Outreach International Travel Insurance – 5 of 6

the medical benefits of the outreach international travel medical insurance international insurance in 120 seconds production by good neighbor Insurance International brokerage you may choose different medical maximum US dollar amounts medical coverage options are from fifty thousand US dollars up to 1 million US dollars the medical insurance benefit has no coinsurance outside the u.s. any medical insurance benefit option you choose includes the separate medical evacuation benefit of five hundred thousand US dollars there is no deductible associated with the medical evacuation benefit all western-style medical facilities may be used outside the US change is always in the air so please check our webpage for the most up-to-date information on your outreach international travel insurance please contact us here in Arizona at any time via phone email or chat we wish you and your loved ones an amazing safe and happy travels this has been an international insurance 122nd production by good neighbor Insurance International brokerage

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