Paleo Diets May Negate Benefits of Exercise


  1. It makes me laugh when people equate Paleo as an all meat diet.  I probably eat more vegetables than most vegetarians.

  2. Best doctor ever! ;D

  3. Brilliant as always, Dr G!

  4. I wonder what Mr Westman or Mr Lustig would say about this data. We need a showdown or a panel of discussion amongst the "experts", including the plant based doctors, about this. Otherwise the Paleo (the low carb Paleo) people will keep misinforming their followers.

  5. my hba1c was pretty much the same 3 years ago on low carb high protein (meat and dairy). my triglycerides were lower, my hdl higher, my ldl lower and my total cholesterol pretty much the same. (got vids)

  6. Paleo diet or vegan diet both are religion.

  7. In case you missed it. The title says: "Paleo Diets May Negate Benefits of Exercise". Ask yourself why the "May" is in the title.

  8. hope this video gets tons of views ! 

  9. …on blood lipids. But guess what, people on paleo lose significantly more weight, and far more consistently, than people going "high carb", who will often stay the same weight, or worse yet, gain extra pounds (and not from glycogen or water retention, but actual fat), unless of course they exercise as if their life depended on it.

    Insulin isn't all there is to it, either. If your blood is flooded with aminoacids/proteins and you have insulin going up, you won't be storing those proteins as fat. If you have a flood of carbs and insulin, on the other hand…that's just the perfect recipe to create fat, and then store it.

    Add to that also the fact that high protein foods will satisfy the appetite far more than foods rich in carbs (calorie per calorie), and that's already two of the main reasons why low-carb will always be more successful in attaining the only thing that most people care about: fat loss. Health? That's for the elderly, not the masses.

  10. some say that Dr. Fatkins died not because he slipped on ice and later they found heart disease, but because he actually had a heart attack and then fell. what do you think of that people?

  11. Again, no surprise. As an avid crossfitter I stay away from the associated Paleo preaching. And any book I pick on the subject is so biased it makes me puke. The last one – low fat, high carb diet is the cause of diabetes epidemia. Reason – it is recommended in the last decades but we see more diabetes. As if people actually eat that way. And no, sodas and cookies are not the recommended diet just because they are high in carbs.

    Thanks doc, I will have some of my pals watch this. Will be happy to share their reactions.

  12. Send this video to all your Paleo "friends".

  13. Dr. Greger rules

  14. What if two physicians take diametrically opposed positions? Then you must look at the research yourself. I have converted to the vegan approach.

  15. If you're low carb, fair enough but at least do it with vegan foods, such as nuts, seeds, and meat substitutes etc

  16. You should probably address leptin resistance too, since many of these paleo promoters use that excuse as well. 

  17. "May" is not definitive..put the wrong person on paleo exercising too hard and you have a recipe for weight gain and sleepless nights
    …otherwise it's a beautiful thing for the right type…I've seen many thrive on it, reverse cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure. I might add vegetables should make up 60% of a proper paleo diet

  18. Holy cow, are the meater trolls gonna swarm this one, so I'll take this opportunity to thank Nutrition Facts . org for posting this : )

  19. GREAT video. The PALeo diet is not your PAL. 

  20. Great video. I remember hearing about the paleo diet and questioning whether it would have an overall benefit on one's health. I'm glad I went with my gut on that. Now I know why it isn't a good plan to follow.

  21. Paleo gets another Faleo!

  22. dr greger please dig up more studies on ketosis and ketogenic nutrition lifestyles…i'm so curious for some scientific research data…many thanks

  23. Here's a recent study from october 2014 that shows the opposite than what is mention here (I'm sure he saw it as it took me 10 seconds)
    "Subjects were 53.5 (SD9.7) year old men (n = 9) and women (n = 25) with mean BMI of 31.8 (SD5.7) kg/m2. The Palaeolithic-type diet resulted in lower systolic blood pressure (-9.1 mmHg; P = 0.015), diastolic blood pressure (-5.2 mmHg; P = 0.038), total cholesterol (-0.52 mmol/l; P = 0.037), triglycerides (-0.89 mmol/l; P = 0.001) and higher HDL-cholesterol (+0.15 mmol/l; P = 0.013), compared to reference."

    It is not just about insulin of course, there's also leptin and glucagon (and others as hormones are coupled). Overall, yes you will lose weight easily and improve your markers on average on a low carb diet, even if the "insulin picture" isn't complete.

    Most early studies found the opposite regarding the paleo diet, although what constitutes a paleo diet can varry alot as it is not a precise diet. I think what is often neglected is the amount of soluble fiber and resistant starch in a paleo diet and an overreliance on lean meat. Demonizing all starches is dumb and you won't find that many people selling the "low carb for everyone all the time". Personnally I don't eat more meat than before, I'm just eating much more vegetables and sweet potatoes. 

    I think I saw somewhere a few months ago a critics of this study as the author was shown on pictures drinking beer with participants. 

  24. Take that, caveman.

  25. And once again, confusion reigns. This study says x is good but y is bad. The next study says y is good but x is bad. I am so tired of it.

  26. That same review (Bueno et al. you cited regarding the lack of a significant effect of very-low carb diet vs. low-fat diet on fasting insulin also showed that low-carb diets had a more beneficial effect on HDL-C and triglyceride levels than low-fat diets.

  27. 8 dislikes from paleo fans 🙂

  28. Please could you do more videos on the paleo diet? Could you also teach us about required healthy fat intake for children as I hear they need more?

  29. Paleo logic is so funny, how can someone believe that? Those lowcarb meat eater ideas were brought to light briefly back in the 70's when they were knocked to their knees by science and news reports of kidney failures, stones, and fatalities. Lots of money behind its popularity again, but aren't humans suppose to have a higher cognitive function than earthworms? ha. I can't believe they are still doing it, anything to try to get people to believe and support their bad meat eating behavior. Or perhaps years of lowcarb eating has created the 'meathead' or 'deadhead' affect? 🙂  They just can never get around the fact that Only carnivores can eat meat and not have it affect their cholesterol, humans can not because (drum roll please) they are not carnivores….

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  31. Dr. Greger, I have some questions. What was categorized as a "paleo diet" in these studies? Is there a standard definition of a paleo diet? Also, why would it cause negative effects if someone who used to eat "the Standard American diet" didn't start eating more meat than before, but removed the carbs (especially sugar and other processed carbs) from their diet and replaced them with vegetables, nuts and fruit?

  32. Yeah that's nice and all, but the burger contains flour so it would be polite to say this is at least misleading. I've read so many books,articles,blogs,scientific studies, I've watched so many videos on diet. I've talked to friends who study dietetics. Classic, atkins, gluten-free, paleo, autoimmune, vegan, low carb, high carb, low fat, high fat, low protein, high protein…..There's still ongoing research, and there are lots of things that haven't been studied yet so I don't like the fact that everyone is so not resilient about their knowledge, correction, opinions!

  33. Want an easy plan for eating correctly?  Go to!  Thank you, Dr. G., and Happy Holidays!

  34. I love your video layout. Love your information, your voice is music to my ears.

  35. "good cocaine habit" hahaha cracked me up!

  36. What about grass fead beef or Bison or Deer meat any test been done those? What they get at the fast food places or supermarket suger is all ready added. Dolce diet sounds good to me .

  37. are there any studies about the Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) being bad for humans?

  38. Using their own theoretical framework, low carb and paleo diet advocates should be plugging pasta over meat 

    Watch below or click the link to watch on

  39. Paleo had me looking good and dying beautifully at the same time. Bowel problems, kidney problems, skin issues. But I sure look good in size 0-2. But then again having all this issues before 30 couldn't be good. So I made the switch. Will NEVER look back. I rather br healthy for me and my family. Beauty is an illusion. Health is a tangible asset

  40. paleo n low carb preachers also preach calorie restriction so they dont get fat by following their diets go figure. thats why so called bodybuilders have to cut(starve themselves) and dehydrate themselves to get lean. they live in denial land.

  41. Gee what a liar you are, As a type 1 diabetic, pure meat NEVER raise my glucose levels and not amoung type 2 either. Your lying, lying and lying. Just ask you, how many millions are you earning from the vegan industry? A lot, and you laugh when they buy your deadly garbage.

  42. So wait. You claim that :

    – Vegeterians have generally lower insulin levels than paleo dieters, yet the studies shown talk about omnivores and meat-eaters – Standard American Dieters. If you are going to generalize, at least generalize using the correct groups of paleo vs vegetarians vs controls.

    – plugging people on a low-carb paleo diet plus Crossfit-style workouts raise their LDL? That's like giving diesel to a Formula 1 car – it's totally incompatible with their energy systems (anaerobic glycolysis of crossfit vs the aerobic lipolysis of a low-carb diet). Of course these people crash and burn.

    Then you compare people adopting a vegetarian diet and walking. How about comparing people adopting a paleo diet and walking?

    Here is a little food for thought :

    Please respect that a smart paleo diet can be as acceptable as a smart vegetarian/vegan diet, the same way a poorly done vegetarian/vegan diet can be absolutely deleterious to health. Scientific evidence is starting to support it and anecdotal evidence long supports it.

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  44. What macros are most vegans on?  

  45. But but but but GLUTEN!!! A blogger told me it was evil!

  46. It's all about keeping a good balance. If you eat fruit, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and a little meat you'll be fine. It's a problem when people cut healthy whole plant carbs and replace them with high amounts of animal proteins. I've been on a strictly vegan diet for 2.5 years and going strong. A few things I've taken away is not to just eat high carb, bring in some healthy fats, and some good plant proteins. Either way a little meat won't kill you, and on the flip side you high carb folks shouldn't fear healthy fats and proteins. 

  47. 1:28 ? Is it really ????? I mean REALLY ?……………………………….? ……………….?

  48. Paleo science is often laughable, but so is the suggestion that a paleo diet negates the benefits of exercise. 

  49. @Jesse Krebs 

  50. Does this mean that Durianrider's theory of insulin is an accurate description of the biochemical mechanisms in the human body?

  51. Meat isn't low carb and anyone who understands LCHF (Ketogenic) diets knows this. Why is this shocking?

  52. Fat people burn 300 more calories on a low carb diet vs low fat diet

    Carbohydrate restriction has a more favorable impact on the metabolic syndrome than a low fat diet.

    Weight Loss with a Low-Carbohydrate, Mediterranean, or Low-Fat Diet
    Long term successful weight loss with a combination biphasic ketogenic mediterranean diet and mediterraneandiet maintenance protocol.( in the nutriotn folder)
    Effects of Low-Carbohydrate vs Low-Fat Diets on Weight Loss and Cardiovascular Risk FactorsA Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

    Consuming a hypocaloric high fat low carbohydrate diet for 12 weeks lowers C-reactive protein, and raises serum adiponectin and high density lipoprotein-cholesterol in obese subjects
    his small-scale study suggests that HFLC diets may be more beneficial to cardiovascular health and inflammation in free-living obese adults compared to LFHC diets.
     carbohydrate-restricted diet during resistance training promotes more favorable changes in body composition and markers of health in obese women with and without insulin resistance.
    Improvements in glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity with a low-carbohydrate diet in obese patients with type 2 diabetes.
    Fasting insulin decreased

  53.   I have tried low carb diets and eating complexe carbs something like plant base diets. While eating the complexe carb plant diet and walking an hour a day I have brought my morning blood sugar number down from 110 to 120 testing to between 79 to 83 in the mornings up on rising in the mornings. I think the plant base is dramaticly better than the low carb and of course some kind of exercise included. The next visit with my doctor and blood profile test will present the facts!

  54.   Just back from my thirty minute walk and feel great, everyone should walk! This afternoon I will do another thirty minute walk it feels wonderful to get outside and move.

  55. Why do you not disclose whether the meat was grain or grass fed? Grain fed meats are associated with metabolic syndrome, well, animals are not genetically adapted to eat grains, sugars, etc. Come one, feeding cows m and m's.

  56. so WHY DOES Dr. Lustig Say we could wipe out Type 2 Diabetes with the Paleo Diet? You know, that guy that has 6 million views on youtube.


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  59. So the glycemic index/ glycemic load data on food, what every physician/endocrinologist/ medical authority recommend as a guideline, is… worthless? Do we tell diabetics eat all the pasta & veggies you want? Or, are we conflating insulin responses with glucose levels? Wouldn't the desired effect in fact be a greater insulin response, thereby effectively lowering, or stabilising blood sugar over time? I'm admittedly confused.

  60. This is all very interesting, but a highly inaccurate depiction of paleo and low carb science. The fact of the matter is that both are a great vehicle to weight loss and beneficial eating habits. The idea that insulin doesn't rise with meat is silly. What is taught is that it doesn't stay elevated for long as has been evidenced in numerous studies or that the body does not need to rely on a steady stream of toxically elevated levels of blood sugar. Hence one of the many reasons diabetics must control their blood sugar. As many supporters as I see in the comments against “paleo” I can only assume they clearly don’t understand the basic principles of these diets.  I will not argue against them as internet wars are pointless. The fact of the matter is there has been much research in the last decade to prove diets of this type are functional and sustainable. I suggest watching Dr. Peter Attia's lectures or looking at the athletics of Ido Portal. Both men follow these low carb style diets. Diet is a highly individualized thing. I would not suggest either that anyone eat in a manner they do not wish, but claiming “paleo” is unhealthy is just silliness. The Doc suggesting that the frame work is about insulin release is an oversimplification at best.    

  61. Switching from paleo to vegan after watching this!!

  62. Dr. Greger is a saint to post these videos!

  63. All I find in the about section is citations of your OWN blog. Did you cite the studies you referenced in the videos anywhere?

  64. My foster parents are on the Palio diet and there really unhealthy and obese. While I'm almost vegan besides fish. It's Really funny to see proof that there diet is worse then I thought

  65. It would make an interesting test to find out what is the natural evolved harmonious diet according to physiology to do the following. Gather together some cats, some goats, some sheep , some monkeys, and some humans. Leave various plant foods out and some raw meat.. Bet only the cats would be racing for the raw meat.  If these Paleo people really think meat is natural according to their evolved physiology they should quite easily be able to eat raw meat, rather than be innately repulsed by it.

  66. 33 paleo retards disagrees 🙂

  67. Dr. Greger I think you need to hire a new graphic designer…. Your bar graph appears wholly inaccurate, or at least misleading. The insulin index which it's supposed to cite has vastly different information. In rounded pmol min/L : beef 7900+-2000 white pasta 4400+-400 salmon 9300+-2000 apples 8900+-900. I could very well be wrong but if you compare the insulin scores you see a comparison of beef @51+-16 vs white pasta @ 40+-5 on a scale of 100(white bread).

  68. I offer this to refute you.

    Insulin, in and of itself, is a good and necessary thing. It promotes the storage of nutrients after all. In our natural, primal state, this was an essential process. Even in our modern lives, this storage process is still vital. (We just have a nasty habit of flooding the system these days.) In the case of high protein foods, it makes perfect sense that the body recognizes the need to store amino acids. (Primal life wasn't a perfect set schedule of three square meals a day after all.)

    The insulin helps drive amino acids into the muscle cells where they're needed. At the heart of this process, one thing is for certain: the body knows what it's doing.

    But there's another dimension to the protein-insulin issue. When we eat protein-rich food, another chemical is released by the body that actually has a contrary effect to insulin. Protein-rich foods also result in a release of glucagon. (Carb-rich food does not.) Glucagon raises blood sugar levels in part to allow for absorption of amino acids in the liver and their subsequent transformation there to glucose. In our evolution, we developed the capacity to make what we required out of what was available. If dinner was going to be part of a mammoth carcass, then the body could enjoy the protein it needed and use insulin response to store essential amino acids. Simultaneously, it had the glucagon to keep blood sugar stable in the absence of carb-based foods.

    What does this tell us? It underscores the fact that we don't need to (and shouldn't) include extra carbohydrates in our diet. The carbs we get from vegetables and the glucose that can be made even from protein-based foods offer plenty of the right fuels our bodies need.

    Read more:

  69. Thanks for the info. Somebody said that when you have a lot of protein in the body, especially from animal sources, the protein starts acting more like carbohydrates in terms of its effects on blood sugar and insulin levels as well as possibly feeding and nursing cancer cells.

  70. The liver produce fat from fructose. That is why people avoid carbs… Insulin, dunno if people are that focused on that when they are doing LCHF diet. So fail to see what this video prove.

  71. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT ADVICE. Vegan is the way.

  72. Everyone should post this video on their facebook page. Make a difference, inform people about the truth of eating a plant based diet is and how it will help them. Don't just be a listener of the truth, but also be a doer.

  73. Atkins died from a brain injury from a fall on ice in the street, he did NOT die of heart disease.

  74. I can't find any studies that support what Dr. Greger says about meat and high insulin levels.  Also, Atkins died when he suffered injury after slipping and falling on ice, not from a heart attack.  So, something is wrong with the info here.  I will keep digging to see if there's anything, but I don't have confidence when details are wrong.

  75. I've exhausted my search to support Dr. Greger's claims.  I find plenty of references to Dr. Greger, but that's about it so far.  What I did find is exactly the opposite.  Also, anecdotally speaking, I went paleo several months ago and lost 22 lbs. so far without even trying.  It was just an added benefit to the basic diet.  I started to use ketostix to monitor my situation.  So far, plenty of energy.  No blood sugar swings.  I am satiated.  I have more energy.  I lost weight.  So, what's the deal?  Can somebody out there point me to studies that support Dr. Greger?  Diabetes (type II) runs in my family, but most of those family members who got diabetes also ate a lot of sweets.  I would love the input.  Thanks.

  76. I like how he says cookies

  77. a friend of mine suffers from insulin resistance; i convinced her to go plant based (protocol of neal barnard, whole food low fat vegan diet), (looking into the reserach (mc dougal, neal barnard, michael gregger, dr. fuhrman, gabriel cousens, being vegan myself) and she did this for a couple of weeks, including daily excersice. it still didnt bring the expected results, centering her dishes around legumes and veggies, some whole grain, little bit of nuts, a bit of fruit. (even most fruit gives her instant dizziness and trouble…) she is skinny and actually a little under weight… im confused about the hole thing… she includes gelatin now, (as she didnt feel well and had to eat every 2 hours to keep "stable") and it actually makes her feel well (at least on the short term) i told to may try a plant-protein-powder, even if i myself am not a huge fan of those kind of products… i thought a raw diet may would help her more, or even a only-fruit-diet for a while, or even a mono-fruit-diet, as i ve seen in this facebookgroup, "curing diabetes with fruit" people having huge and fast success doing low fat high fruit… but, i kind of hesistate in recommending such protocols, as im not an expert and dont really now myself, relay on the information of the experts out there…. she wanna go back eating meat, thinking it could help her to cure herself of the insulin resistance… any clues on that out there??

  78. I love the Lego man at the beginning. Brings back good memories

  79. Fuck it. Im still eating meat

  80. However, I test my blood sugars after eating.  After eating meat my blood sugars do NOT shoot up like pasta and oatmeal or sugary fruit.    (I do eat lots of spinach, broccoli and lower carb veggies.

  81. People who dislike are wannabes


  83. I have a type one diabetic son. He's got a constant glucose monitor and a very carefully monitored diet. Protein requires far less insulin and is metabolized at a much slower rate. Your premise is wrong.

  84. Amazing video!!! I learned a lot!!

  85. A good cocaine habit 😂😂😂😂😂

  86. Crossfit is super strenuous. It raises cortisol through the roof. Unfair to compare it to walking.

  87. When you talk about LDL why don't you ever separate out particle sizes?

  88. Isn't it sad that even in 2017 we no shit about food and our body ? So many contradictions.
    Will there be a day where we will know FOR SURE, WHAT DOES WHAT ?

  89. I'm a vegetarian with diabetes running on both sides of my family, yet when I got my blood sugar levels tested they were so good the lab tech actually wrote "this is amazing!" at the top of the results.

  90. I loved the lego caveman at the beginning.Recently I have fallen off the wagon with too much cheese & carbs.I have to lose some weight but I dont drink milk but consume other dairy like yogurt.But I'm mostly a vegetarian & cant seem to lose weight & I believe its because of the carbs.Without the carbs I would pass out.How do I find satisfying vegetarian balance again?LEGO CAVEMAN is cute,just wanted to get that in.

  91. Since when is the paleo diet about insulin levels?

  92. I dont understand, why when i google insulin index and look at charts- no meat has the same insulin index as pure glucose? Its not even close to say, a potato

  93. Gotta get myself a good cocaine habit 😂

  94. to quote one… radom bloger…

  95. 3:30 Didn't atkins die from slipping and falling and getting a head injury? Some massive misinformation spreading propaganda shit right there.

  96. I dont disagree that Vegetarian diets are better than the SAD, they are much better! But why do u not acknowledge that the ketogenic diet also lowers body fat, BMI, LDL and Trigs significantly and significantly raises HDL. Both of these diets are better than SAD. They both have great results for different diseases. Why are u so fixated with Vegetarianism Dr Gregor whilst bashing Ketogenics?

  97. the title of this video should be about insulin, for easy index and reference

  98. i love man!!! i love!!!! the best medic !!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  99. Comparing vegetarians ,who are people that usually hava a healthy diet (many times this is the reason why they went vegetarian) with non-vegetarians it is not fair when it comes to INSULINE level. The higher level of insuline may be caused by the ammount of unhealthy refined carbohydrates they eat,low level of phisical actvity and MANY other factors involved, and NOT just because they eat meat. Compare vegetarians and palea/keto and you wil see a much lower insuline level in these ones!! SECOND, if you are on a low carb diet (like paleo is) or a very low carb diet (keto) you will NOT consume lean meat, but meat with a lot of fat, so you will not experience any spike in insulin . Sticking to only one factor is called Reductionism ,and as we see it many time in the history of the science, this is not the way to go to in order to find the truth.

  100. Test it out yourself. Find a glucometer. Eat a plain burger. Check your blood sugar an hour later. Eat pasta. Check your blood sugar again. Look up insulin in an actual physiology textbook.

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