Our entire family is suffering because of her obsession with Diet[HelloCounselor /ENG,THA/2018.8.27]

“Our Sensitive Boss.” Hello. I’m high school senior who’s about to die of stress. Is it because of the college entrance exam? No. What makes me nervous is my sister who’s 3 years older. “Let’s eat, sis.” “Are you crazy? I’m going to eat a cucumber.” “Mom and Dad want to go out to eat.” “Are you crazy? I’m going to eat a cucumber.” (She’s obsessed with cucumbers) It will become her popular phrase. My sister, who’s been on a diet for a year and a half, only eats cucumbers for all three meals. As a result, she has lost 95 lbs, and went from weighing 210 lbs to 115 lbs. She only eats cucumbers. (Unbelievable) “How do I look? Does this look okay?” “Yes.” “What? I look good? Are you making fun of me? I know that I look fat!” She’s become the most sensitive person in the world. “What is this smell? Did you eat ramen? I told you not to eat it when I’m home! Get out! Get out of here!” She’s very sensitive. We can’t eat anything in front of her. “Aren’t you going to look after yourself? Look at how fat you are. Stop eating!” “Mom! You’re still eating? Stop eating. You’ll gain more weight!” She even yells at us to lose weight. Our entire family is suffering because of her obsession with being skinny. I miss my sister when she used to be fat and nice. Please help me. The sensitive boss. Has Yunhwa become sensitive? I… Do you understand how this girl feels? (Trying to come up with the correct answer) Many thoughts are going through your head, right? You’re not sure if you should be honest or not? Just a little bit. It’s not too bad. How much weight did you lose? I lost about 50 lbs so far. How much more are you planning to lose? About 20 lbs more. I went on a cucumber diet once and failed. I got so dizzy, so I stayed in bed all day long. My hands and feet were very cold, too. I didn’t know cucumbers were good for dieting. I eat cucumber, too. With other food. Pickles, cold cucumber soup, cucumber kimchi… Cucumber tastes great with pork belly, too. Eating them together. Dip cucumber in soybean paste. – Cold cucumber soup is good, too. / – Yes. Let’s bring her out now. Please come on out. (Who is suffering because of her sister?) (Kim Jusang) (Welcome) Did she really lose 95 lbs in a year and a half? She’s 5’4″ and weighed 210 lbs. – Now she weighs 115 lbs. / – 115 lbs. She eats half of a cucumber per meal. She doesn’t even it a whole cucumber? – For a year now? / – Yes. – Does she it raw? / – Just cucumbers? She eats a chilled cucumber. Peeled or not? Peeled? I don’t know. Does she peel it? She works out at the gym for 90 minutes a day. Wow. She works out for 90 minutes, too? How can she work out like that? Has she reached her goal weight? Her goal is to weigh 95 lbs… (Oh my god) So she’s still on a diet. So she needs to lose 20 lbs more? (Tell her I can’t do it) She was nice when she was fat. But now that she’s skinny, she’s so sensitive. Tell us how sensitive she is now. I wasn’t doing anything and out of the blue she yelled, “How annoying!” and slammed the door. – You weren’t doing anything? / – No. She probably wanted to eat something yummy. How annoying! When I eat something, she tells me to leave so that she can’t smell it. She yells at me. Doesn’t your mom cook something with cucumbers? When mom made cold cucumber soup, she got mad. “Aren’t those my cucumbers?” “Aren’t these my cucumbers?” – They are her staple. / – Right. Food is a sensitive issue when you’re on a diet. That’s right. She asked if Mom used her cucumber? Yes. I think they were her cucumbers. (A surprise turn of events?) The hardest thing in the world is to lose weight. Couldn’t you be understanding and root for her until she reaches her goal weight? I can’t stand that she tells me to diet, too. Is she mean about it? She says, “Lose weight. Take care of yourself.” (She’s quite mean) Let’s meet her sister now. Her sensitive boss sister. Hello. Hello. (Who’s her sensitive sister?) Hello. Could you please stand up? We’re so proud of you. (Skinny) – She’s so skinny. / – Please turn around. Are you slouching because you’re hungry? No, because I’m not confident. Why aren’t you confident? You have a great figure. Why? Then we should be crawling on the floor. Crawl. (Hahahaha) You should stop dieting now. I don’t think so. There are so many skinny people out there. There are many fat people, too. You only see skinny people? Yes, I think so. I only focus on skinny people. She said that you’ve become very sensitive. Do you admit it? Yes, I did become more sensitive. But as my family, they should be understanding. – They should be understanding? / – Yes. Yes, we get that a lot on our program. “As family, they should be more understanding.” Why do you yell at your sister for eating? I have something to say about that. She eats fried chicken and pizza at night. I’m worried about her health. That’s why I nag at her for eating at night. She used to eat with me. I used to be obese and I know how hard it is to lose weight. I don’t want her to go through the same thing. (I can take care of myself) Aren’t you curious about how she looked before? This is the sister that Jusang misses. May we take a look at your old pictures? Yes. All right. Please show us her pictures. (Oh my…) Why did you bring a photo of her with that look on her face? It’s quite shocking. You look so different now. How do you feel when you see these pictures? (There’s more) Oh my. (She’s surprised by her old pictures, too) You have a whole box of cereal in front of you. I used to love carbohydrates. You ate cereal like chips? They taste very good. It tastes great if you pour milk in the box. It tastes great if you pour milk in the box. – In the box? / – Directly in the cereal box? Really? (She’s the only one who understands) You pour a whole liter of milk in it? I used to pour milk directly into the box and then shake and eat it. It was good. – Really? / – It was good? Yes. Could you tell us in detail how you lost weight? Some people may be curious to know. (Curious) (Curious) (Tell us how you did it) I ate one cucumber and veggies for breakfast. Then I ate a cucumber and side dishes for lunch. For dinner, I ate one cucumber only. I worked out, too. I did 30 minutes of cardio, 15 minutes of weightlifting and I walked up the stairs from the first floor to the 15th floor until I sweated. I drank carbonated water when I got hungry. Carbonated water? Isn’t that fattening? It was refreshing. Carbonated water, not soda. (I must jot this down) You don’t have any health problems? I used to only eat cucumbers. But now, I vary my intake by switching to cabbage on some days or to lettuce on some days. – What about rice? / – That’s carbs. – You don’t eat carbs at all? / – No. You don’t eat meat either? I do eat meat. Carbs are what make you fat. That’s where you are wrong. You must consume some type of carbs – in order to lose weight. / – Right. If not, your nutritional intake is unbalanced, so you could end up gaining weight instead. I know that. But eating carbs makes you fat. She is very adamant. Did your hands and feet ever get cold or did your eyes ever start to quiver? You must endure that to lose weight. No, you shouldn’t. Your body is sending you signals. Have you ever taken diet pills? Some neighbors ask me that, too. I didn’t take any diet pills. Your neighbors ask you? You must be quite popular. There are so many ways to lose weight. What I’ve learned from my experience is that you must choose what suits you best. And you must be determined to do it the next day. (Determination) (We believe it) (You can do it, too) Is there a reason why you decided to lose weight? When I was fat, people teased me and I had low self-esteem. When I was looking at clothes at a store, the clerk came and said, “We don’t carry any clothes in your size. Please do not come to our store.” – She told you not to come? / – Yes. My co-worker told me, “How can you work when you’re so fat? Do you even have a dream?” Many people belittled me. (She was belittled and hurt in the past) Do people treat you differently and do you have higher self-esteem now that you’ve lost weight? I can wear any clothes I want and I feel more confident because I don’t look like I did before. I think she has even less confidence than before. – You think so? / – Yes. She always looks in the mirror and says, “I think I gained weight again! I should lose more weight, right? I’m fat, right?” She has never had a boyfriend. (She’s never been in a relationship?) You’ve never dated anyone? I have. Don’t be ridiculous. She turns down offers for blind dates because she isn’t ready. She says she needs to lose more. Do you have a boyfriend? Of course I used to. But not now. Of course you used to? What a surprising turn of events. Why aren’t you dating anyone now? You said you’ve been in a relationship. I still hold a grudge. I remember how men treated me and I’m afraid I’ll gain weight if I start dating someone. (Wow…) But more men are asking you out or asking for your number, right? – Not really. / – No? How do you relieve stress? I just stay at home. – No. / – I stay at home. You’ll get sick. It must be tough for the family. Their entire family is here today. Hello. (The entire family is at the studio) You are all at a sensitive age. Do you think you look good on camera? No. Are you concerned because of your sister, too? Yes. The three of us often go to the supermarket. We used to buy meat and sausages. But now my sister buys 7-8 cucumbers, which cost $1.50 per cucumber. So we can’t buy anything else. We used to eat spicy noodles and boiled pork. He misses the past. She only eats cucumber on top of the noodles. I feel bad for her, too. Isn’t it impressive that she lost 95 lbs? – Not really. / – Why not? I like the old sister who ate well better. But she is so pretty now. Not really. (Oh gee…) – She was prettier back then? / – Yes. No way. She looks most beautiful when she eats a lot. (You’re beautiful when you eat a lot) (Heartthrob) (What are you saying?) (What do you want me to say?) When she was fat, we’d go to eat at buffets and see who could eat more. We would go to famous restaurants. – You didn’t want to lose? / – That sounds fun. Now I jokingly ask her, “You want fried chicken?” and she shockingly answers, “Why would I eat that?” – She has changed too much. / – Yes. I understand how they feel. I want Yunhwa to stop losing weight because… I eat and drink alcohol by myself these days. Yunhwa won’t eat with me since she’s on a diet. You miss eating with her, right? – Yes. / – Right. For the person who’s on a diet, if people keep saying, “Eat something. Eat. You want this?” it’s very stressful to keep saying no, even though people are saying that because they’re worried. (Right) Mom, what do you think about her going on a diet? I’m proud of her. I was never successful in losing weight, but she did it. She was fat for 15 years, ever since second grade. So I prayed every day that she’d lose weight. She got fat instead of getting tall. But she has lost so much weight, so I changed my prayer now. You’re praying that she gains weight? I want her to eat a normal amount and just live like an ordinary person. You want her to eat well. Why? She’s pretty. She is so obsessed with losing weight that she is not able to do any hobbies like reading or playing the flute, which she used to love doing. I never enjoyed playing the flute or reading books. She’s forcing those hobbies on me. I am still doing the hobbies that I like. What hobbies do you have? I like reading comic books. I like playing with my phone on my bed. The little things. What do you think, sir? I think my wife should be the one to lose weight. Why would you say that? I’m just worried that as she loses weight, our family will become victims. We’re not a happy family anymore. When I come home from work, my two daughters are fighting almost every other day. My eldest daughter relieves stress by dissing her sister and brother. (He’s got swag) A family should bond by eating together. That’s what family is for. Yes, that’s what a family does. She eats by herself, so I think she only eats with us once or twice a month. Do you normally talk like that? Both of them are speaking in that tone. We sound unnatural because we’ve never done this. When I first saw their parents, they looked so familiar to me. I was wondering if I had met them somewhere. I think that’s us in the future. They are just like us in the future. That’s right. You’re right. (They do look alike) The rest of your family walks on eggshells around you and they are suffering. How do you feel about it? I do feel bad in a way, but they’re not being completely fair. I started to lose weight partially because of them. They always nagged at me. What did they say? “You pig! When will you lose weight?” “You’re in your 20s. Don’t waste your life away.” Who said that? Your parents? Your siblings? All of them. (Everyone is at fault!) Our whole family got together once on Seollal. There was an ad about liposuction on TV. Our relative said, “You should get that done.” My family laughed instead of protecting me. That was very hurtful. I once said that I want to be an actress and my dad said, “You’re too fat. How can you become an actress?” I was so shocked to hear that and that’s why I was more determined to lose weight. The cause of this issue is the family. One time, I was with a friend and I ran into my sister. I was embarrassed to say hi, so I purposefully avoided her. Was it because she’s your sister? Or was it because she was fat? Be honest with us. To be honest, it was because she was fat. (Bitter) She lost weight because of her dream. How did you feel when she told you her dream? I thought she had no chance of becoming one. No one rooted for her dream. She’s skinny now. Can’t you root for her dream? But in order to become an actress she needs to go out to meet people and experience more things in life. But she won’t go out to meet her friends. If I hang out with my friends, I’ll want to eat. We’ll go to cafes or go eat at a buffet. Do you think people with average weight don’t meet friends? They do. That’s right. But they were skinny to begin with. No one is skinny from birth. Of course some people stay skinny naturally. Nayoung, do you not meet friends? I work out, too. She goes out and meets friends, too. How much do you weigh? Less than 100lbs? Somewhere around there. Are you happy there? What? Are you happy to weigh that little? She’s asking how it feels to be skinny. I’m actually trying to gain some weight. You want to gain weight? I think being healthy is most important. Let me tell you this. I’m close to 200 lbs, but I’m happy. (I still want to weigh 99lbs!) What gives you joy in your life? Nothing. You went on a diet and lost weight. Are you happy now? Are you happy now? No, I’m not happy at all. Eating food gives a person so much joy. It leads to other desires. So I’m not happy. That’s what happens when you’re on a diet. You lose the will to live. But once I reach my goal, won’t I be happy? No, not at all. You’ll struggle to keep that weight. “If I eat, I’ll be 100 lbs. I can’t eat.” So you won’t be happy then either. But I am happier now than when I was fat. You’re not fat at all now. I want her to reach her goal weight. Then you’ll realize it doesn’t mean much. She needs to realize it herself? Then make a promise. Once you reach your goal, come to my restaurant. That’s enough. Even now. What do you sell there? (We have so much good food) You know musical actress Hong Jimin? She made headlines for losing so much weight recently. She said that if a person doesn’t eat carbs at all, then one day, that person will gain it all back. I don’t think reaching your goal is important. You need to go out to meet people and watch your family eat as you learn the ability to control your appetite. Don’t pig out thinking that you ruined your diet. Learn to eat a little at a time. I think that’s more important for you. You can’t eat cucumbers for the rest of your life. I do feel bad about how I treated my family. I was too harsh to my precious family members. Will you still strive to weigh less than 100 lbs? – I do want to reach it once. / – Do it. But you could end up in a hospital. (Sigh…) Chef Choi Hyunseok. I think it’s a concern for her family. I think it’s a concern. You could really damage your health. You’re beautiful now. I want you to lose weight in a healthy way. Don’t get stressed over it. You could eat 2 chickens and not gain weight now. – You would. / – Yunhwa. There are many women in the audience, so I think they can all relate to this issue. Please press the button. (What does the audience think?) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Please stop. Please show us the result. The last digit is 8. Did they get over 100 votes? 138 votes. They got many votes.


  1. She has very alarming points that match up with an eating disorder. Her diet is harmful and not long lasting, she can easily gain that weight back, whereas if you do it the healthy way you allow your body to adjust and let your stomach become smaller so you no longer eat the way you used to.

  2. Name of the song at 12:35?

  3. 12:32 n'awwww bless

  4. I think that diet is fine, but she can't only eat cucumbers. She needs to take other nutrients as well, or at least some vitamin pills

  5. Korea’s mindset on weight is actually disturbing. They encourage insecurities and mental disorders with open arms, and everyone just falls for it

  6. when the brother said "she looks most beautiful when she eats" the way they looked at each other got me chookkiinng !!!!! lmfao

  7. Believe me, this is really happen if you to much doing diet, you become more sensitif and easy get angry😐fat it's not healty , but to skinny not good tho.

  8. Poor girl. I hate the mindset of Korean people in this show. "she is prettier now". So are you saying she is ugly before? When she was fat people call her names and asks her to lose weight, now that she loses weight, people wants her to gain it back. Wth? Why can't you understand what this girl is going through? It all starts as "family jokes".

  9. I understand how the sister feels. I thought myself as fat when I was 120lbs and I ended going on very unhealthy diets and starving myself a lot. But now I’m 108lbs and my weight goal it 106lbs but my diets aren’t extreme like they use to be. She should go on health diets not extreme ones cause it can affect her health.

  10. If this girl ever decides to eat normally again she's going to gain weight because she wasn't giving her body the nutrients it needed. She's so obsessed with losing weight it's all she thinks about. She needs to get mentally healthy before she can get physically healthy.
    I wish people all around the world would realize there is a healthy weight for every individual, we are not all going to be the same size or shape. That's why I can't stand the BMI chart, it only goes by height and weight, genetics are not taken into consideration. A great example is taking a man or woman from every country who is the same height and their weights and shapes will be completely different. Being skinny doesn't mean you're healthy, healthy is healthy. Eating a balanced diet and exercising will do wonders. Diets are nonsense.

  11. she said she was worried about her sister's health but she didn't even realize she was destroying her own body by practising unbalanced diet. that's far more dangerous bcs she didn't get enough nutrients. 🙁

  12. i'm obese too but please, there's another healthier way to lose weight!

  13. Me gustó el programa pero me molesta que en la cultura coreana no se ve la anorexia como una enfermedad sino como la búsqueda de la belleza.
    Una dieta debería estar balanceada con carne y vegetales por igual.

  14. Woahhh even her facial features have changed. She doesn't look like the same person.

  15. The brother just said she eats noodles so she does eat carbs.

  16. why do they put this cutesy music over it? this is a serious medical issue -_-

  17. Sorry but I think the family is being selfish. They didn’t bring her onto the show because they’re worried about her physical or mental health, they brang her because they’re unable to eat how they used to before. They only care about themselves, now at how the girl possibly has an eating disorder. I don’t think it’s right for her to be telling her family to lose weight ofc, but they were doing the same to her. Before she lost weight, the family was teasing her and making fun of the way she looked, and now that she put effort into losing the weight they’re just mocking her and don’t care about how she feels, only their own feelings. The girl on the diet should have switch spots with her sibling imo. The family’s intentions are in the wrong place, instead of complaining about the girl’s mood swings they should be helping her recover from this unhealthy diet and supporting her.

  18. She could become anorexic because of this. These kind of unhealthy eating habits can have permenant affects even if she stops. There are many anorexic people who can no longer have children because they screwed up their body so much.

  19. "I worry about her health." Says someone who eats HALF A CUCUMBER for a meal!!!!!! The hyposcrisy is strong with this one.

  20. I lost a decent of weight myself over the past half year, about 8 kg…I completely understand the feeling of never being really happy with yourself, even when you've succeeded in dieting. Negative body image tends to takes longer to shed than body weight/fat. (I still have a feeling cognitive dissonance when I look in the mirror.) This is another one of the reasons why short-term extreme dieting is really bad for you, because your brain has even less time to catch up with your body.

  21. Good job and congrats to the sister!! Her diet is fine for weight loss as long as she takes multivitamins and calcium so she’s still getting all the proper nutrients. It’s better than overeating chicken nuggets/mac n cheese all day, because those are also extremely poor in nutrients, and they even contribute to obesity which leads to things like diabetes and heart disease

  22. 😂😂 15:51 😂😂

  23. I think that losing some weight is necessary for her. But at her recent weight, i think she should change to eat balancely because she is having a nice figure right now.

  24. I'm tired of Korean Culture its disgusting!

  25. I understand the koreans.

  26. When I become a mom someday, I'll make sure that my kids will eat a balance diet 3 times a day together with a healthy snacks in between meals and tell them that they should be active during the day, sleep early and keep them hydrated so that they don't suffer losing weight in the future.

  27. She has an eating disorder what the hell

  28. i relate to her. my family was the one who made me feel fat & unworthy and why i am trying to lose weight. but when i lost weight/eating too little they complain about it again. like okay when i eat a lot y’all aren’t happy when i eat little y’all still not happy. what am i supposed to do ?

  29. Kim Jusang’s Sister looks like one of the MC’s.

  30. omg if she wants to diet it’s on her she probably knows the consequences of her actions and is okay with them even if it ends with death. some people just want to be skinnier than everyone

  31. I’m 164 and 63KG I should diet too😂

  32. I would love to get THICC!

  33. the hardest thing in the world is to lose weight ah-em losing weight is difficult but I assure it is not the hardest thing in the world and it shouldn't be a priority over loving yourself the way it is

  34. wtf the family is actually ALSO at fault here. they're just concerned now cuz they can't eat what they want anymore even though they were the ones who told her to loose weight in the first place. I'm disgusted …

  35. 1 minute in and she’s already showing big signs of eating disorders (most likely anorexia, but I’m not a doctor so idk) they really aren’t helping saying she looks so pretty like that, she needs to get proper help and her condition should be treated a lot more seriously.

  36. Diet is the hardest thing in the world ? Hell , no . That is because Koreans have this fucked up mind set that diet is solely for losing weight . Diet is food intake . When you choose a diet , you're supposed to accustom yourself with that type of diet / food intake . So that you can practice that particular diet your whole life . While losing weight healthily and maintaning your weight afterward . THATS WHY ONE SHOULD CHOOSE THEIR DIET CAREFULLY . AND EATING CUCUMBER WONT HELP FOR GOD SAKE ITS GONNA BACKFIRE . 'Diet' is not that hard if you know the fundamental . Koreans are soooo obsessed with looking skinny af as if their life depends on it so at least they should how to achieve it the right way .

  37. Reading comic and playing with phone is not a hobby.

  38. weight isn't everything… people always forget to include aspects like bone and muscle mass. Because of this, weighing less doesn't mean you have a better figure, you need to be healthy. Have a balanced diet, drink more water and exercise a bit every week.

  39. isnt this how other idol trainees lived before they debuted? even afyer they debuted hahahaa esp. from SM entertainment 🙄

  40. Mom :"I want her to eat a normal amount, and live life like an ordinary person."
    Counselor : "Why? she's so pretty."

    Honestly sometimes you have to wonder wtf is wrong with Koreans.

  41. I was super skinny when i was younger. Like super skinny. When school started then i somehow started gaining weight and now i’m overweight. I wanna lose weight. Can anyone tell me good diets to follow?

  42. Being healthy is being beautiful!! That’s the true beauty. And that goes for the mind just as it goes for the body. Give yourself some love!!

  43. 4:48 support her? SUPPORT HER?! The reason why she’s moody isnt because she’s sensitive, it’s because she has a freakin’ EATING DISORDER! She is mentally and physically unwell! She will die on a diet like that! She needs help!

  44. Eating disorders aren't pretty.

  45. sis lettuce and cabbage are also carbs….

  46. tbh, i don't like the way yeongja unnie says if you want to achieve your goals a.k.a 45 kgs, you'll be hospitalized. i don't support the girl with eating cucumbers. but, suggest her to lose weight in a healthy way. some people just wanna achieve their goals once in a lifetime. let them! i was 62 kgs once & ever achieved 45 kgs. and, no i was never hospitalized.

  47. I can totally understand her, because I was and still suffering people judgement about weight. I’m kind of person who can easily gain weight, because when I was stress I tend to eat more to release it. That makes me gain weight and stress even more.
    Beside friends and others people comments about my weight, one of the worst and hurtful comments come from my family members. Every meal, my mom said “Don’t eat too much, you’re fat”, dad said: “You’re a girl, girl have to be skinny to look beautiful, look at the actress she looks skinny and so beautiful….Boy doesn’t like fat girl”. Hearing these comments while eating really hurt me a lot, after eating I went to bedroom and quitely burst into tear. Sometimes, I heard mom and dad talk about me like “She’s fat that makes her face look bigger. Why doesn’t she diet?!”. And I can feel that they were shamed because of me. (Being fat and ugly)
    I know parents, and family always want best thing for me, but sometimes the way they comment, and judge my weight really hurt me a lot😭😭😭
    In the past, I succeed dieting, however, recently I was under so much stress and gained weight again.
    Now I’m dieting once again!!!

  48. I agree with what every commenter. It’s all about losing weight the healthy way, finding a balance. It’s all about the Balance. Most importantly never lose weight to look skinny or thinking that if you get skinner you’ll be beautiful. That’s not true. I wish some people in Korea would understand this. Skinny doesn’t equal beauty. We have to love our bodies and take care of our bodies the right way.

  49. People can't just say it's the Korean mindset.. Although Koreans may have stricter ideals of beauty, generally the whole world favors "physically" pretty people.. As much as we don't want it to be, weight and physical body shape is a part of this 'physical' beauty 'checklist' (not just face).. Let's be honest, prettier girls always gets their way out of things, always have certain advantages.. and it's really upsetting and unfair that things like this are very hard to change since it's been like that since forever and that's just how things work 🙁

  50. Supongo que tiene un tipo de distorsión corporal, pero que todas las chicas del público estuvieran de acuerdo con lo de la dieta tan estricta es muy alarmante

  51. Me too struggle to lose weight.. but I'm not stop eat my country food.. just adjusted the amount of food and exercise.. even I'm done that things I'm feel sometimes not so well maybe because of body changing.. like body already state amount of food i can take.. so I will throw out the extra food..

  52. In Korea, there are two types of people: the one that bashes people who are fat and those that are like “you’re pretty no matter what!”

    Why can’t Koreans just want to be healthy??? Why can’t anyone just want to be healthy??? Being unhealthily thin and being unhealthily fat are both equally fat and your going to die.

  53. So if she eats meat and veggies then she’s on a extreme keto diet? Or something close?

  54. Anorexics usually aren't so externally focused on others' eating habits

  55. I feel ashamed watching this. I supposed in dieting right now. But why am i watching this while my hand are grabing chips ?

  56. She has a serious eating disorder. And the fact they think she’s impressiveis sickening honestly. Like who the hell wouldn’t lose weight eating only cucumber ?

  57. 12:42 song title ?

  58. A body that lacks in the nutrients it needs will see itself as starving and will easier collect resources as fat to survive the starving times so supplying proper nutrition is super vital to create a more solid weight eventually. It's not the volume you eat, it is the content. Getting out of starving mode is hard but worth it.

  59. I personally think that if you wanna lose weight don't skip meals just do yoga ,it's relaxing and is helpful

  60. she has eating disorder

  61. People are so quick to yell anorexia. She is not underweight, she has a goal, she follows a diet – diets are never healthy and not a long term solution, hence the term diet. Many people follow diets to get down to their ideal weight, and then strive to get back to a new normal. It doesn't mean you have anorexia. Look up anorexia for reference.

  62. She's was pretty before, between, after, and every other time. Fat isn't ugly. Eating disorders are so serious, and shouldn't be so praised in the media… I hope that she can stop hurting so much soon & gain love for herself. She's beautiful.

  63. What an enabling atmosphere

  64. Awww I'm so thankful my metabolism is fast.. no matter what and how much I eat.. I never get fat. (But still it stressed me out because I'm too skinny 😪).

  65. She seems to have a normal weight.however if she wants to loose weight she has to watch her . portions of food.eating only cucumber is not good .

  66. I don't think the older sister is the problem though… it's the existing discrimination in the family. But I also don't think it's wrong to lose weight. I'm the same height as her at 103 lbs/pounds or 47 kg. But that's not enough. I don't have a weight goal but I do have a goal. I just don't want to have thick legs and belly fat, or a chubby face. I want to lose all that. Many people are saying that she has an eating disorder, but she isn't actually starving herself, is she? She eats. All she has to change is how she eats, but like they say you can't lose weight with just a diet so she works out. She should be going on a healthy diet and at the same time working out. She exercises a lot, right? Once exercise turns into a habit it won't be hard to maintain your weight. Diet experts would say, eat like a king for breakfast, like a princess for lunch, and like a beggar for dinner. There is a reason for this. Breakfast is the start of the day and you need to eat to fuel your energy for the day. For lunch, you don't have to eat much, but you have to eat. And for dinner, eat just a little. Because your organs won't function when your sleeping. There are some organs that do work the opposite, (they only function when you sleep), which is why you need sleep. You need to eat little in order to digest your intakes. And when you're in a diet, water intake is very important. Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. Maybe 10-12 too but not too much. That way, you can be healthy, skinny, and pretty. But eating once in a while isn't bad. You just have to NOT worry. I know it's not that easy but do something to work it out. I understand the feeling though… I once weighed 38kg in this height (5'4). When you're fat they tell you to lose weight, and when you're finally skinny, they ask you to gain weight. Family support is entirely needed too.

  67. She is gonna suffer from either bulimia or anorexia if she continues like that.. She needs to see a therapist ASAP!

  68. sense there isn't really a good comment out there i'm just gonna say that doesn't she look like jimin park the girl…from JYP

  69. Am i the only one who eats a lot but never gain weight?

  70. Ela claramente tem um DISTÚRBIO ALIMENTAR, como eles tratam isso desse jeito??? Ela precisa ser saudável, não magérrima e "bonita", padrões doentes de beleza, ela não era saudável gorda, e não vai ser saudável comendo desse jeito também!

  71. She is such ana fuel wtf

  72. So many people have eating disorders because of how their family treats them. It's horrible. Healthy lifestyle as a teen and young adult is all about the habits your family taught you when you were growing up. It's tragic how people can't see through their egos and admit it might be their (the parent's) fault too.

  73. I'm basically doing what she does, but instead of cucumbers I only eat oats and drink diet coke. I know I have to stop but I can't. They should really take her more seriously!

  74. I don't understand the family because when she is fat, they teases her and all that but now that she is skinny and still dieting, the family still complains about her but it all started because the family teases her in the first place and they all came all the way to this show because they want her to became her old self so that they can eat what they want without thinking about her health physically and mentally?

  75. this sounds like a eating disorder

  76. Wow. "She was most beautiful when she ate well" then 3 mins later "I was ashamed of her 'cause she was fat". Hypocrisy who?

  77. Im fat before..almost 100kg..now maybe around 67kg..n 172 height..i get belittle..mean word..make fun of me.. .try to make me felt shame infront other people..my bf cheating on me..with his ex gf coz she more slim..I get fat..I get slim I see how other people treat me different..my friend boyfriend try to seduce me..I can be a bitch girl..but I'm not

  78. Why everyone blame her so much? Isnt her family tease her and called names? Of course,she will chosen the extreme way when the trusted one treat that way. But of course,she will have to change her eating habit. Her family were wrong in attitude thats why she being like that. Now,she torture you the way you torture her. Makes sense

  79. I used to do this too. When I was in 1st and 2nd year college I ate very little to the point that I only ate biscuit at night. Yes I lost so much weight but also felt very weak. When I started to eat normally, I rapidly gained back the weight that I lost for years. That's the time I realized how unhealthy my habit have become. So now, I eat everything I want with moderation and I workout everyday for at least 10 to 30 minutes.

  80. I know this is an older video but can I just say that vegetables are…carbohydrates… they’re not the same as bread, but don’t tell me you only eat veggies and then tell me you don’t eat carbs. I know what they mean but it’s annoying as hell.

  81. I want to punch the people who made her like this.Saying bad things and made her self esteem low.There is a always a good way to inspire people for good achievements. Yes she was a bit overweight but healty as mentally now, she need to see a doctor psycally and mentally.I hope she gets well as soon as possible.

  82. I am 5'5 and l went from 145lbs-87.3 lbs in 8 months. I went to NYC and went to M&M world. Ofc l brought chocolate. I ate a little. Then l was so afraid to be fat again l went to a toilet in McDonals and forced myself to.vomit all the chocolate l ate (less than 10M&M) and threw the rest in the garbage. My world centers around losing weight. Ik my stomach growls at certain times so l make sure l am alone at those times. My breath doesnt smell good bc l dont eat for long period of time and l always have gums with me or l try to talk as little as possible…l am silent and my friends hardly recognise me. I feel fatter than before. I have heart palpitations, low blood.pressure and low.blood sugar, l was hospitalised for cardiac arrest and l was very proud of myself because it means l .skinny enough to be sick and l am looking forward to be hospitalised again. There are so many so many problems. I am half korean too. Korea is very harsh with body image. My mother is a Korea lady and she would insult me daily when l was 145lbs. I wish the korean society can out more emphasis on inner beauty.

  83. The dad is a bastard

  84. How come they totally disregarded the part where her family is to blame?

  85. I chocked watching this …because this is like my family when I'm dieting

  86. this poor girl clearly has an eating disorder… I hope someone actually realizes she needs help and she gets what she needs

  87. Actually I admire her it's not easy to loose weight it require a lot of discipline and dedication.. She just needs a balance diet

  88. 12:32 this part sends me–

  89. I have bullies for friends, they would normally have the urge to make fun of me for having a larger body than them (I am a sturdy 6'3 lady with average weight) but with the power of friendship they see me as a happy Teddy bear that loves hugs lol. I have noticed though that it is mainly Asian people that bully me more than anyone which sadly shows what world they live in, I would like it if everyone could understand that different races have different builds as I may look like a whale to them they look like a mouse to me but I think we should all learn to respect different sizes.

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