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beaten bloody and bruised that's aus vaping industry in 2018 hard to believe but the news keeps getting worse for vaping and many industry watchers are convinced it's the result of an orchestrated attack the first prong of the attack was launched early in the year when an alliance of progressive public health groups launched the flavor trap a brazenly fallacious micro site assaulting the key ingredient which makes vaping the most effective tool to quit smoking next the mainstream media cranked up the pressure with a nationwide fear campaign implicating the popular jeweled a per device with an increase in teen vaping apparently driven by attractive flavors and cool packaging the Food and Drug Administration responded to the hysteria with a crackdown on two labs and then launched an industry-wide action targeting retailers it claims to have caught selling vapor products to minors and ejuice manufacturers that use bright colors cartoons and other packaging elements seemingly designed to market to kids in lockstep Google owned YouTube began censoring vaping videos by longtime product reviewers issuing channel strikes and forcing many to delete some of their most popular videos and finally last week congressional legislators in Washington DC resurrected the presumed dead coal bishop amendment and inexplicably cut the last minute backroom deal that left vaping products still subject to the industry killing 2007 predicate date while exempting premium cigars and pipe tobacco it's an ignominious blow to the vaping industry particularly hard felt by the vapor Technology Association the lead industry lobby group behind the coal bishop effort joining us for an in-depth discussion of these issues is demetrius ography Odie's AKA the vape and greek he's a globally known vaping advocate executive director of the Tennessee smoke-free Association and host of the smoke free radio podcast which you can find at smoke-free radio.com reg watch caught up with the vape in greek last week the day after the surprise changes to the coal bishop amendment I started back in 2010 reviewing products on YouTube as soon as I discovered that I could quit smoking with this product and and pretty soon I realized that the government's will be coming after this product simply because it's such a disruptive technology so I quickly fell into that advocacy role back in 2013 and kind of moved away from doing YouTube reviews and starting to gain knowledge and information on how we're gonna combat what was eventually going to happen as we see this happening right now so I I kind of fell into that advocacy roles started to travel all over the world trying to educate on tobacco harm reduction via the use of personal vaporizers and and today you know partly because of my job and partly because of my advocacy role I tried to monitor see different situations here in the United States and of course globally that could be affecting the options of adults to be able to switch this product now when you said that at first there was a disruptive technology that was one of the things that key you know key do you in to why government might want to come down on it since then have you have other reasons have you discovered other reasons why government is coming down so hard on vaping well obviously there's there's a huge financial economy that has been built by people smoking and dying and those two words sound very grim but the reality is that that it's a global economy via whether it be nonprofit health groups that have informed over the years to combat smoking whether that is taxation that be government on a local state or federal level receives via cigarettes or a huge corporate interests that like to manipulate regulations to benefit their shareholders in their bottom line as well too so it's it's it's coming to us from all fronts and and here we are a small industry that was born out of a consumer solution really to to the tobacco combustible tobacco addiction and and it's a huge task for us to undertake but I think that that's one of the reasons that really it drew me in to continue to fight I really enjoy trying to educate well in speaking with people about this product and if I can change one mind out of the 100 I consider that a win for our industry given what we're facing uh what we're up against would you characterize the economy that has grown around tobacco control would you characterize tobacco control as too big to succeed I think yes obviously they are too large to succeed but also there's somewhat of a pride factor here if you look at the own data from the government talking about the CDC here the disease control that puts out these numbers every year you're gonna see for the last 2025 years tobacco control really didn't do much to curb youth smoking in fact you know numbers continue to grow over 440,000 American's die every year from smoking so even though we spend billions of dollars every year trying to combat this it really has not nothing has really come across to actually help people quit smoking until vaping became very popular here in the United States in 2012 and 2013 when brigham or stop shop started opening up across the nation now what we've seen this year in 2018 is that youth smoking has an all-time low and who can take credit for that it would be very hard for any public health official or any public health group profit or nonprofit to admit that here came a product that was once again worn by us the consumers that actually did something that tobacco control hadn't been able to do for 25-30 years and obviously the financial interests yes these these groups exist because people smoked and and their jobs also exist because people smoke so more people that are not smoking means less jobs will be available for tobacco and control lastly what I want to say is that I cannot fathom how is it possible for anybody to claim that they are looking over the public health as it affects the population as a whole in the United States and deny the harm the drastic harm reduction that electronic cigarettes and vaping can bring to the table we never claimed to be a safe product we claimed to be a much safer product than existing combustible tobacco and we demand to be on that same list as available fda-approved methods such as n RTS patches gums and various other medications that the FDA approves things have not been going well for the vaping industry in the United States particular in the last well 2018 has been a horrible year and particularly these last couple of weeks how would you characterize what's going on ever since the FDA announced that they are seeking comments on regulating flavors in electronic cigarettes things have been going very downhill for us especially yes the last couple of weeks it almost seems like it's an orchestrated attack like all these groups that we talked about at the beginning of the interview and we're talking about Big Tobacco we're talking about pharmaceutical and the anti smoking now anti vaping so-called public health groups and the government itself it seems like they all have sat down on a table and said what can we possibly do to bring down this industry and you know between YouTube and Congress and the FDA and various other stuff that has happened in this industry it has been very very difficult especially for me somebody that people look to for information I constantly get messages or what I'm gonna do about this or learned about that and we just have to take you know we just have to step back just for a second look at what's happening and find out how to combat it sometimes when we think that everything is going really really bad then something will pop up and it will renew you know our desire to continue to fighting and that's what I'm here to do I'm here to tell everybody to stay positive and let's try to find solutions on how to combat this misinformation this this orchestrated attacked if you want to call out I'm not a big conspiracy theorist but how can you not put two and two together when you're seeing people that for example are on YouTube trying to help other people quit smoking and their videos are being flagged and taken down and they're getting strikes that's that shows to me that somebody is out there that does not want us to use our methods to help people quit smoking when you see Congress that has given a pass to premium cigars and pipe tobacco that actually use combustion and are way way more harmful than vaping and vaping is excluded for moving the predicate date to a much more modern date that's you know appropriate for the product yeah of course it is very very disheartening we just have to dissect every piece that's coming towards us and then find a way to combat let me point out that in the past you've had a Bleeker attitude towards like towards the situation I mean I wouldn't want to characterize your own position but it was definitely like we're kind of screwed it still is still it is I cannot I can I cannot be one of the reasons why I've always used that is because this is the position we're in we try we have to be honest with the industry and the consumers that look to us for information I can't go to bed at night telling people don't worry everything's gonna be okay we've got it handled because that is not the case and I do not want to give the impression that you whoever's watching this video whoever's vaping or whoever's in the industry whether it's a consumer level or a professional level that everything's gonna be okay because it's not we have to fight and the seriousness comes with that we are screwed because look around us and look what's happening right so yes but having said that that doesn't mean that I'm going to stop fighting I'm not gonna stop giving guidance I'm not gonna stop suggesting ways that we can combat this and that this this global attack that's coming against vaping that is heartening to hear it's always better to have you as a friend that an entity is my position I've been blunt a lot and I'm gonna continue to be blunt because that's the only way that we can get people to understand the reality of the situation so I'd rather be blunt and sometimes come across harsh than to be what I've seen in the past boobs do don't worry about it continue to give us our money we're gonna we're gonna take care of this we're gonna save vaping and let people think that oh don't worry about it you know these people have it handled because nobody has handled nobody it's gonna take a joint effort from everybody that's in this industry and especially the consumer it's something that I've said for years and years and years a lot of these groups don't want the consumer involved the consumer is the most important piece of this puzzle if we're gonna fight back so we need to get everybody together on a joint effort and and just move into a pathway of this is how we're going to counter-attack what is happening to us so you mentioned the consumer and you we're talking about blunt so let me ask you if you have a blunt message for consumers with regard to the targeting of kids with packaging it's one thing to ask and demand and certainly producers e-juice manufacturers to change the ways that they're you know promoting their their ejuice is not putting Sponge Bob Squarepants officer on a label and even like all the way down but at some point it's a consumer that's actually voting with dollars for those products and I don't hear anybody being blunt with the consumer on this particular issue absolutely look you know I'm a believer in the free market you can purchase whatever you want to as long as it's legal by law however in 2015 I sat across the table from MIT Zeller at a meeting with the FDA and mid seller was very specific when these exact words came out of his mouth we cannot get past the marketing of these products to look at the true benefits that electronic cigarettes can bring to the population as a whole this was in 2015 when that meeting was over I came out and I told everybody in this industry that this is a huge problem with the FDA now fast forward to 2018 we saw if the a warning letters go out to these companies that have used this marketing childish appealing marketing for their nicotine products and now we're seeing a little bit of a shift from the industry as well – it's unfortunate that it took the FDA to step in and regulate this industry and we couldn't do it ourselves so the consumer of course is what drives the industry the demand of course is going to regulate the supply of these products I want to just clarify a little bit about the warning letters as well too because there's a lot of misinformation out there and I'll just try to make this as brief as possible the FDA does not by law they cannot by law tell you what to have on your label they cannot this has been determined in court last year so you the industry have to sort of self-regulate when it comes to labels on these products that are falling under the Food and Drug Cosmetics Act here in the United States however what they can do is say that your misbranding or adulterating your label and it's exactly what they did with these products that have taken products that are existing the market whether it's a cereal whether it's a piece of candy or something like that saying that your product matches very close to these products that are primarily appealing to kids and I hear this all the time from vapors well I like cereal too that's true I like it myself as well – but Frankenberry generally markets its products Saturday morning at the cartoon slot – kids right so this is the determination that you're going to have to make it's not that we adults don't like cereal of course we do but most of the advertising is primarily towards kids so when your product matches that then the FDA can step in with FTC as they did in many of these letters that they sent out there and of course I ask you to remove your product or what you're gonna reply within 15 days and if you don't you might get it might get very very difficult for you in the future but when we talk about these these the flavor trap and the campaign for tobacco-free kids you know there is partially in ideology there is partially some of our own fault our own industry some of the marketing that we've done is tasteless if I can't be no more vulgar it's been tasteless right so partially some of that but also think about this one of the biggest targets for campaign for tobacco-free kids has been jewel what jewel has the most if not the most responsible marketing in this industry their packaging is very very plain very big tobacco like with simple one or two colors and a crest their flavors are definitely not child appealing I mean if you talk about cucumber or crema or something like I versus some of the products that we have on the market as well – so one must wonder one must wonder especially with a product with jewel why would the campaign tobacco-free kids be going after that the answer to me is clear they have cut in to the sales of the products that actually generate revenue for these groups these groups depend on the sale of cigarettes to exist so if you have a product like jewel that actually is helping adult smokers quit right that translates into these people not buying cigarettes anymore or not depending on pharmaceutical treatments which again we know a lot of the foundations that are behind campion tobacco-free kids are pharmaceutical funded if this product is stopping those two things that it must be destroyed and I think that we're seeing that with a jewel and of course we're seeing that with other industry LED products that have helped consumers quit smoking Demetrius one of the things that she brought up was the coal bishop amendment with the cigars and cigarillos and the predicate date we're hearing a lot of people from with inside the industry going what the heck is this thing not dead and then there was some big news yesterday why is cool bishop not dead is cool bishop a good thing what about characterization of favors and what about substantial equivalency okay so coal bishop for three years has been a joint effort between all these newly deemed tobacco products right because it's not just us that are being beamed we do have cigars we do have small cigars we do have pipe tobacco that previously were not under the CTP umbrella of the FDA FDA now we're all under that same umbrella so we're basically OTPs other tobacco products so for three years we have joint efforts with the cigars and with the other lobbies out there to move the predicate date our last attempt was in the last budget a few months ago we pushed really really hard but once again like we've seen in the past is that the vaping industry is a great negotiating tool so the Democrats basically came out and said well we want this the Republicans said this we want this what can we throw under the bus well the vapors of course we're forced open so there is an easy negotiating tool it's exactly what we've been used for for the last three years so we got cut out coal Bishop did not make it in the budget now all of a sudden yesterday there was a meeting and it was resurrected as part of the new appropriations as they're working on the finance budget and coal Bishop resurfaced but it had an amendment inside and the amendment said that yes we will move the predicate everything else stays the same there's a couple of changes with a substantial equivalency we will move the predicate date but only for premium cigars in pipe tobacco vapor products are excluded from moving the pretty good date there is a term inside that since you can file substantial equivalency if you pass a PMT a and if you just tuned in to my podcast you'll know it's virtually impossible to get a PMT for a vapor product so once again what we're seeing here with a coal bishop amendment is that the cigar and pipe tobacco lobby has done an excellent job sticking it you know to their guns that these products should be moved the the predicate that should be moved in our industry has been sitting back and not doing enough whether it's financially or supporting our federal trade groups getting the word out to our congressman and of the people that represent us the people that we voted for to represent us and we're losing the battle once again to some of these other industries that are well more organized and well more funded that's astonishing to hear it's disgusting and yes it is astonishing to hear that a product that actually uses flame paper and tobacco can be moved as a predicate date and a technology product that has the potential to save a billion lives over the next 20 years is being treated worse than bringing a new cigarette to the market so to me truss up from our position here at reg watch though I pay a price for doing it one of the things that we do do is try to hold some of the advocacy groups to account sure to the best that we can sure as you should right so who which is the advocacy group that dropped the ball on coal bishop uh I'm not quite sure if anybody dropped the ball or this was just an amendment that they didn't know that was actually being negotiated in the back this happens all the time by the way yeah but I mean it's three years that has been going on I mean I would think that we would have some tuned in relationship to at least know that that bill was getting resurrected for the fifth time I think that there was there was an alert a day before the bill came that something was going to happen I heard it from Gregory Conley I heard it from Toni Abood from the vapor Technology Association they just did not know exactly what the language is going to look like this is based on the information that I'm getting probably the same information that you're gonna get as well too so as we're as we're dissecting it more yeah more might might show up in the future and trust me I'll be the first one with her and to criticize if I see that something that's going wrong but as it stands right now to me what it appears like it appears that their Lobby meaning the cigar and the pipe tobacco lobby was better funded and operated in a better fashion than what we have done in the last three years – pardon the pun they have more juice in Washington yes absolutely they have more juice in Washington and and unfortunately whether we like it or not this is how law is being made in this country the lobby and the lobbying efforts of the various corporations and the large special interests are the ones that drive regulations to benefit of course their industries we're not very yet Brent this is what the problem is we're not very good and keep in mind we've only been around technically four five six years as an industry maybe since 2007 the product that's been in the market but trying to get organized in five six years we have to be a little bit more lenient but now that we know and we see how the game is being played now is the time especially for manufacturers right especially for people that have a financial vested interest in this industry to kind of look at those other groups look at Big Tobacco look at the cigar law we see what they're doing even look at our opposition even look at the American Cancer Society in the lung Society and a campaign for tobacco-free kids see what they're doing and we have to play that same game we have to step up and play with the big boys now it's enough enough of this amateur istic passionate yet not effective method that we've been attempting to do in the last two or three years it's time to get serious so just to put it too bad the coal bishop has to be dead now if just yesterday they carved out tobacco and said screw you vaping there can't be another round where they're gonna no no no they say the amendment cannot happen now now we have to monitor and see what this is gonna do listen even if even if cold bishop did pass which you know i was always on the fence i was of course I wanted coal Bishop to pass to move the predicate date to at least allow some of these vape shops to be able to operate to me the vape shop is the most important factor in vaping it's the one thing that can help people quit smoking and I hate to go away so I'm willing to take some of the bad stuff that came with coal bishop as long as I can keep that small mom-and-pop operation in business so what is in your mind then the strategy it seems that the hunter bill is dead and doesn't seem a war and nobody else is picking it up to kind of run with that unless you've heard different yeah the hundred or was was never gonna go anywhere from the beginning I have the bruises recovering that okay no doubt should ask me [Laughter] hey man I'm a trumpet hey listen I don't I'm not supportive for anybody that can that can help me live a healthier life right yeah yeah for sure so so that I saw like then so hunter Bill's dad sort of speaks see most people do do you say that Cole Bishop seems dad so what is the strategy then because um legislation does have to change I guess the FDA could Undine vaping products is a tobacco product I don't think that's gonna happen however I do believe and since the end of 2017 when all of this was going down I kind of looked at the situation and understood that the best possible win for us would be to open up a door of communication with the FDA if the FDA will meet with any stakeholder of this industry my recommendation back at the end of 2017 is let's start making appointments through these various companies and manufacturers and opening up a door of communication with the FDA let's explain what the product is how it's being manufactured how we sell it how we distribute it what are our customers are saying let's try to educate him on what exactly are our industry does because nobody has he's so far so what our hope is is that Commissioner Scott Gottlieb will look at this product and understand the continuum of risk weigh the benefits between maybe some kids are using these products play if we can save four hundred forty thousand American in the years that's a little trade-off that we're gonna be able to make and give us what's called an accelerated path to the market or or what they call a fast-track pmta this been used in the past for drugs for example when the HIV was was widespread here back in the 80s in the United States a lot of the drug companies came up with various drugs to help HIV patients so the FDA kind of said well we don't have to go through the entire process since this is such a widespread problem let's help these drugs get into the market and you know what's gonna monitor and see how people are reacting to it then we can make a determination later same thing with Ebola a few years ago with that scare it's never happened for tobacco products but we're hoping we're hoping that the the Commissioner sees that and gives us that fast-track pmta which basically means instead of the window being completely shut because it is completely shut not for the pmta process it's gonna crack it up just just enough where we can get a few companies to get their products through and continue to save lives and and if I don't want to compare HIV with smoking but smoking does kill for 140,000 Americans every year so this is a big problem that the Commissioner should really look to vapor products to assist the lowering that number if not eventually maybe not in our lifetime but eventually eliminating combustible tobacco altogether so when we're talking about how to make this thing or or how it might get better for vapors and what you just said sounds like that there is some hope others out there though you know they're critical of some of the vaping advocacy groups and and they've asked me to ask you basically what about the VTA we hear a lot of grumbling sure I think anybody that is taking the lead will get some blowback and none of the groups are perfect that have been critical of VTA as well too on things that I don't agree with that's simply my personal opinion I think that people that pay for their membership and continue to have VTA be the federal group that's gonna represent us federally are those are the ones that should be really accounting for their actions right I think there's a lot of people do create a lot of chatter that don't even have a vested interest in it as well too I think that the direction that the VTA has is great I think they're doing a wonderful thing with various their organizations I just think that what they lack is more unity from the community if I've always said this if you want to change something you need to become part of it to have your voice heard it's very easy to sit back and criticize until you fall into the fight and I have gone to the hill and fought with VTA I've gone to Washington DC I've gone to various other events with them as well too and I think that a lot of people would benefit and snipping their foot in the ring yeah not everything is going to be fine and dandy with any group that is out there I can say that about every advocacy group that exists including my own but I figure at the end of the day what we have to do is look at the reality the reality is that they're the most professional they're the most well-funded they have one of the best lobbies on the hill and if we want to influence some change we should become part of the conversation and not create chatter especially when you don't have a vested interest in it and what about spoda because it kind of got competing portfolios in a sense of sure working directly with the retailer's are they are they playing well in the sandbox together in terms of not competing in states and fighting over a retailer on a corner or are they fighting over retailers on the court I think I think there is some competition I mean the advocacy dollars are very very scarce and every bad thing that happens in this industry causes the industry to tighten up their pocket a little bit more so obviously funds today are so much harder to collect than it was three four years ago with the industry was booming money was coming in and there was not that many groups out there I would love to see your consolidation I know that sometimes that is a pipe dream but I would love to see a consolidation into one federal group and why is it a pipe dream it's just simply egos and financial interests and and it's just that the way that the industry has always self-destruct it's it's just a matter of people not getting along with each other in the put in the sandbox and and unless that changes we're never gonna have that's why I'm calling it a pipe dream because what we've seen in the past that that's very very difficult to change now if it will finish that dream for us you were saying a national kind of organizing right so what I would like to see is I would like to see one group or to represent us in a federal right and represent the big manufacturers because I do believe that there's two interests here the vape shop the mom-and-pop shop that the husband and wife are working you know down in Cummings Georgia does not have the same interest as the national manufacturer of illiquid that sells liquid across the United States into various states I think those two should be represented differently you cannot go fight on the heel right saying that I represent this small mom-and-pop shops and then this large manufacturer as well too so I would kind of like to see that separated where we have one big national Federal Trade representation with a big strong powerful lobbying Washington DC and then I would like to see a second representation for some of these mom and pop shops have a different voice for them because their interests are completely different they can't come to the table with a $100,000 or even a couple million dollars they're barely scraping you know to pay their bills and this shouldn't be accounted for there shouldn't be a you know holding them in the same regards as we're holding some of these large manufacturers that are frankly not spending a dime on advocacy and spending all their money on Instagram advertise how do you corral cat communicate communication is missing I think one of the problems that vaping has is that we don't listen we don't listen when somebody else is speaking especially when we have predetermined our opinion on a subject I think that the only way that we can save or bring the cats together as you say is to actually listen and absorb other opinions whether we agree with them or not is irrelevant what is important here is to be able to listen to what the other person is saying and try to come in some form of communication we saw that briefly even with coalition but all the groups came together I mean Spada and Kazaa and BTA everybody was on board with Cole Bishop publicly and this is what we need to show we need to show at least to the consumers into the industry that all of these groups are together if there are arguments they should definitely not be out there in the public for people to see at least give the appearance to the consumers in to the industry that we're working for the same goal and I think that's gonna benefit in the long run and let's just try to hash out our differences in the back listen there's been no advocate that I've ever talked to even people that have had some serious serious fights with in the past that I cannot sit down with and agree at least 75% so I think that 75% threshold is what we should be aiming for can we all sit down and agree 75% of the time can we all agree that we want this product to be around for the millions of smokers do we all agree that we want to save and keep these products available for the ones that have actually quit smoking with vaping and it can continue to have this affordability and availability of these products can we contain well just sit down and agree that vaping is less harmful to cigarettes there you go we've already achieved that 75% and let's work on the 25% back in the private rooms and try to hash out our differences there and don't lose our focus on the main goal you


  1. Hi folks, killer eps today. Bit of a hybrid of my usual fast-paced explainer up at the front with a long-form interview for the rest. Let me know what you think of Dimitris and strategy suggestions for the U.S. vaping industry.

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