Overhead Press Warm-Up witch Coach Ray Bailey – Stick Mobility Exercise

What’s up guys?
Dennis here with Stick Mobility special guest Ray. And we’re gonna show you guys how Ray gets
prepped for doing some overhead presses. So Ray is set up in a wide stance, a
little wider than hip-width base. He’s got his sticks at 11 and 1, bottoms of the sticks
are angled towards him. Hands are shoulder level. What he’s going to do is, he’s going
to start to go into his hinge pattern. He’s gonna push those hips straight back and
he’s gonna extend those arms straight out, lengthening the torso. At this position, when he’s at his end range, he is then going to bring tension to
strengthen that end range of motion and he’s going to actively push those sticks
into the floor at a 60 – 70% perceived exertion. He’s gonna hold that for six seconds.
He’s then going to relax, and then he’s going to repeat again, keeping those arms fully extending, driving that chest down, and pushing
those sticks straight down into the ground. He’s gonna hold that for six seconds again and
then he’s gonna slowly start to come back up out of it. Good. Excellent. Once he’s done with that,
he’s gonna come over here, and he’s going to actually prep that overhead move. So we have the Pro stick here. So we’re gonna bring that under the safety guards. Ray’s gonna set up into
his typical overhead press stance. He’s then going to take the stick and he’s
going to start to push up, drive up. We have to have a solid base, core here.
As he’s pushing up, you can see the flex of the stick, and can see the posterior and anterior tissues working as he goes up into that overhead press. He’s gonna hold that for six seconds. Ease off. Good, and then he’s gonna engage again. Driving those hands up,
creating that flex in that stick, getting the central nervous system
and all the tissues prepped and ready. As you can see the feet are
gonna be driving into the floor also so he’s going to get that foot to core integration. And relax. So he does that for a couple of reps,
holding at six to ten seconds per repetition. So now that Ray’s has prepped
the bottom part of the motion, he’s gonna step back he’s then going to extend the arms
up placing the stick underneath the top of the rack, and he’s going to drive up and extend
those arms straight up into the stick finishing and strengthening that
end range of motion through that press. Holding that for six to ten seconds then easing off. And then again one last rep, driving up.
You can see the Flex of the stick. Breathing, bracing. and relax. Stick Mobility. Movement made better.

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