Pacific Cross Health Insurance PLC (Thailand)

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how come some positive see going to be a room dance in Napier summative ha see you royal on bar I think customers rely on an organization to be in business for a long time to ensure that they're going to be there claims will be paid when the time comes and I think our organization being in business 45 years gives them that comfort we will be here when they need us our vision is to provide our customers with products that they can understand both in health personal accident travel insurance they can read understand and be able to address issues that are raised in a policy themselves so our vision makes simplicity make it easy for customers to source a product whether it be through their intermediary a broker or directly with the company our mission is to provide customers with ease of decision-making and understanding their products help them build relationships with their intermediaries and of course from the policyholder and the intermediaries they themselves build strong relationships with ourselves our company's strengths is that we are a boutique insurer boutique I mean we only do health insurance through some accident insurance and travel insurance so a strength there is a staff knowledge and the staff is around those products it's not around motor or anything else it's specifically related to health insurance and the room and the business that's associated with that so those are the strengths that we have both financial knowledge and Trust polytope and Congre premier pepper cam cyka table chili con carne con la cara de boracay Roja Bank wasa Royce da Peng Toluca summer kovachev Oregon the young seduced by welcome to kebabs Wambach on her left thigh Siri okay freckle suka pop tea crop kumara suit net Allah with her freaking psychopath Tito tu cuarto con con Luka become chronic severe ban tanpopo ni laughs we know from preyas also taro has a plan but come Krong to elope tomato dialogue tip let me solo para wadi ganoub Mamie cream sama ka kaam kaam 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goodbye Krong Krong oh boy my suntan in sandbar hunting walks and bad Somalia company or subtype can Claude whooping Angie Cleo come come conqueror of Sevilla ban poopy no broker nobody here Samba corns chromatin per can open here so Makonnen handsome at lap an occlusive woman come chrome song soon he'll I'm back come chrome he did teach him to a low my tongue close to the pub trouble camp I do guess is happy rock and I don't have Africa soda pop like what here so Makonnen neck colony don't have a topper head from a computer took churn a lot did a few more Harappa can comment i hey cocoon whom will come from some suits jet land a sandbar Somalian Cobras are competent Europe die shengcún visa jeweler to turn Balaji the fish home to alone cook long tongue the tongue neighbors here let's start it I think customers choose specific crosses an insurer because we're a boutique insurer our staff are well qualified we have nurses doctors so they understand the medical condition the product line we we offer is only in medical insurance we have a very broad network of hospitals here in Thailand we have over 340 hospitals we also have them available in Lao Cambodia Vietnam Taiwan and we're in discussion with hospitals in Myanmar so provide our customers coverage right around the ASEAN area in addition to this we offer the product versatility so clients can choose high-end products or low benefits according to their budget needs we also offer them deductibles which allows them to choose plans that meet their financial needs and resources we want to be seen by our customers as a company of first choice for staff we want our staff to select our company as a place to work for intermediaries and agents we want them to come to us as a provider of good products strong service mindedness and the ability to serve them and their customers to the highest standards that they expected mutant capricans – kebab blackened and Han listen police at Pacific car break-ins – kebab cook it – took a 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