ORGANIZE my fridge + meal plan with me plus HEALTHY grocery HAUL!

of time going to be decluttering and organizing my fridge then I'm going to be going grocery shopping and then I'll show you guys my grocery haul so let's go ahead and jump in and then mail those widgets and Andale good morning good morning guys today I had a big task to do which is I want to organize my fridge I need to go grocery shopping and I thought I'm going to do like an grocery haul for you guys cuz you've been asking for me to do that but then when I talk I really want to clean out the fridge before I do that and I kind of want to organize the fridge so I thought I would do all of that in one video that is the first thing I do when I'm going to be reorganizing the bridge is take everything out that way I can clean the inside of the fridge before I put everything back then go ahead and do that first okay google play me some um fruit and Sun I've been messing the fridge I try and keep things in category because that's how I'm going to be putting it back in the fridge so it just helps sort of keep things organized next I'm going to use my dice and hand vacuum and vacuum out all the crumbs now I'm going to use my on guard cleaner concentrate that's diluted with water and I'm going to clean the inside of the fridge it's antimicrobial and it's totally natural so I'm not worried about if food touches it again after okay I have deaf dental with the cleaner I'm going to give it a good scrub with my scouring sponge and then I'm going to use my makers microfiber cleaning cloth and wipe it all down so twice a year I'll actually take every section out of the fridge and scrub it all down with soapy water you know every month or so I'll just give it a wipe down here's what's really annoying I've got a little bit of onion skin that has actually slipped between these two plastic layers so I can't get it up so it always looks like I kind of need to vacuum that little spot but it's stuck right in there and I can't take the layers apart so we're going okay next step is to put everything back in the fridge in my new organized way that I plan on having it and also while I'm putting things back I'm going to be checking the expiry date of everything and wiping down any gross lids and that kind of thing so that everything is going back into the fridge clean so here's something interesting I say these you know condiments here and there from before ordering and sushi or whatever but and I saved it because I feel like I don't want it to go to waste and then I can use it sometimes they forget the condiments but what actually happens is it just sits in the fridge and never gets used I'm going to officially commit to not keeping random condiments another thing I'm going to start doing is keeping my onions in a ziplock bag that way I don't get the onion skin everywhere I'm going to keep it open so that the air can still circulate but that way hopefully it'll make less mess and the reason why I keep them in the fridge at all is because they're supposed to be stored in a cool dark place which is exactly what the bridges ok this next step I am so excited about because I've wanted to do this forever I'm going to take my label maker and I'm going to be labeling where everything goes in the fridge because it's not so much for me I'm pretty good at putting things back where they belong but Dan sometimes get confused and just doesn't know where to put things so he just kind of throws it everywhere and then it gets disorganized really quickly so I'm going to add some labels which I think will kind of help keep things organized here's a little tip with label makers too that I got from Alejandra don't print each individual label individually because it leaves this tail before and after each thing which is such a waste of tape make a list of everything that you want to print type it all in with spaces in between and then just cut in between those spaces it will save you so much tape oh and here's another tip you want to store if you've got a crisper that has a humidity control you want to store your fruits at a low humidity and your veggies at a high humidity so I printed it in a nine millimeter black with clear background that way you know you can see things and you know what's going on but it's not super obnoxious when you open the fridge and then these ones I just put on the white part as well as the doors so I'll give you a little tour we've got cheese's eggs yogurt this is where I normally would have berries like strawberries blueberries that kind of thing then we've got our bigger vegetables leftovers and then our drinks we've got our bigger fruits under there and our peppers and sweet potatoes and ginger fresh ginger and that sort of thing in there then here we have our spreads our condiments and then our sauces and then on this side we have which is funny because we never use it but I bought a whole bunch to do Coenen Ford's cake so and I bought too much so we've got lots of butter that it will last us forever I've got a little bit of leftover wine and then oil for my smoothies okay I just get the same for this middle drawer this is where we normally keep the boys milk and then I keep my cold SodaStream fizzy water in the middle drawer and now I'm just doing the same thing for the freezer this drawer is where I keep all my smoothie stuff so I've got like my bananas and spinach and that kind of thing and that will all go in this middle pullout drawer in the freezer all right so we've got our peaches our mangoes our strawberries blueberries bananas spinach and wheatgrass cold-press wheatgrass so that will be frozen okay and then our very bottom freezer drawer we've got some bread which we keep frozen some vegetable broth chicken fingers frozen peas and the little frozen mango popsicles and then in this drawer here is where we keep our ice packs and little tea the Rings for cocoa okay so as we run out of food I do tend to add it to a list but then when I'm like deal planning I usually sit down with a cup of tea I go through my tone enough nutrition plan as well as the OSHA clothes cookbook and I kind of plan my meals for the week now I'm normally someone who likes to handwrite my grocery list I just I like to handwrite my budget and my grocery list and my agenda I like to keep a physical agenda rather than something online but lately I've been trying to use the Google home shopping list what's nice if I could just tell Google what that list and then when I'm out shopping I can look at that list though I've been trying not lately I do like it so I usually try to take out about three or four meals and make enough to do leftover so three meals actually gets us six people just realize that has a nutrition plan and not the recipe cabbage there's no real rhyme or reason to what I do I just literally look through and see what looks yummy to me I'm a very visual person so I find it helps me to meal plan when I look at meals we like that looks good that was good okay so the last fresh basil to my shopping list okay google as me soaks in my shopping list I'm going to do pumpkinseed pesto with kelp noodle except I'm going to try using those mushroom noodles instead that is awesome for it okay Google has portobello mushrooms by shopping with you okay Google add oranges to the shopping list we're going to do portobello fajitas with fresh mango salsa and that's – Neal okay and then the last one is a walnut crusted salmon with salad okay that ought to do it okay so when someone wakes up from his nap we're going to go shopping and then I'll show you guys the grocery haul okay we are just heading into the grocery store which actually I really hate grocery shopping I don't know what it is about it but I just I don't like it I was able to sneak in and shower before we went out so that was good you guys ready to get some groceries Hey yeah I've got some reinforcements back there so everyone stays friendly one eternity later okay I am back from the grocery store so I'm just going to unpack the groceries and show you everything I got okay I got four portobello mushrooms cherry tomatoes blueberries raspberries and then two quarts of strawberries two cartons of my favorite almond milk it's the Blue Diamond unsweetened vanilla almond milk a new fridge deodorizer because the other one was pretty old so you just peel off the front in the back and then stick it in the door of the fridge and it helps to keep things smelling fresh I actually prefer this one but they were out of it at the grocery store this one's like sticks on the side of the fridge one thing of milk for the boy is to use some optimized milk this is interesting most of you probably will be suppressed by this but in Canada milk comes in fact so everybody has a milk jug and you put the milk in the bag and then a little milk cutter to cut the corner off Basshunter yeah Canadian milk and if I was living in the States I would be buying organic milk to make sure that it doesn't have growth hormone in it but in Canada growth hormone is illegal so I don't have to worry about that I got some raspberry jam I thought I was buying strawberry and now that I'm looking at seedless raspberry but that's okay for like peanut butter and jelly jam when I recall it on sandwiches I hate them oh it did even as a kid but for lesson so when I'm feeling like being a lazy mom and I don't know what to feed a brillant the good thing to have on hand okay geez next to their naughty I literally haven't bought these in probably almost a decade but I saw them and I was like truth be told guys I haven't had a cycle since having since getting pregnant with Cohen and he's now 14 13 months old so I haven't had a cycle in pretty much two years I just got my cycle two days ago which I think might have emotionally influenced some of my purchases so I thought one package of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls and two packages of the pastels again I haven't purchased these in nearly a decade but I saw them and I thought heck to the yeah I got some stone mill bread which is one of my favorite brands of bread so I got the sprouted flax with omega 3 and then the ancient spec so I always keep those in the freezer and then as I belong a slice of toast or whatever I just breathe it straight from frozen and it works fine and that way your bread doesn't go mouldy I got a stock the stock though is called a bunch of celery and a pineapple some fresh basil some salmon steaks also some football fishes some antibiotic-free green fed golus skinless chicken breast so what Dan and I like to do is we package these in to in Ziploc bags and then we freeze them so imma save money rather than buying them in packages if you can get your family pack and it lasts a lot longer a bunch of measures two avocados two pairs and sorry three pairs and a mango key and then for the pantry I got some walnuts some flax seed meal some unsweetened applesauce two cans of baked beans my boys love baked beans and it's good protein all right on the sugar contents a little high but and then some uncooked green lentils a big box of Cheerios I convinced to the boys just kind of like snacks in between meals sometimes longer staying remember and then the last thing I got is this thing called Tim Tam which some of you probably have heard of I've never had them before that I was at Veronica's house last week or the week before and we did something called a Tim Tam slam which some of you will probably already know about basically you bite the corner off of each of them and you use it like a straw to get some tea through the cookie and the cookie kind of melts and then you eat it quickly and it's sort of like eating a lava cake so good and you only need one to kind of satisfy that chocolate craving to biscuits it's 180 calories so that's 50 90 calories for one cookie it's a little bit high for a snack I mean 90 calories isn't a lot but for one tiny cookie it is I wonder how much sugars in here 16 grams of sugar so quite a bit so there's roughly between 6 to 8 grams of sugar in one teaspoon of honey and you think a teaspoon of honey is like a decent serving of sugar you'd be probably be comfortable putting a teaspoon of honey in your yogurt or maybe in your coffee or something like that so that's kind of a measure of how many grams per serving you want to look at for sugar so having oh this is per – biscuit so 16 grams so that's 8 grams per cookie so it's on the high end of what I'm comfortable with but hey for a midday snack if you feel like indulging it's not too too bad so that is it for my grocery haul so dentist called and he has on his way home from work so he should be here soon Kim and Ford and what if Dan's nephews is going to his frisbee game tonight and so I just thought I would give you one last look at how the fridge looks now that everything is full so we have our cheese our eggs yogurt and we've got our berries and fruit milk boys milk and that's just an iced tea back there unsweetened iced tea left overs veg other veg and then our fruit and then here we got all of our spreads condiments and sauces and then over here butter my leftover wine our deodorizer my oils I use for my omega-3 oil I use for smoothies and then my naughty croissants moving into the middle drawer it's got our meat my fizzy water and the boys milk and then in the freezer in the pullout drawer is all of my smoothie stuff and then back here is bread and fruit popsicles and then our frozen chicken breast you can see how it's like individually wrap now and peas frozen chicken and broth and then to toys and ice packs I would let them know in the comments how you guys organize your fridge and what are some things that you always always have in your fridge I want to know alright boys have left for soccer I was going to say but I meant frizzy Cohen and I are watching this is I are have you guys seen this is us I'm a little bit obsessed I had the idea last minute to make some muffins so I'm making some oatmeal carob chip muffin we can have that for breakfast tomorrow maybe a little late-night snack for Cohen tonight you want to hold that bowl look at that bowl you hunt them up and you can't have it yet Cohen stole the vacuum from the drawer and I think that's it from us today if you guys live in Vancouver make sure to click the link below to register for my July nice meetup that's happening at the Google shops on candy streets there are two different registration spots that you can register for I can't wait to meet you guys I know a bunch of you have already said that you've registered I'm so excited to meet you guys and remember that the first 20 people that register will have their names entered to win a Google home when you show up for the event anything you want to say you haven't been in the blog much today I would say bye to our friends hey when you say bye-bye can you wave bye-bye whoo we'll see you guys tomorrow bye

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