Overview of Belize Healthcare, Health Insurance, Hospitals in Belize, and Belize Physicians

hey there guys it's will Mitchell here with remax island real estate down in Belize and lately I'm getting a lot of people asking me about health care and Blaine's you know about what insurance is available is insurance required what's the cost of health care what type of services are available so I wanted to make a quick video for you guys here to check out in general a trip to the doctor as often as cheap as twenty dollars per visit and you know what to deal with the headache of being reimbursed by an insurance provider for non-emergency treatment a local doctor at clinic can be the quickest and most effective option for an xpath you know believes most numerous hospitals and clinics with doctors on call the international medical experience a lot of the doctors have trained in the US did trained in Canada they've studied in places like the UK as well you know study them what the schools like Oxford so the overall quality of the education of the medical practitioners in Belize is very high so the doctor-patient relationship is very strong because Blaise does have very tight-knit communities as well you know in addition to this you do get very very nice kind of medical practitioners and these generally they'll offer up their cell phone number their house number and in case of emergency or you know if you need them to make a house call or something they recommend that you call them up and if their schedule permits load get over ASAP some tourists and expats believe that if they require a major surgery or an emergency procedure they'll need to head to another country you know thankfully that's rarely the case although Belize is proximity to the east coast of the United States means that traveling for medical attention is certainly easy enough most expats are quite happy to be treated in one of the modern established and well outfit hospitals in Belize some of the largest hospitals are easily accessible and can be found in the capital Belize City but there are numerous other hospitals around the kind in clinics if you guys want you can feel free to pause the video here will list a couple of those for you to check out as well as far as insurance goes health insurance isn't required for residents or visitor's and belize however it is an investment that some expats choose to purchase for their own peace of mind you know many local and long term residents don't feel that they need insurance thinks of the impressive local health care system which is so affordable but if you do choose that you would like to have health insurance during many reputable worldwide health insurance companies including the be UPA and IMG so along with inexpensive health insurance that you can purchase through places like that it is possible that your United States or Canada policies will work in Belize as well keeping all your treatment or medical cost covered under your health insurance policy like normal however it is important to keep in mind that most residents on the island are more than happy with the very inexpensive and efficient medical systems in Belize you know we get a lot of questions what am Berger's key as well so I'll quickly touch on that and give you guys a little bit of information there Andrew Piske has a poly clinic which has at least a doctor on call 24/7 so it's 24 hours per day 7 days per week there's a doctor call and because she offers a reasonable number of dedicated medical practitioners settings so many people love about this services offer on the island and you know in Belize in general actually is the house calls that many of the doctors men it's very reminiscent of US health care back in the 50s where you know you're feeling ill the doctor will actually come to you so you wouldn't have to get out of your bed so the patient has never made you feel rushed they always deliver you know a proper diagnosis with the necessary amount of time to do so and most medical practitioners on ambergris key are educated and skilled in the specialty so overall the quality of health care in Belize is good and cost-effective and you know in fact Belize actually even has a growing medical tourism industry as a result of this like I said if you guys have anything specific further questions feel free to shoot me an email again it's a little Mitchell with Remax out on the real estate and I look forward to getting back for you guys and I hope you enjoyed the video


  1. If you don't ask that question where you live – you already answered it.

  2. I was hurt in Florida at a shipyard and retired but I just saw a Video about 10 best places to retire saying health care was free in Belize and had to figure perhaps for preventative check ups or something. I doubt you can get a corrective surgery or something serious treated for free.

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