OTC Allied Health – Health Information Technology

You can take this degree, and
there are so many things you can
do with it. Not just coding like I thought
when I started. It really prepares you for
anywhere you would want to
work in an HIM department. You will have a really great
education background going
into it. With Health Information
Technology there are a lot of
fields you can go into. It could be auditing, it could
be coding, it could be
compliance, privacy and security helping implement electronic
health records, support. I like working with people. The medical industry was
definitely an area that was
expanding and continuing so I thought that to put
those two together, to be able to help people but
still get to do the clerical
work that I like to do, it was perfect for me. It’s a 100% online program,
it’s two years to complete if
you’re full time. The only part that’s not online
would be your last course where you will go out in the
field for a clinical rotation. The instructors are actually
very helpful. They understand that we’re real
people with real lives. I have met with them multiple
times on campus. They’re always available when
you message them. They’re
very helpful. I can help patients by making
things easier. Easier for the providers, and
easier for the patients to get
in to see their physicians. For me that is emotionally
rewarding because I know that
I’m expediting the process, I’m helping them get in to
get their treatment faster and
more efficiently and spend less
time on paperwork.

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