Ozone Therapy Benefits & Generator Machine Best to Buy. Medical Cancer Treatment at Home. Oil Water

unlike animals and humans microorganisms that cause disease are encapsulated by a cell wall that is very weak in the presence of oxygen and especially ozone it's because of this that ozone therapy works so well in fact a lot of their cell wall structure is similar to that of the structure of a latex glove and check out in this video what ozone therapy does to a latex glove as you can see the latex glove is obliterated by the ozone gas produced by the ozone generator and yet my hand is left unharmed that's what happens at a microscopic level to the microorganisms that cause disease thanks to ozone therapy that's only the first part of ozone therapy the second part is in taking oxygen in a more readily available form which is ozone it is then dispersed throughout your body and your oxygen concentration goes up which detoxifies your body and also gives you more energy going back in time there was a Jewish scientist named Otto Warburg he lived in Knotts in Germany he won the Nobel Prize twice for his studies on cancer in fact Hitler did not persecute him because he feared he would get cancer Otto Warburg noted that there was no disease including cancer that can live in the presence of abundant oxygen that is a the importance of ozone concentration in your body and he didn't even know the benefits of ozone therapy yet did you know that meatpacking company sterilized their meat with ozone because they know that ozone kills the pathogens but doesn't do anything to harm the meat now imagine this you can use this ozone in your own home if you learn to use an ozone generator imagine being able to wash your skin and rid yourself of the bacteria that causes acne you can get rid of blood-borne pathogens by giving yourself ear insufflations or rectal or vaginas insufflations imagine getting rid of colds and viruses by breathing ozonated oils that can only be breathed through oils imagine purifying and deodorizing your air with the use of ozone you can also prolong the life of your fruits by preventing decontamination by the bacteria that causes it by washing your fruits with ozone ated water or you can apply an ozonated gas to toenail fungus or athlete's foot or any other fungus you can suck on ozonated ice to help get rid of a sore throat you can use it in oils and gasses to get rid of infection in pathogens in or on your body you can use it in ozonated water to distribute oxygen and energy to your body how about emergency preparedness you can use it to purify your water I'll post in this video and in the details below a link to a website where you can purchase an ozone generator that will work well with all the things I've listed before and they'll teach you how to do it included in the price of the ozone generator when I learn how to use an ozone generator it was $4,000 just for the class itself so it's really a great value well I hope you liked this video don't forget to Like comment and subscribe


  1. Thank you <3

  2. Egyptians had an ionised atmosphere….They breathed it just fine… Even their flames were o-zone generators..

  3. Ozone can kill Bacteria mold etc but also is harmful to breath causing respiratory problems and headaches. I use Ozone for cleaning medical equipment but need to air out room for several hours.

  4. Any idea how ozone oil works on healing scars? Have scare tissue on my neck and its not easy to shave. We have a ozone generator and we have made some oil.

  5. You say you can wash you skin … how do you wash your skin with ozone?

  6. すごい情報ありがとう!!I'm   really  helped your information!

  7. This is undoubtedly some of the most ridiculous and bogus nonsense I have ever heard!
    First of all, ozone damages lung tissue; and in high concentrations will destroy it. That goes for humans and animals alike. It may destroy bacteria, but if you are in a position to breathe it, it will also damage your lungs. Ozone will also kill plants.

    Whenever an ozone generator is used to purify an indoor area, the person turning it on and off must wear a filter mask with charcoal filters, or hold his breath until he has left the area. When the ozone treatment of the area is finished, the area must be flooded with fresh outside air until the ozone smell is gone before humans, plants, or pets are allowed access to the area.

    It is NOT safe to use as the idiot in the video insists that it is.

    Think of your lung tissue, especially the air sacs, as the latex glove in the demonstration. Lung tissue and other internal organs are much more delicate than one's skin. Hand and feet tissue are the tougher areas of the body; so his demonstration is meaningless. If you want to kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses on your skin and hair, TAKE A BATH!

    The whole video is dangerous misinformation. Ozone is NOT a safe form of oxygen. If breathed it is downright dangerous.

  8. Is this why the ozone layer is fucked?

  9. is this a man talking? why do all the men on you tube seem like they are homo? everywhere. it's so sad. i just stop watching when it's these confused individuals talking.

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  11. Pure nonsense. Ozone causes cancer.

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  15. Is it possible to dry clean personal clothes with ozone?

  16. seriously, there must be cheaper ways of getting the equipment…
    I want to look at what China has to offer in regards to this: alibaba.com or something else; anyone has experience with this?

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