Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women/Opti Women Multivitamin Review

I’m reviewing the opti women optimum
nutrition multivitamin is it good or is it bad hi everyone I’m Evelyn and I’m back with
another video I hope you’re having an amazing day so today we are reviewing
opti women multivitamin by optimal nutrition I had so many high hopes for
this product because I use a lot of optimal nutrition products let me give
you a little bit of background on this product about this product from vitamin
shop for about $17.99 I believe when I bought it it was on sale I tried it and
the reason I tried it is because of course the optimum nutrition brands as
well is the reviews I had read about it it has glowing reviews and so I said hey
why not try it this has 60 capsules it’s a 30 day supply
I have about 20 capsules left I only took these about 21 days or so I didn’t
take them all up and there’s a reason for that I started noticing that I was
having some night sweats although I’m in my late 40s and things like that may
happen I don’t know we have that happen unless I take something like an herbal
tea or some type of herb or something or some oil I’ve taken black seed oil and
it had me you know having night sweats and after I stopped taking it I wasn’t
sweating so the same thing with this I stopped taking it and I noticed that and
things that were going on with me cleared up it does take things a little
while to get out of your system during the same month that I was taking these I
took these in September I took them until almost the end of September when I
got my cycle I had some issues I know they don’t have any issues my cycle is
okay I don’t cramp I don’t have heavy cycles I don’t have any of that stuff
going on normally this product
was giving me some issues I went to Amazon
I searched again because I wanted to see if there was anybody else who had an
issue with their hormones after taking this product it says that it’s high
potency okay keep that in mind I was looking at the negative reviews these
days I don’t look at positive reviews I look at the negative reviews of a
product that’s how I determine if I want to use it or not then I go and I look at
the positive reviews but I go to the negative because I just want to see
what’s bad what are they saying you know sometimes people just say stuff and it
doesn’t really make any sense I found someone who said that when they started
taking this product they started having night sweats and they said I am NOT
trying to rush into menopause okay and they said I’m going right back to GNC
and y’all know what I went right back to GNC because that is the multivitamin
that I take that’s the brand I take what happened to me I was at the end of my
cycle and I woke up in the wee hours of the morning and severe pain cramping
like crazy and I was like man this is not normal what is going on why is my
cramping like this and this is something that doesn’t normally happen eventually
I got over it I got my stomach was killing me and I threw up once I threw
up I was okay I was having sweats too like I was getting cold and hot I’m like
what is going on hormonal imbalance that’s what was going on if you look at
the ingredient label on the back of these vitamins you will notice something
you’ll notice that there are herbs in this vitamin again it says on the front
high potency let’s see what type of herbs are in this vitamin dong quai
chasteberry garcinia extract of our CI horse chestnut extract alpha lipoic acid
that’s not really an herb that’s not what I’m talking about but I’m just
reading the ingredient list here which is brown powder I still Vaughn grape
seed extract deodorized garlic citrus bioflavonoids soy isoflavones lycopene
lutein alpha-carotene kryptoxanthin
zeaxanthin it has dong Quai in here it has chasteberry and a few other stuff
but it also has soy isoflavones which i know don’t agree with me okay
dong quai in chasteberry are for women’s female health it kind of messes with the
hormonal things if you have issues with your menstrual cycle then those herbs
can help you in some kind of way just look it up I’m not going to go into
detail about it but do know that it affects your hormones I found someone on
Amazon who had some issues and I said well I’m not crazy you know I’m not by
myself for my experience with this vitamin it was a no-go for me and I went
right back to my tried-and-true GNC active women that’s what I use this was
a no-go I’m sorry optimal nutrition you know I
love your protein powders and your amino energy stuff but this right here mm-hmm
thank you so much and I’ll see you in the next video you


  1. Yes maam… those labels are there for a reason and ive been guilty of not fully reading… but NOW… its necessary … Im at the point when something says proprietary blend… it goes back on the shelf because there's limited disclosure and I dont want to take anyones word for anything…. thank you for the review …I too look at the negative reviews ive saved money and time doing that!!!

  2. Black seed oil did that to me, also. It doesn’t bother my mom and sister. Thanks for the review.

  3. This is a great review. I thank you for sharing your reaction — and listing the herbs that it contains which are not for everyone. It is difficult to make a decision when it comes to things we put in and on our bodies. I appreciate the ‘heads up’ on this one.

  4. Thanks for the review on this product. We have to be careful about the products that we are choosing. Everything is not for everybody, i am so skeptical about many of these products on the market saying this and that, I prefer to use natural foods to eat for many things. Food is the key to many of our health issues. Again, thank you for the review on this product, have a bless night fam.

  5. Sis thank you for a true review, wow 😮 that was too crazy thank you for letting us know the girl.

  6. OK, I'm a bloke so I can't say anything about the product. I can say that I also look for negative reviews of any given product and then I compare it to the positive ones.

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