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– Oh my god I’m on Misako’s channel! (screams) – We’ve both been on our health and fitness grinds for a while now – For a while, it’s been enough time to say that I could actually… I’m like kind of fit. – But sometimes you get so caught up in wanting progress and you
see yourself in the mirror and you’re like oh, I did that. – I did that!
– Yes! – Okay yeah, we’ve been on this journey. – Oh yeah, we’ve been on a journey
– it’s been a journey – Alright we’ve been eating
our bean based pastas, yes we have, our broccoli yes we have! – So much gas, but it’s
really good in the long run – Yes! – We hit the gym early, we’ve
been doing that recently. – I know.
– Yeah – It’s really good to have a buddy so find yourself a little fitness buddy. – To hold you accountable, to get you up early, you got me up. – Yeah I mean you get me up! I’m not going to boxing tomorrow though. – Side note, shameless plug,
if you’re looking for a good thick girl workout, head
to this ladies channel. – We okay, me and Misako
and our friends Sto, we did this workout, it’s on my channel, I like wrote the workout
and then as I was doing it, I was like why the hell we doin’ this?! But it worked! And people did the workout
and it did really well, like it was a great workout,
it’s free on the channel, so get a little sweat on, curtesy of a slim thick workout plan on my channel. – Let’s be real okay,
there’s no magic pill, there’s no secret diet,
there’s no magic meal, it’s all about what? (laughs) – What is it about? Everything were about to talk about now. I think it’s about consistency, the number one word is consistency. – It’s about making life style changes, I mean when I say diet I’m
referring to the way that I eat. – There’s no diet like in quotations. – Yeah it’s about just
making healthy choices everyday, big or small that will set you on the right track. – Yeah. – So we gon’ start from the
beginning here, alright, I wanna know when and why
did you start, you know this little fitness health
journey that you’re on. – So I’ve always been a work-a-holic, and for me working is like… I always liked building something from scratch,
– yeah. – So to me that was like oh
I’m gonna be a boss bitch! Like I’m gonna run the
world and then I basically did that in my social
life, in my career life, but I had never done
it in my fitness life, because a lot of times I
was living in New York, I think where you live is a huge piece of like your, I guess your
relationship with fitness and one day I woke up and I was just like, it was two and a half years ago, I woke up and I was like
I am tired of saying that I could have a better body, – Yes girl. – The same amount of
motivation that I’ve used in my personal life to
keep up good friendships and in my work life to make
my work crazy successful, I’m gonna apply that to my fitness, like shut up and go to the gym, and like so then I did! – She shut up and went! – Yeah but then I think
there were some tricks I did to myself, one I made it
not just about working out, but I made it about
health, so I was like okay if I’m investing five
to six days in the gym why am I eating garbage and
drinking gallons of alcohol? – Yes. – It’s gonna be a full circle, like makeover in my lifestyle. – I grew up in a household where diets and like the latest fads
my mom was always on, you know, like the Lindora’s
the weight watchers, Jenny Craig, like anything
she could get her hands on, so I was always really
hyper aware of like, weight loss and what I
was putting into my body, but I wasn’t knowledgeable
about it, and then– – But that’s interesting ’cause like if you’re growing up around that you already kind of
know that it’s a thing. – Yeah. – Because I didn’t, like in my fridge, it was like Kraft Singles,
salami in wrappers, like it was not healthy. – Well I wouldn’t say
those things are healthy, they’re definitely, they’re
just like shortcuts. – They are shortcuts. – It was just like, so
I was always just like, for better or worse my
mind always on weight loss, because it was always just
like a topic in the house, and then I went away to
college, my semester at USF and oh! (slow motion Oh!) Unlimited meal swipes to get into the– – Oh no… – Danger zone, why am I
going to the cafeteria six, seven times a day? – No I was like I really
did the freshman like 35. – No for real like at least freshamn 20. – It’s tough because
the house you grow up in affects your knowledge about food and your relationship with food and a lot of times it
takes either having friends who are health conscious, or
leaving the home altogether, moving to a new city
and being around people who have a different culture in terms of like nutrition and fitness. – Exactly, it was moving
back to LA that like got me started on this journey and I was still learning a lot but it was like the roommate
that I lived with at the time was a pescatarian, the
other one was vegetarian, so I was just like slowly learning, just like by being in
a different household, like okay maybe I shouldn’t
be eating all of this processed stuff, maybe
I should do a day or two without meat, like slowly but surely and then you become
genuinely interested in it – Yeah.
– and you want to do those things. – So how long ago did it start for you? Your health journey? – So I moved back to LA January 1st 2013 and I would say like and also, during that winter break I was like I don’t feel like myself and disclaimer we’re not saying that
being a certain weight or being a certain way– – Is ideal,
– Is bad, yeah. – Or not, like you are comfortable in your skin
– Truly. that’s your thing, but I
think it’s more so about like you feeling good in your own skin. – Yeah and I just didn’t feel good, I didn’t feel like myself, I didn’t feel like I had a lot of energy like I was starting at a new school and I wanted to be like sharp. – Sharp is a great word. – And I didn’t like have
like that many friends, so I had the time like,
if I wasn’t at school, I have family and stuff here,
but if I wasn’t at school I could focus, that was the
thing that I put my energy into. – Okay. – So I would say that was 2019 oh? Six years ago. – That’s a long time! When’d you become vegan? When did you become vegetarian and then when’d you become vegan? – So I’ve become vegetarian
while I was still in that house and I lived
there for like a year, but I went back and forth,
like vegetarian for little, then pescatarian, so before… I became vegan two years ago. – The bus, like anybody
wanna hop on a bus? – Gonna take a ride! But it was always just
like what’s gonna help me lose the most weight,
it wasn’t coming from a place of truly being knowledgeable about how– – To feed your body
– yeah, and like how eating a certain way affects the environment
and it wasn’t until I went vegan, that was over two years ago that I was like truly
learnings about foods and where your food comes from and how certain foods effect you, so, I feel like now I can truly say, like I am on a true– – Lifestyle
– yeah, exactly. – You pick that one
date, that one vacation, that one person in your life who told you you needed to lose weight
and then all of a sudden they’re not in your life anymore, so then what happens… You know what I’m saying?
– Yeah. – It can’t be for external factors. – Yes honey! – It’s gotta come from within. – So I wanna talk about,
like fads or diets or tricks that you’ve tried. – So I’m actually pretty
stubborn with this, I’m like I don’t like the main character in any movie, like I
don’t like the main idea, like I have literally never ever done anything that was like a fad. – Really? – The only thing I’ve done and I’m still kind of doing this, is
intermittent fasting, I think that’s more like
a lifestyle adjustment. – Totally, I’ve done intermittent fasting and I’ve found that like when I do that, my digestive system is
working way more efficiently. – And you know what we mean. – You know what we talkin’ ’bout! – You know what other thing I have done, but this was like, I didn’t
even decide to do this, I was just like in it for the gag. – Here we go. – It was the master cleanse, – Oh girl!
– Have you ever done that? – Cayenne pepper and a lil lemon juice. – Cayenne pepper! I was in in college and
it was three friends and it was like me
included and we were like I bet you can’t stay on the
master cleanse as long as I can! And like I was with two boys, it was Damon and another friend of ours and on day three, it’s basically where you don’t eat any food. – And you drink like a spicy lemonade. – It’s disgusting,
– it’s like agave, cayenne, lemon… its terrible.
– I’ve done it yeah. – And then you drink like
a liter of salt water, like what is that? – Basically–
– Basically like time to commit to going to the bathroom – You just look like, have
you seen that office episode, where kellys doing it
and she’s just like pale and her lips are like so white and she’s like my tenth
day on the master cleanse. – Like not good, so anyway I found out on day four that homies
were sneaking chips, so that was the only thing
that I actually tried. – I think that we’ve all
done that, ’cause it’s cheap. – It’s cheap but it’s nasty,
– yeah, it was before the whole juice cleanse, let me tell you girl, in
college I went on a 10 day juice cleanse, – Savage!
– I think it was 11. 10 days, my roommate told me after, she was like I was really afraid that I was gonna come home
and you would just be– – Dead. – On the floor, – Oh no!
– and it’s like girl, – Really? – Yes I watched, I still
think this is an incredible documentary it’s called
Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, it’s on Netflix and basically he has like this skin, I forget what it’s called, but this skin condition where
he has all these flare ups, so he basically does a juice cleanse for I think 60 days, the documentary goes into like eating a plant based diet, which is why I really like it, but I watched it and I was just like I know what I need to do. – So wait did you feel like you had zero anything inside of you after that? – You’re so filled with
juice like I can honestly say I wasn’t super hungry
I just missed chewing, like I enjoy eating– – Chewing, I know we both
are not smoothie people, – Yeah I don’t, I’m sorry,
– I need salads I’m gonna be the worst old person like new dentures every month. – Like get me my tortilla chips! – I need the crunch!
– Yeah. – We’re crunchy girls. – I’ve done like very
strict calorie counting. – We both did that, MyFitnessPal, MyFitnessPal actually helped me learn
– yes. – about what was in my food. – I think that’s a great tool. – It’s a great tool that like jump started like when I was really making
that gain, like action, was when I was scanning everything that I was eating into the app called MyFitnessPal, which is free – Yeah – And then I was like oh, you learn how to substitute things basically, you’re like oh rice is more than whatever, quinoa, so let me not eat rice
and eat quinoa instead. – And it makes it like a fun way to learn about like what’s in
your food, I don’t know, like it breaks down the macros. – It’s like a math game. – I think it’s a very slippery slope, it definitely put me on
the more obsessive side which is when I knew this
is not becoming enjoyable for me anymore, like
I’m just living my life based off these numbers
and like if you’re hungry – [Together] Eat! – Yeah same with intermittent fasting – Like if I’m hungry you
better believe I’m a eat! – Have that Lenny and Larry’s cookie. – Oh my god yes! Then we’re gonna get to the
cheat things that we do, because this is like we’re
strict but not like that strict. – Yeah, yeah, we definitely still indulge and like enjoy our lives, but
you never feel like awful. So I would say like two years ago is when I got like more
serious about eating what was right for my body versus what was right for the scale. – Yeah that’s so empowering! Empowering, important! – Put it on a T-Shirt or a canvas. – That’s so good. – Yeah! I didn’t even know that
was coming, it was this. – That was coming to speak the truth, that oat milk takin’ the spot.
– Yeah. – No so I was tired of like feeling crappy two and a half years ago,
and then I went to the gym, I was like if I’m going to the gym I’m going to spend a lot of
money on my gym membership, I wasn’t loaded with money at the time and I’m still not but I was like why am I spending money on a crappy gym that I don’t feel good being in, when if I spend more money at the gym, I’m going to go there
because I’m going to get my moneys worth, that was
like a huge trick in my mind, like I’m a cheap girl,
I’ll never not be cheap. So if I’m paying more money to the gym you better believe I will
get full use of that gym. – Oh yes. – And then I took it to the next level, and I was like I’m gonna go broke by hiring a personal trainer! And from twelve sessions I completely transformed, that changed my life! Because he taught me like
how to change my body, and it wasn’t with running for 30 minutes, it was 10 minute cardio
and everything else was like push ups, pull
ups, lunges, squats, like strength training where
you could do it anywhere essentially.
– Yeah. – So that changed my perspective
and then what’s crazy is that I like dropped
a crap ton of body fat, my muscles were polished
and then I had this freak accident happen where
I was shot in the back in Brazil, and what’s crazy
is the bullet went through the back of the car, through the back seat and into my back and
it stopped this close, like probably less than a
centimeter away from my spine. – Like flash the x-ray. – Flash the x-ray. And five doctors looked at me the next day and they were like we did
the results of your tests and the bullet stopped right
before it hit your spine, you could’ve been paralyzed
but your back muscles were strong enough to withhold the shock. – Girl! – If that aint gon’ get
your ass to the gym! Your muscles will help you
if you’ve been helping them, by getting yourself to the gym. – Yes! And there’s Nike training
apps, there’s Pinterst, and websites like if you
can’t get to the gym, you can still work on
strengthening these muscles. – And so after that happened I was like one you know your body is so
important for these reasons, two I was like I wanna pay almost like, pay it forward to my body,
like my body is carrying me through this life why am
I not dedicating at least 30 minutes a day thanking
it for what it does for me and that’s why I’m always
like whether it’s stretching, going to the gym, going for a walk, your body does so much for you,
why are you not thanking it? – I love that. – Also feeding it– – Yes. – the right things. – Feeding it period! – Feeding it and feeding
it the right things. – Yes, like starving
yourself, depriving yourself of these nutritious things is not the way. – No. – You have to put food into your body, like I can’t stress that enough, I think so many people are like cut this, cut this, it’s like that’s
not what it’s about, it’s just putting what your body needs, what your body is calling
for into your body. – So now for some practical tips, because I feel like people are like but I don’t know what my body needs. – Yes. – So for starters I think
it’s important to like get, these are like very
basic things that I do, substitutions, know your body, do the process of
elimination, how do you feel with dairy, how do you feel without it? How do you feel with meat,
how do you feel without it? How do you feel with red
meat versus chicken and fish? I’m not a vegan, but
I eat vegan most days, I still like my occasional carne asada but like I keep that for limited times. – You can still have the chips y’all! – But what is this? – This is tortilla chips
seasoned with brussel sprouts and like I would say
that the biggest thing is read the ingredient list, know what things you’re putting into your body. – I think the shorter the ingredient list or the more natural the better. – Yeah like if you can’t
pronounce something on an ingredient list you shouldn’t be putting it into your body. – Ooh that’s a good one! That’s a great one! – I stole that from some
documentary, but it’s real– – But it’s true, like
what the hell is that? – No. – I don’t know, so why am I eating that? Like you wouldn’t like smear some like shit you don’t know on your skin. I think that’s the thing
people don’t realize, when you’re eating food it’s
like going inside of you, so you don’t actually see
what’s happening on the inside, so it’s even more detective
work to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Another thing that just
happened to me recently is I took an allergy test, for food, because I was breaking out in hives, so not only are we talking about like, your weight and your muscles
and all of this stuff, but your skin is also a direct reflection of what you’re putting in your body, and what I didn’t know
for all these damn years is that I was allergic to almonds and I was drinking almond
milk, eating almonds, eating semmelwraps. – I didn’t believe you – She was like Jo, it’s stress, I was like well that’s more stress,
it can’t be stress. And I took this allergy test and I’m like randomly allergic to
strawberries, celery, beef, remember you wanted
everybody to take the test? – Who not allergic to beef? – Pork! Like all these things, like
oh sure I’ll have bacon! Like no bitch put the bacon down, so I think taking an allergy
test is really important, if you have insurance that covers it. – It’s expensive. – It is expensive.
– I’ve never taken one. – It’s expensive but like
for me I literally had hives every single day for like months and then I went to the allergist and huh! She clear! – She lookin’ like a fresh new boy! – So that’s a good tip. – Yeah I definitely think like knowing what you’re putting into your body, how it affects you, like I said read these ingredient lists! Also I mean this is like
pretty common sense, but I cook a lot because I know what I’m putting into my food, when I’m standing at the stove. – That’s so true, when
you have this personality, or when you live this healthy lifestyle you’re gonna attract people
with healthy lifestyles. – Oh 100%. – All of our friends are
pretty health conscious, like whether I’m not vegan or you are, we’re still healthy we
can still like cook meals together we can still
share tips or whatever, like oh you wanna go to the gym with me? Heres a cool yoga class. – Find a physical activity
that works for you, I like boxing, I like
running, I like dancing. That’s not for everyone,
you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing, maybe like just going for a walk. – Going for walks are
good, digestion walks, really good, you do those. – I do those.
– Post dinner walk, game changer. – If it’s safe in your neighborhood. – True, true, true! – We eat when it’s light out. – It shouldn’t be something
that you dread everyday, like we genuinely look – [Together] Forward – To going to the gym together
– yeah. – and getting our little work out in, – It’s true. but the gym isn’t for everyone like it could just be a walk or like a– – A sport, whatever.
– A youtube video. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, there’s so many different activities you could do. – You need to make the time. – Make the time. – Because if you’re like
oh I don’t have the time, no you have the time and
also I think you gotta make these non negotiables with yourself and everyone around you like if you are healthy and living this lifestyle, make it clear to everybody
including yourself that you are going to do that,
everything else can wait. Work is always gonna be
there, friends, the good ones, will be there, they can wait an hour for you to go get your workout on. – Don’t be afraid to educate yourself, I think a lot of people
subscribe to the idea that what I don’t know can’t hurt me and that’s not true! – That is literally, the
furthest thing from the truth. – The furthest thing from the truth, like you should want to
know what you’re putting into your body, you should want to know where your food is coming
from, so don’t be afraid and if you find some information that you maybe aren’t happy to find,
like at least then you know. You can still have the chocolate, you can still have the
cookies like we’re not saying to cut out all of these unhealthy things, just like be aware of what’s in them, and like ways that you
can make it healthier or find healthier options,
it’s just all about being conscious and not just mindlessly going through life, eating
whatever and avoiding exercise. It doesn’t have to be this huge chore, it’s sort of just like waking up. – It is, when you wake up
it’s baked into your everyday and I need to bake some more scones later. – I think I should get into that, I mean, I think that’s gonna be a good video. – I think it’s gonna be a great video! The next video we’re
gonna do on my channel, is going to be advice. – Oh! – It’s gonna be some advice
from two brown girls. – Yes were gonna give
all of the melinated… – Advice. – Yes. Alright thank you for joining me. – Thanks I love you! – I love you too! Let’s get these scones baking please, and don’t forget to get
this what is the date Jo? – Merch 1st. – Merch 1st! Ooh. – She the model, baby
girl you know she comes with the chips and salsa. – Oh we stay, I’m just gonna pull it up. – You know what? very fitting for today’s theme. – It is.



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