P.volve Recipes | Healthy Farro Grain Bowl Lunch Recipe

hey guys and welcome back to peeve of recipes so you have all been asking for easy packable lunches so that is exactly what we are going to share with you today so let's go to the recipe for this meal you guys are gonna need a grain of choice we are gonna use farro because that's what I have left over my fridge protein of choice again I have chicken leftover so that's what we're going to use cut up zucchini and mushrooms some herbs you guys know I love turmeric and cumin YUM hemp seeds 1 lemon avocado oil olive oil and then whatever base for salad you guys like today we are going to be using a mix of spinach and arugula so let me show you how I'm gonna make this okay so you guys are gonna need 1/4 cup of zucchini and mushrooms it was about 8 mushrooms and half of a full zucchini and my trick when I'm making this in the morning and I want it to go super quickly is I cut up everything really really small and then we're gonna add some cumin and some tumeric to give it really yummy taste and I just found when you cook one thing fresh in the meal it just kind of brings it all back to life and we're gonna cook this up in some avocado oil so let's go over to the stove [Applause] okay so while our veggies are cooking let's get everything ready so again I got about a cup of spinach a cup of Rugal a big handful that's we're gonna use as our base and whenever I make quinoa farro brown rice anything I always try to make a little bit extra because it's such a great thing just to have in the fridge and you're able to just bring it with you to work then I stay in pack it in the lunch we're gonna take 1/4 cup of Theroux pop it in to our salad I love switching it up and I love farro as it gets more into springtime great source of fiber magnesium super filling but it also is just light at the same time we are gonna do some chicken on top and same thing whenever I make grilled chicken I always just make extra because it's such a great thing to snack on during the day you guys are always asking for snacks too or just pop it on the salad and bring that to work then we're gonna add some hemp seeds get more protein more fiber I love these on all my salads this is about a tablespoon we're just gonna sprinkle and one thing why I always love cooking my veggies with Twitter cumin paprika curry all of that especially for salads that's how I kind of trained my body to get away from all those ranch dressings and really sugary yummy and flavorful dressings but by adding that flavor to the veggies that kind of just creates this nice really yummy taste in that salad and then you don't need all that so then we're gonna grab our veggies pop it over squeeze some lemon and then you're ready to go to work Oh oh my god smells so good so again by cutting veggies up really small it should probably take about five seven eight minutes depending how you like your vegetables to hook up and then I'm just gonna sometimes I'll squeeze a lemon over it and then I kind of just leave that extra one in there and then we're gonna just take a little bit about a tablespoon however much olive oil you like drizzle it I keep olive oil at the office because sometimes you don't want to address it before you go you want to address it they're up to you you guys can totally add an avocado to this whatever vegetables but I usually keep it to around two vegetables some protein and there you go you guys easy packable lunch – the snow times combining leftovers with fresh cooked food make it in the morning you can use all leftovers if you like we're gonna list all the instructions and measurements down below give us a thumbs up comment subscribe to our channel let us know if you made this or what you like to bring to work I always need some in spell and we'll see you next time here in the kitchen on p-bog recipes

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