OTR: Is Bernie’s recent health scare a big concern?


  1. I would say Trump's call for a civil war when he's not reelected is a bigger concern.

  2. Bernie 2020

  3. Mary Anne Marsh = ANOTHER clueless Corporate-Hack "Democrat"….

  4. I find this commentary to be very skewed and extremely poorly represented. If your channel represents yourself to be anything but center right (like if you actually think you are unbiased) then you are clearly sorely mistaken.

    Perhaps you all should watch the Matt Orfalea video on media bias.

  5. Very out of touch

  6. I am voting for Bernie because Bernie is the one that I trust. He has spent all of his life working for people who are in need of his help. He chained himself to a woman of color way back in 1964. What kind of a white man would do that?

    He has fought for working and middle class people for all of his political life. He worked himself so hard that he had a minor heart attack. God, please, understand what I'm saying.

    There is no one here in America that cares on the level of this great man. As long as he breathes and he wants to be helpful, he want to be president, then I will vote for Senator Sanders.

    God bless this great man and God bless America.

    We really need your divine power here now.

  7. #FeelTheBern2020 #Bernie2020

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