Outfits, Healthy Grocery haul, and Easy Family Dinner ideas!

morning how'd you like that little Instagram versus reality type bit yeah how I wish my morning would always be and how it actually really is me stepping on two legs in the morning before I even get up inside I look crazy and slowly he's creeping in my room who is that I know who it is because she's quite just kidding what happened did you get in trouble who got in trouble yeah what happened what happened hello are you ignoring me okay okay let's try this again and again good morning everybody welcome back to another video so today is a very sunny and kind of hot Thursday morning and today I thought I'd pick up the camera because I felt inspired oh wow Wow I love her dress are you gonna go clean up over there please thank you so much you're amazing today's game plan um I need to clean up and do some things I don't know but I also want to do something fun for the kids and also this summer we've been doing so far like a lot of fun but also a lot of education-based things like with Nadia I been helping her write her name and I want her to start learning her numbers her teachers were teaching her that but she kind of entered preschool towards the end of the semester so it was she kind of got the end bit of it you know what I mean so they helped as much as they could so well basically it's to me right now for the summer to get prepared for fall to continue to pursue her education and help her in regards to learning to write her name know some shapes and some numbers she's really great with all of that already like you know I mean like she knows her shapes pretty much her colors and things like that but our main thing is definitely running her name and writing numbers and identifying certain numbers as well so but other than that she's doing pretty well I'm really proud of her Nathan we need to focus on his writing so we've been doing that a lot this summer for him my dad's been helping out tremendously with Nathan's writing that's kind of something that he excels in he's helped me with my writing since I was a kid he was a journal the journalism major in college so essays and things like that are totally his go-to so English is his topic and he's kind of just like embedded that into me as well and definitely Nathan needs little assistance with that so luckily for him he has a grandpa who was really good with that uh-huh you're cleaning up all the mess because you need help well you know what it didn't look like you needed help to make the mess because these are all your toys I am a girl but there are your toys so if you don't mind could you please clean up this mess so I can vacuum thank you so much thank you and then we're gonna get ready for the day okay Nadia asked first snack specifically cheese crackers and grapes so little cheese board platter thing her request so it is what she will get me go so you eat your snacks and you watch Curious George and I'm gonna get ready Kay okay so I figured it's time to get out of my pajamas or whatever and get ready for the day so I look crazy let's fix this it's ready as I'm going to be for the day I literally just straightened half of my hair and I got to this part of the hair and I was just like am i doing it put in a top bun top and that's not a top on its a top ponytail you know I mean bow chicka Bow Wow yeah alright so we're gonna go and get ready for the day really quick I had to change into a different shirt because the other show that I was wearing was showing a lot of underboob and the world's not ready for all this all these goodies not just yet oh pretty girl it's so pretty that really oval little Nadia has an owie well she claims it's an ally and she needed a band-aid but I assure you there's literally nothing under there I would like to say that me and Nadia went to the grocery store but right when I tried to take her out she got super crazy and slightly aggressive like swinging at me and stuff yeah so I unfortunately didn't bring the camera in I just got in got my stuff and got out but what I can do for you it's a grocery haul that I can promise so when we get home I'm gonna do that for you all right let's see what we got first things first veggie straws least looked good I think they're spicy so I'm going to try those see how those go got some regular veggie chips for the kid got some eggs is the eggs I always gets a battle farms these eggs are so good they literally make me happy so these are sequins these are really good fish like it's so good and it's already seasoned and you just put in the pan and then serve it's ready to go so I got these four really easy dinners I got Asian Grill rubbed salmon those of that pan sear garlic and herb tilapia that looks really good I have one more I think yeah I got some got some lemon pepper scallops these I've already tried before I made like a fettuccine pasta and I put these in as well so good I also got some Colby jack cheese slices for Nadia and Nathan for snack time and this I got for me so I got myself some kimchi this I will put on my novel got a toast I got some essential water I got two of these because they were two for four dollars so that was a pretty good sale I also got some organic crackers for Nadia she loves those and some sugar for my tea and coffee so I got some carrots here first snack young and I also got a cucumber for snack as well I've got some Sergio green juice for me the kids I love this kind it's so good it has apple banana mango lemon kale spirulina spinach chlorella and I got just felt so good also got some creamer for my coffee and my tea I like to put a little bit of creamer in my tea as well so I got that and this is a tea that I like to drink I love Earl Grey for morning time it's kind of like a supplement from like coffee you know I mean and this has high caffeine exactly what I need in the morning baby also got some Dino nuggets I got the alphabet shaped one thought it would be interesting for Nadia to eat and also get familiarized to war with her letters with that so I thought that was a cute idea also got some fire yogurt have some organic Parmesan here for salads and I also got some fresh salsa yum yum yummy so with the thigh that I got I'm gonna use that for like a dipping sauce for the cucumber and the carrot for snack time and I got dill with that so I have some dill that I'm gonna put in there and mix it in it's gonna be really good and I got my all-time favorite bread my sourdough bread miners oh my god this part is so good and it's vegan if any of you of my followers are vegan we can firmly this spread is delicious I've got some bell pepper for snack tomato for my avocado toast of course avocados for set avocado toast and two apples Fiji apples I love them so does the kid and Nadia picked this out she requested it for dinner no broccoli I wanted to get organic broccoli but the organic broccoli that sprouts had was looking super shady so I don't want to get those so I just got regular but anyways that is my little mini grocery haul that will last about a week or so by the way I know you see pop-tarts and Pringles I didn't buy those those are my parents they bought those this is Dominic but so you can hear the boys outside I'm sure they're swimming look at this cute little bikini that I got Nadia it's a two-piece it is their strawberries it's a two-piece I've got it at Target it's so cute okay let me see those little strawberries how cute turn around how all your tags sticking out there you go but how cute so cute you ready yeah okay let's boogie too okay good job [Applause] yeah show me good job so I have some frozen shrimp here I just cut off the tails and I have some one sweet coconut milk I have so I'm taking masala summer sauce so what I'm gonna do is I have some oil grape seed oil going right there and then I'm gonna cook this and put these two in there and mix that up and I have some rice pilaf going in there and then I'm gonna make the broccoli that Nadia wanted and that's honestly going to be different I am very tired somebody's grouchy yep there's the grouchy pants I think it's time to wrap this video up so I do hope you guys enjoyed if you did please don't forget to give it a big thumbs up for me and please subscribe if you haven't done so already and I will see you in my next one bye there

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