Orange County Health Order Banning Non-Essential Gatherings Causes OC Businesses To Suffer



  2. People will need to see dead people laying around street then they panic. Hint 3 week from now!

  3. Isn't it stupid lots of people gather at the Grocery store??? You don't go out to meet friends but you will meet all of them in just one visit to the store. if you only buy things you need like regular days, you can avoid that shit???

  4. Bars are screwed. Depend on fake drinking holidays. Cant imagine what they'll do by Cinco de Mayo.

    Nicole would still get a pinching. 😉

  5. Get sick then no biggy

  6. Oh god no! Not the spidey comics. Nerds quaking everywhere.

  7. There doing the ol order through chaos maneuver.

  8. This isn’t even that bad. People need to chill lol

  9. please shur down all places

  10. Coronavirus is an anagram for Carnivorous.

  11. A better way is call all of travelers came back from other countries lately for testing coronavirus. Because they are core of coronavirus spreading first. Secondly person doesn't travel but infected by travelers should call for help.

  12. It's unconditional to steal the freedom and imprison people in home for a freaking flu. It's power over reach for our incompetent county leaders who want a easy escape of their responsibility instead providing real solution!

  13. Quận Cam Lệnh Y tế Cấm các cuộc tụ họp không cần thiết khiến các doanh nghiệp OC bị thiệt hại
    Các quan chức y tế của Quận Cam hôm thứ ba đã cấm tất cả các cuộc tụ họp công cộng và tư nhân không cần thiết dưới bất kỳ hình thức nào để giúp đỡ

  14. Mark of the beast coming soon look how they control the sheep

  15. I am saving up for an actual emergency, this is not an emergency?!!!!!!!

  16. Americans and the food!!! Stay home idiots, sleep, rest, watch TV…. government will send you checks.

  17. You should have used straws and plastic bags.
    Enjoy your forced carbon savings!

  18. The OC Board of Supervisors just gave a press conference stating that OC is open for business. I recall when the stock market tanked due to the financial crisis of ‘08 and it was announced that we were in a recession. I went to Downtown Disney and the place was packed. There’s such a disconnect between OC and the rest of the nation. Same thing with the riots in ‘92. I was out shopping in OrangeCounty and was completely unaware anything was happening.

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