Our Health and Environment Are at Stake

over the past four and a half decades presidents from both parties have furthered environmental protections designed to keep the American people safe and healthy but President Trump and the republican-led Congress are poised to wipe out these essential safeguards America is now facing the worst assault against our environment and health in our history president Trump has pledged to cripple the US Environmental Protection Agency making it even harder to protect our natural resources and as a result the well-being of all American clean drinking water gone president Trump vowed to eliminate EPA's clean water rule a critical rule that keeps contaminants out of drinking water supplies for one and three US residents clean air Ganju his plans to weaken smog standards and reject the clean power plan will give us dangerously dirty air and higher risks of heart attacks asthma attacks respiratory problems and deadly heart and lung diseases climate progress derailed president Trump has called climate change hoax and has pledged to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement now instead of taking a leading role in curbing climate change the US could fall behind some of the worst polluting nations there is not a single environmental standard or regulation or law that is not going to be challenged by this new administration if we care about the fate of our natural resources and all they support if we care about American values of equity and justice for all people if we care about leaving our children a livable world it's on all of us as citizens to stand up to this threat you


  1. Dear Decision Maker:
    Climate change and related impacts like higher sea levels and warmer oceans almost certainly made Hurricanes Harvey and Irma stronger and more devastating. We can’t afford to deny climate change or dither on clean energy one moment longer. It’s time for our nation’s political leaders — in Washington and in our state capitols — to swiftly advance policies that will slash global warming pollution and better prepare and protect all Americans from future storms. We owe it to the victims of Hurricane Harvey, and to millions more who will suffer from storms like it in the future. Sign & share here: Enough is Enough – Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Must be Turning Points in Our Fight for Climate Action: https://act.nrdc.org/letter/hurricane-climate-170907?source=WBLHCLPETNRAA&_ga=2.174230817.280982444.1504909858-524482533.1504909858

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  3. For one as long as failing and outdated infrastructures; for example the city and resident water lines having lead contamination and other contaminants that is mostly prevalent across the nation – no one will get clean water unless you install a quality filtration system throughout your home's water usage. There are folks out there that do it at the kitchen water access point but don't have a whole system like for showering/bathtub, appliances, to the exterior faucets/ sprinkler system while you use it for watering your lawns, trees, gardens, washing your car, swimming pools [ using water supplied by a contractor or not ] and jacuzzis.
    There is a push to phase out fossil resources and nuclear fission reactors – globally that we can see in developed and developing countries. Even there are a few oil and utility companies that are researching to bring forth renewable sources and technologies as they want to stay in business.
    We can see electric cars and other transportation is on the rise but yet there are fossil resources and nuclear fission reactors that is being used to generate electricity – there are some solar stations and solar farms to wind generators are out there but also takes up so much land space; that is another issue that needs to be address and find solutions to make them smaller and highly sufficient or finding new approaches of innovation technologies?
    There is hydrogen and also magnetic surge motor generator to nuclear fusion etc.
    The nation's power grid system was designed to last about 40 or so years as it is very outdated and needs to be renewed w/ the latest modern technologies.
    The Paris Agreement is not so easy to get out of as there is a commitment being like a contract as the many nations that signed the accords including the ratification for the scheduled plans and global reviews to evaluate and making adjustments leading to 2030 and beyond.
    DAVOS summit meetings have been focusing on many fronts including the environment – all attendees are very serious to solve the many problems that is plaguing our world and of humanity.
    Right now the world still have to use fossil resources & nuclear fission reactors until such time the transition to phase out and end their usage.
    Unless you have the finances to do your part to get green and it depends zoning laws if applies to the installation and use of solar/ wind generator products etc. Get rid of your gas engine car for a electric but again that electricity is being supplied through fossil resources or nuclear reactor or if you have the money to get a stand alone solar system that can charge your EV and again that depends if it is allowed?
    Eventually we will see the incoming transitions and it could be a uphill battle for the continued use of resources for those entities that want to keep the status quo going because their infrastructure is in place and in use – rather than to make the transition that will cost them billions or becoming extinct?

  4. I'm a member of NRDC and I applaud everything you're doing to combat this assault but I think putting out a video that outlines exactly how we can stand up against this would be very helpful. I often find that people want to help but don't know where to start.

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