't get all your herbs like this and they last you just put them in a little bit of water in your fridge or wrap them in and a wet damp paper towel and put them in a you know a ziploc bag and they will last for quite a while rosemary pretty much all these a lot of these are rosemary you can take and you can trip prep it too to propagate it to regrow and it will regrow well that's a kind of a blend you get a okay let's keep going down here we're gonna go over here looking for potatoes Oh if you're gonna eat potatoes red or the blue potatoes purple whatever they call them are the best one so this is an important sweet potatoes are fairly cheap and even if you don't want to buy a whole big you can look down here you can get separate you can get separate potatoes red potatoes if you don't want the whole five-pound bag but sweet potatoes that that's not bad $0.99 opponents a good price to pay for them we are gonna get some spaghetti squash and I'm gonna get a nice size woman because even mr. Wayne I love spaghetti squash and how much a dollar 29 of pop that's always really good if you grow your own but I never have any luck growing so I'm one of the unfortunately to buy it now I'm going to get real small I know people like to buy their big sweet potatoes but I'm going to get mine fairly small because I will use them in several minutes that way there won't be any waste sizes what I like I'm gonna get let's see I'm gonna get horrible there you go four of them is all and yes okay these way about a little over a pound and a half so that's not bad that's all over healthy good food and a fairly reasonable price I don't like to greenhouse tomatoes but I'm not sure these come from this time of year I know the greenhouse the hothouse tomatoes and they just have no flavor whatsoever for four dollars two dollars a piece for avocados nah you wouldn't eat you wouldn't eat them too much and I'm not gonna get any because when they got them for the bags here four of them for 349 that's not a bad price either but most people like the bigger outhouse anyway okay we got that done now we're gonna come around here look at the difference the greenhouse cucumbers regularly we're gonna get a couple of regular cucumbers 69 69 cents each is a good price so that's what we're gonna buck they've got a nice firm nice drama there we go Oh excellent step back because this one all right we are good that's all set you can find the bullet right here okay you back up a little bit sometimes Dale you can always chat them up see that I'm sale 40 cents off you pay only a dollar 50 for these only $2.99 I'm usually 69 these are prices and even at at the L or 50 I'm not buying that's no mushrooms this week usually you can get them for a dollar a piece they have content they heaven for me do their 10 for 10 say on that so I get them I've got the hydrating ones that I can make okay positive two minutes – Oh basically either okay peppers over here three foot but you can get a nice big green pepper for 89 cents which is a decent price to pay these over here the rainbow ones are 369 those are three four five better off getting your sale but I think I'm gonna grab 369 for three of them hums because my camera's gonna die all full of wonderful party stuff and it's very very cheap so is what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna finish up getting a few things because I'm gonna lose you on my camera and I will be back okay friends I got I guess you do you got a long time in there that's good you've got yours you didn't delete your off there anyway we've got walnuts here I usually get my nothin my with my nuts and stuff at Costco and Sam's and I get a very reasonable price but here you can you can get pecans and walnuts and any kind of nuts that you want for your salads come around the corner here pistachios are usually $13.99 a pound they're on sale – there's one small shelter see what's on sale and there's not much on sale for cashews so I'm gonna skip the nuts this time because I still got and that's what I'll use so now it's rundown it we're back okay for those of you who like cream cheese oh they got an organic cream cheese I should have put my glasses that's not it it's $3 so that is way too expensive so we won't be handling on here anyway they've got though the less fat cream cheese for those of you who like a little cream cheese on your toast or whatever or use cream cheese and you can even respect cream cheese on Europe with your diet plan whatever that you know what jeopardize me so I don't need any cuz I do got cream cheese I find it on that I got we love these and a lot of times we make our own but we don't make our own tell summertime but anyway this was $8.00 but it's got look at all that it's got one two three of them in there that's one two three four five that's like six meals for John and I if not more and it has no fillers no MSG no nitrates or nitrates added it's fully cooked is fantastic uncured polish kielbasa this is what I get that's our tree so you know it's really not it really is if any month any more than than the regular you know the regular kill bosses so and then you don't want that okay if they've got the jumbo eggs because I love Meyer jumbo eggs and they're usually $2 are $2 a pack and I think these are just large jump oh here we go and they've got the cage free one's the cage free are the same as the regular self gonna get a couple dozen because I used quite a bit of eggs I should have got a bigger card 2:09 you know our chickens aren't land good if they will and when they do boy we have eggs coming out our ears these are 219 I thought they were 209 oh that's right that's right the other ones are see look organic happy egg organics you know what you want to save on that get your own chickens that's what I'm gonna do in the spring Elsie we're gonna build a chicken coop and we're gonna have some of the chickens on the house not my son's got chickens at this house but anyway when you choose dairy there's all kinds of stuff on sale there's all kinds of sales where dairy I always choose the lower fat the healthier version and you can get it pretty much just as cheap look at fat-free cottage cheese for a buck sorry yes our cream I'm getting ahead of myself yeah yep fat-free sour cream alleles quite a bit of that but I got I'm just doing as I'm told all right close we're gonna get you could get a big one be cheaper wouldn't it yeah I think so should get these exams with his last disappointing I'm gonna do some more almond health I don't drink regular milk I just can't do like that stuff they're out of it totally you drink that be fun mama breezy yeah I think I've got a I've got a coupon and I use all my coupons in my Empress but that's all right I'll be I'll be okay until the next time they've done with dollar well they got flax milk now is there something yep and I'm gonna show you guys how to make a real nice easy little shakes that are that are filling in they're good for a snack and you can use it with your skim milk though I'm gonna show you how I do it in my home you can be out of here so we're done oh my goodies I got quite a bit with I probably got two weeks worth here more anyway so when I get back to the house I'll see you at the chitchat hello friends how'd you like that shopping trip I hope you'll have your coffee I took you shopping with me because I wanted to get some fresh vegetables and fruits and I wanted you to see that you can do it on a budget and you can get a lot of stuff for up you know that's on sale I am most everything I got was on sale and on top of the sales I saved like 33 $13 and 69 cents but everything that I got was on sale I spent ninety seven dollars and 53 cents but it wasn't all fruits and vegetables ninety percent of it was but I got my sugar-free jell-o and some sugar-free pudding for some desserts and I got let's see some butter I had to pick up and just a couple of other things but on coffee oh yeah my Arabic coffee got a handle I love it hmm I don't usually drink coffee in the middle of the day but I ran out so I didn't get it this morning anyway I wanted to tell you I took you through and showed you the things that run sale and though I didn't have a meal plan it that's okay because I could go on my head with what I was you know what I can use and what I can make and the few meals I'm gonna make and show you a little calorie so it I didn't have a list and that's usually a no-no you usually should have a list and you can usually plan your meals but for fruits and vegetables you can you can you can get what's on sale and then plan your meals are pretty to what yeah I didn't have to buy much meat I did get that package of sausage or kielbasa and I did pick up some that's not a tip my tongue Grum turkey because I want to make with that I got that great big spaghetti squash and I want to make a turkey with spicket are with good lord I want to make spaghetti with turkey meat and use that as some of the noodles it's wonderful my husband eats it like crazy and he's not fond of ground turkey but when I make it with something like that he doesn't know the difference anyway most of the stuff that was on sale like these strawberries okay for example those strawberries are normally 399 for a one-pound package but I got them for a buck 77 that that's a nice savings and the red grapes are usually two to three ninety-nine a pound – and I got them for a dollar 28 a pound they're wonderful the red potatoes I got on sale there's usually over $5 don't ask why I have no idea but they're usually very extensive and I got that five pound bag for 329 that was a good price – and I was I was really oh and I've got some I got a little thing of Greek yogurt I know you can buy yogurt starter over the and the internet but I just get plain Greek yogurt and that's how I make my yogurt and I do have a video on making homemade yogurt and when I do my other videos I'll I'll put a link to that homemade yogurt because it saves you a ton of money now granted the yogurt was on sale for I think you could get ten for five dollars which is what fifty cents a piece it's still not that good of a price but jörgen is expensive anyway so with that I got in and my oranges my oranges the bag of oranges that I got are normally four dollars and forty nine cents i down for $2.49 so i got two dollars off on them the apples were the same way the apples were 399 usually bag and I got it for $2.99 a bag I got a dollar off on that and my olive oil I picked up a little bout a bottle of olive oil because I'm out and I usually I usually don't run out like that usually if I'll have I catch a sale in-between like buy one get one free but I did I ran out of olive oil so I had to have it but fortunately it was on sale and I saved a book it was usually 399 for the container of olive oil that I got and I got it for $2.99 so I was really happy with this and all those groceries that I got I spent ninety seven dollars and 53 cents and I saved $13 69 cents and I've got enough here probably for close to three weeks fantastic now you divide that down even if I only had enough for two weeks that's only what 45 not quite $50 for a week everything else I've got in my pantry so you know that that makes it nice that makes it affordable so you can do it on a budget there's a lot of things and they always have something on sale now I don't know about the few of you that you know live up in the mountains and you the one gal said she lives about a hundred miles away from a Walmart that's so hard I am so sorry and and I'm sure when they ship and fruit and you know and vegetables especially fresh produce it's gonna be pricey anything no matter what they ship in it's gonna be pricey it's just gonna be hard to eat literally on a budget – shut up on a budget quite plainly it's just gonna be hard to shop on a budget when you live that far away you know that remote but this this is good this is really good now I was pleased and my husband didn't blow the budget he went with me I made him I may be a multi-camera so that I could get up you know you could get a better look at shopping and stuff but also I am so excited I don't need my cheaters anymore I am so excited because pretty soon I do believe my husband's got plans as soon as the snow is gone you know I'm sure we'll still have snow banks that are melting but the majority of the snow when it's gone he's gonna start putting up my little greenhouse so I can start my flats early here in Michigan I know a lot of you in the south are a good month ahead of us but here in Michigan we get crossed we will get frost clear to June so normally we can't plant nothing until after the 1st of June we really have a very short growing season and the only thing that extends it for us is if we start our plants early or buy flats of plants because it just doesn't we don't get a long enough growing season to start stuff from seeds unless it's beans and peas and you know odds and ends like that so when I was at the Dollar General the other day they had seed packets too for a dollar so I thought you know what I got them last year I got some of my seed packets too for a dollar at the Dollar General and they grew fantastic they were fine they're not organic but you know what that's all right that's all right then I got peas because I love peas and then I've got I got the beefsteak tomatoes I probably won't plant every one of them I'll save some of my seeds and then I got bell pepper down there and I got let's see cucumbers like straight age straight eighths no they call munchers and then I got the dark green zucchini squash now I did order my seeds I ordered more seeds and I'm excited for him to come in I ordered them from my gardener calm and I've got a friend in Wisconsin and he runs his channel is brew city gardener and he does the most beautiful straw bale gardening I've ever I just I love his channel I watch him all summer long I get lots of tips and pointers from his gardening but he was telling us that Michigan or my guard my gardener calm had a special on their seeds and I think it's still going on and it is about 99 cents a pack so I got some really nice um I got a lot of organic ones same price and I got some really nice seeds and I got some really neat bean seeds and I figured this year you know I don't know how many it's in a pack but I'm gonna grow on and then I will I will have some first seed for next year and we'll do a bean seed exchange for those of you who garden and stuff I got the one seeds that I got and when I do another chit chat when they come in I'll show you exactly what I got but I do know that I got the Dragon tongue it's like a pull bean and it's it's kind of like purpley and and and green striped not it looks a little different than the rattlesnake being that I grew last year but they're they're about the pods get 2 to 3 feet long and I got those and then I got an another one which you'll have to wait till it comes in because I don't know it off the top of my head but I also got I grow a lot of kale because my family eats a lot of kale we absolutely love kale so I got a starlit kale seeds oh I'm so excited to see how they grow but a lot of the stuff I can't wait to get the greenhouse up because it'll be so probably the second week of April I'll start on my seeds in the greenhouse because then they'll be primed for planning you know the first week of June so with that I'm gonna grow a lot of my own produce and that's why I tell you even if you only have a patio you can grow a few things that are really expensive and you can freeze it you know you can grow your own herbs and you can dry them you can quite a bit in containers and most all these that I grow our container friendly so that's that's one thing that I'm gonna kind of push for you know eating healthy out of budget and when you grow your own you know what's in it you preserve you own you know what's in it so it's just like the burritos that I did the other day mind you they're all gone my mother got a mom they ate every one of them but the pinto beans were what I can to myself the chicken is what I can myself and then my rice and myself uh is what I can myself so it was fantastic I mean that was literally homemade the only thing that I didn't make was the rap that it went in and you know even on our little calorie series you know our healthy eating series you can find the wraps that are a little carb and they're wonderful so we're gonna have a ball of this and I was really really amazed at how many people wanted to partake in it and we're interested in that I'm just amazed because I I thought oh boy if I keep cooking the way I'm doing with all this comfort food I'm not gonna be able to move you know even though I don't eat all of it it's still taste in here and taste in there and taste in here then I'll end up and it caught up with me it's like oh ok enough for the free right on these hips it's got to go so this is what I'm gonna do and I also know there's some of you that just like to eat healthy you may not necessarily have to lose weight you just want to eat healthy so that's why it's just a healthy eating series if you lose weight amazing I hope to shed some weight because God knows I like I'll be the first to admit I like to eat and oh my goodness I love my own cookin huh that's a dangerous combination isn't it so anyway I don't want to keep you here too long because I kept you through the grocery store for a long time shopping and stuff but yep our healthy eating series I'm going to start that and I'm gonna start you know I'm gonna do the first video on that tomorrow I do have some really neat low calorie desserts that we're gonna do I have a few diabetic desserts that I'm gonna you know that I'm gonna slip in there but you never know what the video is gonna be it might be something that's a paleo meal it might be a weight watcher meal but you can be guaranteed in a shirt that it's gonna be healthy and it's gonna be low-calorie so I know some people are on different diets some people can't have beans legumes not stuff you know some people on maybe on the Atkins diet where they they want you to shy away from fruit because you know of the carb content in it but I'm gonna try to touch base on a little bit of everything I'm just gonna do healthy eating and I'm gonna do a lot of grains you know whole grains and vegetables and fruits and you know the good stuff and a couple of nummies that are healthy I'm not gonna try and do any videos on you know using rice flour or coconut flour or almond flour stuff that's really it's it's ridiculously expensive to even get ahold of and who wants to spend $12 to make a little loaf of bread it's not even feasible to me so you know what there probably won't be any videos on that so please don't expect that if I find something on sale by golly then I'll do it but most of this is gonna be geared towards budget-friendly because that's the frugal person that I am and I know just because we live on a budget doesn't mean we can't eat healthy so thank God for sales I take advantage of when you can anyway so we will have fun with that and with my other when my other seeds come in I'll show you that and this this month coming up towards the end of this month it's gonna start getting busy because then I'll be able to get you outside with me and we're gonna put up the chicken coop we're gonna put up a little greenhouse the chicken coop isn't gonna be big it's only gonna house about six chickens but we're gonna do that we're gonna do the greenhouse and then we're also gonna do and I'm taking you with me with all this we're also gonna do raised beds and I'm gonna do my raised beds not too traditional I'm gonna do mine out of cement blocks because you know what it's like half the cost of making a lot of wood and not only that I don't like the chemicals and treated wood so we're gonna do it out of cement and then I'm gonna do I'm gonna show you how I do trellises and I make them out of cattle panels and that's gonna be it's gonna be great because that the trellis says I'm gonna grow my beams on because they're they're gonna hang in the cattle panels they're pretty sturdy so they can they can take some heavy vegetables growing up so it'll be great anyway it'll be fun and then I've got container gardening I'm gonna do I got my herbs and stuff that I'm gonna plant and grow and even some of the plants I may wind up going over to them to the local greenhouse and buying some you know already started plants which is fantastic because I'll take you with me when I go there I'm gonna do the compost I'm gonna show you how I do that I really got a lot in store for us this summer so we're gonna have a ball it's I'm probably not gonna have as much cooking as I am gonna have be doing outside activities but they'll be a little bit of everything but yeah I want I want to take you on that journey with me of my gardens and my chickens and my little greenhouse and you know we're gonna make the greenhouse a little bit bigger because I want to be able to sell some of the produce and you know replenish for next year so I'll be able to do that sell some of the produce that I you know my surplus or trade or whatever and I also want to be able to sell a few flats and I always sell them cheaper so that people can afford them not only that when I ordered my seeds from my gardener calm its mi gardener calm they have a section in there and I'm gonna put a link to their website below this video because by golly if there's anybody out there who wants to garden who is interested in growing their own vegetables but really can't afford the seeds the seeds can be pricey they have a program it's seeds for the needy and they will give you seeds free of charge so there is a section there so you can look over that website and if you are in need of seeds you can there's a section down all the way to the bottom of the website that gives you the information on it and the steps you need to go through I think it's just a matter of fill in your name and address out and what you're gonna use the seeds for you know feed my food and feed my family that's what I'm gonna use the seeds for because I'm sure there's you know there's not ethical people everywhere some people would take advantage of that and resell them and you know shame on them but anyway if you need them they're there it's wonderful now me I got some extra garden seeds because I know there's a few families here in town and I've got a huge three Lots that's that's vacant you know we we don't have anything on those three Lots except part of our horseshoe driveway and on the left-hand side we're gonna do our little greenhouse and our chicken coop and some of our garden but we've got all this space so I'm going to offer to have the families I'm going to offer them a space so that they can grow a little bit of garden and I'm gonna donate some of the seeds and you know they do the work they help with the work almost like a community garden it may be that's what I'm thinking of and you know I'll supply the water because we can do that and we'll let them grow some stuff on our property so that they can have food to put up for their one or two and I like doing that but I'm I'm a person that likes to help people if I can if I can afford to you know you want to help people but sometimes you just can't afford to give the kind of help they need so I do the best I can with what I have anyway so not much going on I need prayers for my hubby oh yeah I hate to have to say this but please say a prayer for my hubby he's got a blockage in his heart I think that we just found it out today they're gonna do a stress test on him probably within the next couple days and if they find you know whatever they find if he feels that stress test obviously he's not gonna be able to lean they're gonna have to go in and check it all out but they might ultimately wind up putting a stent in there but he's got his bottle of nitro and he's got his pills and he was really upset because you know he's a worker he can still go to work you know he just has to be careful and uh he's a little bummed so maybe you could just keep us in your prayers for that nothing you know nothing major just kind of keep us in your purse for that we'll get through it and he's too fun you know I worry about him but well good we'll get through it just just some extra prayers so anyway enough of that everything else is wonderful it's supposed to be like 40 48 degrees this weekend oh I'm so excited I'll be able to get out and do a little bit of walking I have got cabin fever again I got up the one day that felt so nice and then I come back in and I'm been in the house for a couple days it's like oh yeah yeah yeah yeah the snows got to go away I know people love snow snow is beautiful but it's been so cold up here usually you can go outside and walk and do stuff and you know have a life in the wintertime but this letter it's like it's been so cold or you can do a sit inside and shiver inside so I can't wait for spring I'm telling you I'm just dying for it to get here then the cold weather be gone but I'm gonna wait I know I told you last time I did a chitchat that I was going to do some seed starting but I am gonna wait I know there's like my herbs and stuff I could start now and cuz you can grow them inside so I'd start them about now and that's what I was gonna show you some of the different herbs you can start and grow right on your kitchen counter but I'm gonna wait until all my seeds come in I think I ordered like ten eight or ten packs nothing fantastic because of course I'm on a budget like everybody else but you know what I can take some of those seeds and trade for you know if I got like 15 seeds for beans I can trade something with some of my friends for something else and that's just how I do things it works out real well especially with mismo I can't wait for her to see that scarlet kale oh my god it's gorgeous and it's really really rare she'll be going gaga over that but I can trade her some of the beans for some more of her shield figure beans and her turkey craw beans and once the weather breaks she's excited she's anxious to get down here and do another chit chat with us cuz she's gonna tell her story about that pig remember we've been waiting for that but anyway with that friends I am gonna go this is the only video today I got all my stuff at the store so I'm just gonna kind of plan out my videos today and I'm gonna cook and stuff so a lot coming there's a lot coming for healthy eating and thank you so much for being so interested and given me the opportunity to share all this I'm just in love with it so anyway with that I'm gonna go I got a couple things to do you all have a wonderful day and I will see you tomorrow


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  28. I don't have that store around here; There aren't any on the East side of the country, unfortunately! That's a GREAT fruit haul! And the banana prices…wow! That's a good idea about the small sweet potatoes, Renea. Your cart is filled with such colorful, healthy produce. What a blessing we have living in the US! (I miss marketing with my darling). God bless! : )

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  32. I must tell you a story. In 2005 my husband was 25 miles away, high in the mountains with a friend getting firewood. I got a phone call saying they were loading him in the ambulance. The hospital is 25 miles on the other side of town, so he was 50 miles from the hospital. I started to run right out, but I felt the Lord say not to run off half-cocked, but to stop and pray. So I contacted some friends and we prayed, then I went to the hospital. By the time I arrived, they could find nothing wrong with him, but wanted him to stay overnight so they could monitor him. That evening 4 EMT's came in to see this miracle man. They all 4 said they did not think he would survive! He's almost 84 and still has a strong heart! We serve an awesome God, and it's good that you're putting your trust in Him and that you're staying positive! I am praying for your husband and it'll all be good! God bless you both!

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