Our Mental Health Research Partnership

This partnership is very important for
us at the Mental Health Foundation because it gives us the opportunity to
capitalize on holding and identifying the best available evidence and
translating them into policy, practice, that essentially means better prevention
better mental health for everyone. The main thing that I really hope we can
achieve as a group is getting that research information to the people that
need it, so that they can make informed decisions about what health choices they
want to make. Together to get the knowledge, the best evidence out there,
working at scale and pace with people who need it. Today, I thinks about
getting service users, patients, people right at the heart of that from end to
end. So they can be involved in the research questions that we start asking,
they can be involved in the research itself and they can really help get it
translated in ways that work and be the recipients and beneficiaries of that
research. I was really quite interested to find out more about this partnership
and I think it’s really quite exciting that you’re bringing people from the
communities, and communities having more of a say, in what research that we focus on. So I’m here to learn more about the partnership and what’s proposed, NIHR
has started doing a lot more work with charities, so it will be interesting to
see them what the opportunities might be to work in partnership. I’m also
interested in a personal capacity. I’m a counsellor, so research in
this area I’m very passionate about for informing my own personal practice. So
there’s lots of different angles I’m interested in. Work like what’s going on
today is really important because there needs to be a focus on getting things
right for for people and finding solutions for the inequalities that they face, and how to prevent those from coming about in the first place.
So being able to understand: Why people have a different experience of the
mental health system? Why people are more vulnerable if they’re from a black minority
ethnic background?

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