Overeating on Healthy Food?

hey guys Abel here and in this video I would like to talk about a pretty common phenomenon that I see being addressed quite often on different message boards and guys asking about it so I thought I would make a short video about it and this is a phenomenon where guys who kind of know what to do with their nutrition I mean they have the whole thing dialed in they hit the gym regularly they get their protein in at each meal they have the fundamentals of the most important nutritional habits dialed in and they also don't do things like mindlessly snacking on pretzels between meals and things like that but they have issues with overeating and specifically they have issues with overeating on what we would consider to be healthy nutritious foods so they don't gorge on ice cream or fries or candies or cookies or whatever they overeat on things like peanut butter or you know if I look at my past four years and I used to think that I was completely alone with this but you know traditionally my culprit foods used to be peanut butter almond butter all kinds of nut butters nuts of various kinds things like rice and oatmeal and many many many people would say like who the hell overeat on a rise but it is pretty common actually and I see it all the time posted on like message boards like you peanut butter like why do I overeat on peanut butter all the time and first of all I would like to tell you a quick anecdote from my life which i think is quite illustrative with what's going on here so a few years ago I was very heavily invested in the so called bulletproof diet and I'm sure you've heard about bulletproof coffee and putting butter in your coffee and MCT oil and mycotoxins and all of that stuff the most satisfying mentally enhancing coffee you'll ever have and they have a diet as well which if you don't know it's a very restrictive diet in terms of food choices Oh fruit is pretty much considered to be like a junk food on their diet so the guy who founded the whole thing has a pretty straight four stance on fruit I mean he pretty much says that fruit is candy and you should treat it like that fruit will make you fat yeah so I was basically only feeling good about myself if I ate grass-fed beef free-range eggs veggies things like carrots in moderation and pretty much that's it avocados so I was pretty much exhibiting what many of us would consider to be a or thoracic behavior but one thing that was interesting on that diet is that my cravings for these treat foods like ice cream like fries like cookies was absolutely non-existent like it got to the point where those things started look like rocks like they didn't look like food to me but what I did have issues with all the time was things like almond butter hazelnut butters knots of all kinds because these things were kind of considered to be okay on that diet like they were kind of part of the diet like a kind of knew that I shouldn't eat the whole jar but still I was going overboard with this stuff all the time and I see this also with a lot of low carb cults and paleo people who don't have issues with eating a lot of like high carb you know cookies gummy bears pancakes because those things are just so off limits that there that is it's not even on the radar of their mind but they run into issues with things like peanut butter almond butter bacon things like this which are kind of part of the diet and in those communities it's especially bad because though many of the Guru's in that community say that calories are not important like you don't have to worry about calories basically these people have no boundaries with these things they have no conception of like how would moderation look like with this food and if you combine this with the fact that overeating and binge eating is something that we're kind of wired for from an evolutionary perspective I mean Stefan GNA in his book the hungry brain talks about the hodza tribe who are one of the healthiest populations on in the world I mean they're lean athletic very healthy but when they find you know a source of honey they basically do what we would consider to be subclinical binge eating behavior I mean they gorge down a liter of that honey because that's how they survive in that environment and this in combination with the fact that we have no real boundaries with these things oftentimes is a pretty dangerous combination now of course we are a lot less susceptible for having no boundaries because we do understand the importance of energy balance and calories but still it is just a pretty well understood psychological phenomenon that humans are kind of lost without clear boundaries so I would advise to you and what this whole video is about is that if you have a trigger food whatever it may be even if it's something like rice or oatmeal was for me or peanut butter reframe it in your mind and don't view it as a health food but instead say that if it is something that is triggering me to overeat on a regular basis and if I have trouble with moderation with this food then it is not a health food for me it might be healthy from a micro nutritional or overall composition perspective but if it is regularly leading me to overeat then it is not a healthy food for me and it's not about demonizing things or saying that these foods are evil or whatever I mean we all are a proponent of the whole flexible nutrition mindset but do that reframing in your mind that just like drinking with your bodies or you know eating cookies or pop-tarts or whatever it's not bad but it is something that you have to manage so basically that was all I had to say in this video I hope this little tip helped some of you at least who have had trouble with this and please let me know in the comment section what things did you have trouble before like what are your culprit foods or your trigger foods like for me oatmeal which is a very popular cutting food in bodybuilding communities is a trigger food for me I don't know why it is just one of those weird things so let me know what it is for you and just let me know what you think of this whole video and the concept that I shared and thanks for watching and see you next time that's what I watched but I've watched with you dr. drew personally just you know for anecdotally from seeing is that you go overboard on things that are nutritious but I can destroy a diet things like almond butters or or peanut butters and or handfuls of nuts yeah even though it's handfuls of nuts and it seems healthy from you know an outsider's point of view yeah it's still 2,000 calories in 20 minutes I've watched you play you know


  1. Quark and greek style/turkish yoghurt turned into a problem after being on the carnivore diet for a while, since they were animal products that were nutrient dense and high protein they were okay and I tolerate dairy very well. But now I can eat 3 kgs of low fat quark in a day and I know it's not healthy for me. I have quit tobacco and coffee and done a 28 day fast the last 6 months, but I can't seem to shake this obsession with this food. Don't know what to do really.

  2. Grapes, or raisins. Anything that is sweet! I have to be really careful what stuff I buy at the grocery store!

  3. for me it"s PB and thahina …i just love thise "fats" also fruits,dark chocolate and dated sometimes

  4. I don't really have a trigger food, i just always eat almost as much as i can at dinner, so i don't know how to fix that…

  5. Thank you for this post 😊

  6. Oatmeal is mine too 🙈

  7. Nicely explained, definitely the moment you said "it's because you see it as a healthy food, a part of your diet." OK to eat if you compare it to other high in calories foods. It's just you playing/tricking yourself with the your brain. I commonly experience this with peanut butter with bread and oatmeal with dark chocolate.

  8. Fruit is not candy guy is a f idiot eat your fruit lol wtf

  9. i legit binged on ezekiel bread and EVOO and salt i shit you not. you are so right that when you start eating healthy you do see junk food as non foods, but the binging does remain 🙁 thanks for the video. I'm glad I'm not alone with this

  10. whole bread with coconut oil and nuts (fuck its so good D:)
    chocolate with stevia

  11. Oatmeal is a trigger food also for me when I was sad

  12. I recovered from binge eating disorder (wrote about it in Stop Eating Your Heart Out) and I agree, we can overeat on healthy food. During my BED days, I once made a 2 quart pot of cabbage soup…and then sat down and consumed the whole pot. I still have some instances of needing to curb my eating of food that tastes good – last week it was homemade ratatouille, which I way overate. Thanks for sending out this message, Abel!

  13. Hi Abel,
    Thank you very much. I have two problems that are a little different from these. Rather than "trigger" foods, I have trigger days. I can't sync them up to a particular moment, emotion, or sleepless night. They just exist. I wake up and feel ravenous and there we go. I binge on all the food I normally eat, never feeling satisfied. But I do notice a trend of avocados and nut butter — but mainly bc those are the yummy things in my house.
    Another time I binge on healthy food, or non-healthy food (I'm on a program with my dietitian that intergrates two days a week I eat something a little less healthy than normally — and even this is normally okay.) — anyway the other time I binge is if I am thrown off my schedule. For example, I don't have an avocado for my breakfast or I have a random dinner at a restaurant pop up.
    Do you or does anyone else have this problem? How do you combat it
    Thank you.

  14. I used to binge on all kinds of food: cookies, chocolate, croissants, etc. The fatter/saltier/sweeter the better.
    Then I got into that "healthy eating" and completely changed my diet. BUT the binging stayed: binging on peanut butter, fruits, homemade granola, soja yogurts, nuts, rye bread (plain or with some butter), broccoli, carrots…
    I came to manage the peanut butter binging: instead of a real peanut butter, I started buying the PB2 and somehow it helped : I stopped feeling guilty about eating it as it contains less fat, plus my stomach pains stopped (I still can't eat a lot of nuts – I get pretty bad stomach pains. After everything which is a bit fat actually: nuts, cheese, fat fish. Thank god the avocados is not making me sick…). Plus, it's much easier to binge when the jar is already opened, though when it's just a powder, you have to make it first… Anyway, somehow I stopped seeing it as a "dangerous healthy food".
    After 4 years of binging I'm finally getting better, though I have to control myself all the time.
    But your video came right on time: it's been 2 weeks since I started binging on organic apple chips and I couldn't understand why I feel bad about it: it's just apples and some cinnamon. I guess that the guilt comes especially with binging, no matter what you binge on.

    Thank you for the video 🙂

  15. Hey Abel! Being following you since some weeks. It seems that you talk a lot about overeating but what about undereating? Not tracking macros can lead to this sort of situation for example… so, what are your thoughts about this topic of undereating?

  16. I agree with your comments on nut butter (peanut butter and hazelnut butter) …. F*** nut butters!

  17. Funny you mentioned oatmeal because that is a 'trigger' for me too, although I have a better relationship with it now than I did previously (I now take in about 200g per day). Fun fact: iron/hb levels were normal back when I was doing ~500g of oats per day (pretty much a can), which oatmeal is supposed to inhibit due to antinutrients/phytic acid or whatever it was. This was tested multiple times per year because I was a blood donor and they'd check it every donation.

    I used to have problems with ice tea (the Lipton one, with fizz) and drank 1.5-2L a day. I was eventually 'forced' to quit because my stomach got too fucked up from it. Interestingly it doesn't taste as good anymore, maybe because I associated it with all the GI-problems I've had because of it. I can now have a .33L can of it without needing to drink the whole 6pack. In my childhood, chocolate was problematic (surprise surprise).

    Another weird 'problematic' food for me right now is broccoli, although I've gotten better at handling it. You may wonder how eating too much broccoli can be a problem, but it's because of the effect it has on my stomach – once again it messes with my GI-tract when consumed in excess. It's not even the taste really, it's more the texture that does it for me, it's quite weird, I have similar problems with cauliflower but broccoli is definitely worse. I found that I can do about 500g a day as long as I have a few 'off' days.

    Great vid by the way and sound quality is great.

  18. So much truth! I think for me it also has something to do with "respecting" food. I respect the "forbidden(during cutting)"/unhealthy food more (because they can cause more damage), that's why I'm less likely to overeat and have a higher portion control. When a food becomes normal or staple food, I lose respect and I am more likely to overeat, because of the absent danger component. I hope it makes sense.

  19. in terms of rice , nut butters , nuts, oat meal being trigger foods for you , hypothetically speaking, when you were on the restrictive diet you mentioned , and had zero cravings for traditional junk food, what do you think would have happened if you back then you would have viewed oat meal , rice, nuts and nut butters as trigger foods which were not healthy for you ?

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