so I'm Elsa and this is how I testosterone my day all you need is protein and pre-workout because they'll so is totally right protein and pre-workout are great for maximizing effectiveness in the gym there's a whole host of different supplements that are good for all kinds of things beyond just simple goods so what are supplements actually a supplement is something that enhances or completes something else it's anything that you do to intentionally boost your nutritional profile or increase performance why do we need to supplement because we mostly processed foods that are stripped of natural essential nutrients we're also a culture of germaphobes sterilizing everything with antibacterial sprays we're taking antibiotics for just simple colds so our gut biomes are all messed up and when our guts are messed up our bodies and our minds are messed up because our gut is our second brain here are some of the things we supplement and why probiotics a healthy gut is a fundamental necessity and probiotics are a great way to balance the gut flora you can find probiotics and fermented things like kimchi kombucha kefir and we've been recently taking probiotic caps magnesium it relaxes the nervous system in mind and reduces stress the most popular magnesium supplement is called calm and it can also be found in foods like spinach vitamin D vitamin D not that vitamin D you were talking about sunlight vitamin D lifts the mood promotes long-term brain health hormone regulation and is good for the soul fish oil the omega-3 fatty acids and fish oil reduce inflammation and help the joint joints hahaha not those joints omega-3 fatty acids can also be found in foods like chia seeds flax seed krill oil and sardines greens powder and hydration powder greens powder is great because it rounds out the whole nutritional profile that your body needs we drink it daily or whenever we feel nutritionally deficient it's also really good for when we're traveling when we don't have access to local fresh greens hydration powder helps us increase our water intake because it tastes good but more importantly it's full of electrolytes that are good for big workouts or dehydration those supplements we take daily but we also take some situational supplements that depend on where we're at the climate what we're doing all kinds of things I take herbal supplements like ginkgo to help specifically with my Reynaud symptoms and it's working I also drink herbal teas like this one chasteberry which regulates hormones and menstrual cycles spirulina capsules are a densely packed vegan source of protein that we take if we need a boost we take alpha brain before work or when in need of cognitive clarity alpha brain that sounds sick give me some of those we take shrimp tech on days with lots of physical exertion or climbing because it helps with energy and endurance and we'll take new mood after a long day to help relax and rebuild the mind the vitamins are also very important for people especially like us who don't eat a whole lot of meat but thankfully you can find these B vitamins in trim tech alpha brain and new moon if you want to have most to your bases covered without having to put a lot of thought into it on it has a product called total primate care it's a kit of daytime and nighttime single-use packets of almost all the vitamins we talked about today operon Markus's company on it is not paying us to talk about their products but they did send us some free supplements that we could try out for this video it's been really fun to try them out in addition to all of our regular supplements and thank you so much to Eric Dion and Paul for making it happen did we miss anything is there any other supplements that we should include in our list if you take something everyday that you really love and recommend leave it down in the comments below thank you so much for watching this video and we'll talk to you in the comments so our buttons are but gyeom's Oh must you be so dramatic do you really need your shoulder to swallow your dick yours I can't take like ten shots at one time [Applause]


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  10. Fun scenes. Was running one when my heart started racing. Took out my almanac. Magnesium causes the muscles to relax. Got the supplement. Stopped it immediately. You lose a lot of electrolytes when you sweat. Thanks for sharing.

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  19. I take cbd oil. It helps so much with anxiety, and minor knee, hip, and back pain.

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  34. I highly recommend bone broth protein powder by Ancient Nutrition. I put it in my coffee smoothie every morning. It helps gut, skin,joints and muscles.

  35. you give excellent advice on health. When I had a bad sinus infection probiotics cured it when antibiotics did not. Unfortunately,
    the doctors prescribe things that are not for our benefit. You guys are really excellent

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