OSHO: Emotional Wellness – Almost Drunk With Emotion

OSHO Emotional Wellness transforming fear, anger and jealousy into creative energy emotions cannot be permanent that’s why they are called “emotions”… the word comes from “motion,” movement from one to another you continually change… …this moment you are sad, that moment you are happy… …this moment you are loving another moment full of hatred in stores: Emotional Wellness Hardcover: 304 pages Publisher:Harmony OSHO International Foundation presents Osho: Almost Drunk with Emotion Dhyan Raga, there is certainly something very similar in very different emotions: the overwhelmingness. It may be love, it may be hate, it may be anger — it can be anything. If it is too much, then it gives you a sense of being overwhelmed by something. Even pain and suffering can create the same experience, but overwhelmingness has no value in itself. It simply shows you are an emotional being. This is typically the indication of an emotional personality. When it is anger, it is all anger. And when it is love, it is all love. It almost becomes drunk with the emotion, blind. And whatever action comes out of it is wrong. Even if it is overwhelming love, the action that will come out of it is not going to be right. Reduced to its base, whenever you are overwhelmed by any emotion you lose all reason, you lose all sensitivity, you lose not only your heart into it… it becomes almost like a dark cloud in which you are lost. Then whatever you do is going to be wrong. Love is not to be a part of your emotions. Ordinarily that’s what people think and experience, but anything overwhelming is very unstable. It comes like a wind and passes by, and leaves you behind empty, shattered, in sadness and in sorrow. Love, according to those who know man’s whole being — his mind, his heart and his being — love has to be an expression of your being, not an emotion. Emotion is very fragile, very changing. One moment it seems it is all. Another moment you are simply empty. So the first thing to do is to take love out of this crowd of overwhelming emotions. Love is not overwhelming. On the contrary, love is a tremendous insight, clarity, sensitivity, awareness. But that kind of love rarely exists, because very few people ever reach to their being. There are people who are drinking because they have wives, and there are people who are drinking because they don’t have any wives. It is a strange world. One does not know on what logical basis it is being run, whether there is any logic at all in life or it is absolutely absurd. You have to, Raga, take out your love from the emotional grip where it is already found at birth, and you have to find a route to your being. Unless your love becomes part of your being it is not much different from pain, suffering, sadness. Emotions are not going to help you become an integrated individuality. They are not going to give you a granite soul. You will remain just like dead wood moving in the stream, here and there, not knowing why. Emotions blind man exactly as does alcohol. Source: ‘Om Shantih Shantih Shantih #17’ Copyright © Osho International Foundation, Switzerland. OSHO is a registered TM. for more information visit www.osho.com


  1. hes a legend!

  2. Hey, who does the background music? It's great!

  3. Music From The World of OSHO.
    Track: If You Don't Fight with Life.
    Album: IN WONDER

  4. fantastic!!!! keep posting osho

  5. So beautiful, so about me. Showing th eway to freedom. Even from emotions.
    Thank you Osho for guiding us.


  6. pls help me to be close with persons whom he had thought..
    i am livin in coimbatore

  7. i love you

  8. he keeps his eyes open forever before blinking

  9. So much true.

  10. Che occhi!..

  11. well.. emotions are beautiful too. if they're not prevalу in you of course..
    there are a lot of meditation techniques involving solely emotions. its his personal point of view..
    hiding emotions may be a defence cover for a lot of people.. perhaps like me.. and it helped me a lot.. in some ways.. but his words are not the last resort truth. emotions are very important, you should try to not hide them. well, its my reflections on the subject.

  12. This is very interesting, and odd. I can't say I agree with this totally. I think to be totally integrated one would want to feel a sense of harmony between the emotions and the intellect.

    Regarding evolution, I think that, as things are right now, emotions are just as necessary as the intellect, but we would not want to make ourselves slaves to either. We have the innate ability to regulate both at will, and we should exercise it.

  13. I agree. Develop an emotional vocabulary, acknowledge that emotions are transitory. Consider that emotions are a prelude to good decision making and express them freely. The distinction being in expressing emotions we can identify which of the myriad emotions it is we are feeling at that time, where it's genus lays, releasing said emotion and cracking on with some informed decision making.

  14. Thank you OSHO

  15. such a beutyfull master, and so many misunderstandings …….
    dont listen with your brain, listen with your hearth

    he has left such a great foot print on this planet.

    enjoy your life, celebrate and …… love

  16. não sei ler ingles algém poderia traduzir este vídeo pra mim ! agradeceria muito

  17. i am happy that the not put the good stuf , not full of music.
    So this is perfect………….

  18. Music sounds like Beautiful from x-tina.

  19. Truth is you can find and feel love with a wife or without a wife, just figure out in your fantasy that God is in every cell of your body, in every particle of your spiritual bodies and of your clothes and of everything around you and in everything out of you, in the whole world, go slowly, perhaps you do not feel anything the first times, keep on practicing and eventually you`ll feel God`s love and your own love!! & Enjoy!

  20. Emotion is very fragile; now ain`t that the truth!

  21. Gracias!!!!

  22. don't search the god..god in u..find it…!

    William Blake.

  24. dear osho,
    thank you for leaving your wonderful teachings..thank you for being a true Master..
    I LOVE YOU for always!!!!!

  25. Thank you for the great video's, Very inspiring and has taught me so much 🙂

  26. HAHA 420 views. The point is Wake Up & Live, NOW brothers and sisters.

  27. stupid ad who makes me jump with the sound everytime

  28. The teaching to follow is your emptiness.

  29. What Logical Basis ,can Man take credit for. Not Much..

  30. You help me everytime, thank you Osho, I love you, without any emotions

  31. Confused….. May be i am not at that stage to understand such words

  32. i love him, but he could speak just a bit faster =P

  33. dear confused , u do need to meditate – meditation is going towards your on core and removes all confusion , so if you r interested pl contact self realized master who can guide you even long distance ,,meditation brings knowledge of self – and leads man to his highest goal …who am i ? Is mans supreme goal and quest . Blessings .

  34. I love you osho

  35. i learn t the way of being in love..through being a witness of my being own……..
    if u love yourself than you can love other people .. ihave learnt it watching osho on you tube every days ….. it fantastic to realize that u r a witness of your own being

    osho ( i have learnt it and i am few of them ))))))

  36. yes sir i also learned form Osho.
    It is very nice to be ourself….

  37. Hi Devakrishna, request: could you write name of Osho with a capital letter next time…

  38. Que m…. esos anuncios con esas canciones

  39. Beautiful thanks for sharing From my perceptional view when our mind is for the first time presented to this kind of love,gets overwhelmed by it.This goes by many stages and it turns into not emotional,but long on the way.Don't rush to judge your selfs on your emotions 🙂 Convincing the mind of getting involved on understanding this kind of unconditional love is the only way we are capable of understanding it in this form we are inhabiting at the moment-the human body in earth existence.Love

  40. Was he reading these sentences from the paper ….What was this black thing in front of him?

  41. ipad mini

  42. Is his smile hidden by the mustache and beard?

  43. Thnx ..so many thanx to… whoever shared all this on u tube….
    Osho my love my life…

  44. thank you with all my gratitude.

  45. Endless insight.beyond words.

  46. too slow to listen to.

  47. Zalig leermeester !!!
    Mensen die dit met ons willen delen, welkom bij

  48. Take love out of overwhelming emotions and create it out of your own being – insight, awareness, clarity.

  49. I never find a man like osho valuable life values.

  50. Dare to stand alone. If you call anyone else a master then you are bound to be a slave because no one can serve two masters, you have to be the only master in your life. ♥

  51. this is confusing ,without emotions what is life ??

  52. I get it. Love is then a state of being; the state of being. It is the essence of the universe. When all emotions are allowed to flow, observing their eb and flow, without resistance, then one will find in the quiet stillness, there is love, where it has always been. Love is constant, not subject to any whim.

  53. Grande sábio

  54. It seems like all replies are censored and most of them deleted here.

  55. Osho você é eterno na minha vida você me ensinou a me encontrar, num mundo cheio de crenças. Pois a crença a principal limitadora da evolução.

  56. Thank you so much for uploading the video

  57. I meny more learnd from osho

  58. Master🙏

  59. Greatest life master, the summit of human! 🙏 thank you to helping me to change the sense of my life!

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