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the following audio may contain the personal testimonials of some Optive via coaches or clients of octave eeeh the results relate in these messages are basically unique experiences of the participants and we cannot guarantee like or similar outcomes while you may be inspired by these accounts please note that any stories of success have not been verified in your individual path to optimal health will vary as always it is our recommendation that you can salt with a health care provider before starting a weight loss program yours in health the app – via team hello everybody it is Wednesday night our habits of health call time and I am so excited to be with you guys tonight I am from New Orleans Louisiana area and it's such an honor to have you join me tonight I am a client myself I have six babies I'll show you a picture in a minute and they are they're not all babies they're twelve and under and I am losing the baby weight from the last baby so I am fully on program not even five in one eye a month in fat burn and I am ready to bring some habits of health tools and tricks and tips for you guys so while we're waiting we're letting people file into the room I would love to know tonight we are talking of course tell us where you're from so I see the chat going tell me where you're from tell me um how much you've lost on programs so far I would love to know that wouldn't it be fun to see how there's a thousand of you in the room right now how much you've lost total that would be amazing but I don't have the mass capacity to add all those right now so I will not be doing that but I I love it I love it this is awesome if you are a client I would love to know just type in something what's your favorite fueling how about that what's your favorite fueling and if you're a coach I'd love to know your favorite thing about coaching what's your favorite thing about coaching your friends and family to become the healthiest version of themselves let's type that in um it'll be all wait for some responses so tonight we're gonna be talking about overcoming obstacles as people are coming in I'm gonna just entertain you with the story we just moved into this beautiful new house and I went to start getting ready for this and charter had not finished setting up the internet and my but my sigh box from Horizon was not reliable so I am at my friend's house we carved out a perfect corner in a room for me and I am so excited to overcome obstacles and be with you guys tonight so tonight we're talking about overcoming obstacles and how those obstacles aren't just something that stand in the way of you becoming a healthiest version of their selves those obstacles that you face on this health journey are actually the way that you become the healthiest version of yourselves and you're probably like what the heck do you mean by that because that's what I thought when I first considered this topic but this is what I mean we're gonna go into that in one second right now like the suspense is killing you right right now I want you to type in the chat tell me what is one obstacle that you have faced on this journey so far in becoming the healthiest version of yourself while using your journey to optimal health without – via what's one obstacle you faced so far I remember for me the first obstacle I faced was the scraps on my kids plates well the first day I'm program there was a plate in front of me and there were goldfish on it and I was about to like throw it away and I realized oh my goodness I am about to eat these goldfish before I throw the plate away how many mindless calories they eat just by eating scraps on the plate side to overcome that obstacle in pursuit of becoming the healthiest version of myself so share those obstacles with me isn't it crazy how we all have some obstacles in common so now this is again me my husband Trey begin he is a stud he is out driving a big old van around with my six daughters having dinner with them as a daddy-daughter date with six girls tonight well I get to be with you I love both ends of that stick so I don't know who is better and I love being with you I love being with those girls and tonight we want to talk about this Marcus Aurelius said the impediment to action actually is what advances that action what stands in the way of your pursuit whatever that pursuit is becomes the way that you get to the end of that pursuit so tonight we're really talking about our health journeys because we have a bunch of people on the line who are excited to get healthy so what stands in the way of you getting healthy which you just listed a bunch of those things on the chat you can go through and see all those people so the things that you guys have seen as obstacles overcoming that obstacle that obstacle learning to overcome it becoming the person you become when you overcome that obstacle is actually the way that you are going to become signs and contend for optimal health overcoming that obstacle is the way that you're going to become the healthiest version of yourselves so tonight I want to just equip you with some tools that I use to become the healthiest version of myself some tools I use to overcome obstacles because they are everywhere my life is full of obstacles our culture is exceptionally unhealthy our culture in and of itself that we live in is an obstacle to us contending for up to optimal health so first I want to say it's all about mindset absolutely about mindset and I want to start by telling a little story I recently had a friend who is also a coach call me and she said I think coaching has made me a really good parent as I said girlfriend I agreed I have learned so much through coaching that has equipped me to be an incredible parent she said I said tell me whatever story you have to tell me she said my son I think her son is six or seven was cut from his travel hockey team and he was so disappointed and she said I was so disappointed her husband was so disappointed they were all so disappointed and she did not let her little son's heart to break but it was going to and she realized we talked about the obstacle being the way in octave iya and she said I realize this could either totally be a setback or it could be a setup for a comeback so she had a conversation with her son and she said son we've been cut you've been cut from the hockey team and I know this is disappointing but you know what the best hockey team in the region has tryouts this next week and because you're cut you now have the opportunity to try out for this better hockey team because we have this obstacle of being cut we now have the way to make it into this other team are you ready to go for it now as a parent we know we could have been like man this stinks I'm sorry maybe we should try to ball but no she was like this is the way you're gonna become an even better hockey player this is the way you're going to compete with better teammates this is a way you're gonna compete against harder teams your goal of being a professional hockey player is the way this obstacle is the way we're gonna get there he went and tried out pretty other hockey team and made it how cool is it that these tools that we're learning in our health journey can actually be used to empower and equip our children to be Victor's in life to find victory and even their disappointments find victory and even their failures so let's learn these tools let's become professionals at them so we can impact the people around us with the right mindset so her mindset could have been failure instead of her mindset said this feels like a failure but I see it as a victory one of our one of our mentors so there's two mindsets fixed mindset it's something that we're naturally vote to we also talked about this as below the line in our culture and so this is saying you know I can't I can't get healthy I'm not gonna ask for help from my coach there is a plate of nachos in front of me I'm not gonna get up from this table and call my coach for a 9-1-1 call this mindset says I always give up there's no chance of me being successful I am someone who gives up but fix my success I like challenges if it doesn't come easy I'm not gonna do it and who knows raise your hand or or shout something in the chat saying if this health journey is easy for you I want to give you a gold sticker because this was hella hard for me this means it was simple because our program is simple but it's hard so if you don't like challenges this journeys not for you some of us say I'm not good at this so I'm not going to even try some I'm not good at saying no to ice cream so I'm not going to try some of us say I demand perfection if I can't be perfect I'm not doing it well how many of you know how many of you have once or twice on this journey it should be coming the healthiest version of yourself have slipped up have eaten the thing that we didn't really want to eat because it didn't line up with our goals but it tastes good I mean I I know I asked how many it's the six nine six eyes if the going gets tough I stop come this mindset says I'm either good or I'm not but then there's the growth mindset a growth mindset says I was made to heart do hard things I can do it I've been much harder things like this in the past I've been much harder things and saying no to the fried seafood in the past I can definitely say yes to the boiled seafood and shrimp that's for people who are in the deep south right I said yes so this growth mindset said I'll ask for help my first time with a group of friends they were peer pressuring me to eat the case up in the chips and drink the fancy cocktail which I have since given up and I remember running to the bathroom and calling my coach and say hope they're pressuring me to have a fancy cocktail and chips in peso and she said what are we in high school I said I don't know but it's a lot of pressure she said you go out there and you said I am making my health in myself a priority and I'm so thankful you're gonna be so supportive of me on this journey and I lost 45 pounds because I learned to say things like that and I learned to ask for help from my coach the SOS call in the middle of appetizers the growth mindset says I'm always learning something new even when I face the disappointment or a failure what feels like a failure what my mind process is as a failure I'm here to learn something new and in this we're focusing on new habits all the time this pick mine success I may experience disappointment I may even fail I may fall flat on my face and eat double stuffed Oreos covered in chocolate on top an ice cream sundae with whipped cream and a cherry whose mouth is salivating that's for the sugar addict I may do this I may fail but I'm not gonna give up my health myself I am too important in my health is too important and too many people are depending on me to become the healthiest version of myself I am NOT gonna give up no matter what the disappointment or the failure may look like and most importantly the growth mindset says how am I going to learn from this one of our coaching mentors in octavia she has a British accent so I wish I could do it but I'm really not good she says ask your obstacles a question when you confront an obstacle in your pack when you confront back plate of chips and queso in front of you you can look at it and say well hello obstacle what are you here to teach me well a low obstacle how can I learn from you and it may seem like that's just an inanimate object but honestly your temptation to eat that gives you an opportunity to decide what's most important to you so what are some of the obstacles on our health journey I put a few pictures here number one what about eating out with your colleagues at lunch everyone else is getting the chimichanga and you're ordering the fajita salad or this is not you're leaning green for the day so you decide I'm gonna drink water the truth is and one of my very first obstacles again another ox well they're all so clear to me was time out with some people and I decided that I was going to bring my own food it was at her house she had prepared this tea party and I said my health is worth fighting for I'm gonna risk offending her to become the healthiest version of myself I called her I said I'm so excited to be there but I'm going to need to bring I'm gonna choose to bring my own food because I have some health goals that I'm gonna reach and so I learned that my goals are just as important as other people's feelings but I had to see that obstacle as a way to become the healthiest version of myself I have done here a family dinner where they're all eating pizza well guess what I bring when I'm going to any event I learned during my health journey when I was asked to bring brownies to a dessert shower who has a dessert shower I was asked to bring brownies for dessert hour I said I appreciate that you're just having dessert but could I bring a gigantic salad the person said I would really appreciate if you'd make brownies I said fantastic and I brought a giant salad and guess what everyone ate the salad I chose to become the healthiest version of myself and I picked up brownies from the store I think that's what I did I may have made them but I didn't lick them once and it felt like a massive victory that's fighting couple in the top how many times are our emotions the interactions with others the tension is the obstacle for me because it made me want to go to the pantry and eat what about this guy in the corner stress has anyone ever been the obstacle of stress standing before them and they thought all I want is carbs all I want is a glass of wine if you sit at that obstacle and you say this stress this obstacle if I can learn to overcome stress this is the way I'm gonna become the healthiest version of myself stress is the obstacle learning to overcome back over and over creates a new habit and we become healthier and healthier and healthier as time goes goes on baby showers wedding showers kids who are throwing tantrums all our obstacles I have six kids when they are all losing it at 5:30 in the afternoon because they're starving and dinner isn't on the table yet that's just an obstacle you don't want to know what I learned I've got to eat some of my green before the kids go crazy so my belly is full so I am not craving peanut butter evidence which are not even in my house because I've learned to overcome that obstacle so what obstacles I want to know right now what obstacles are you about to face like think about the weekend ahead think about this week what obstacle may come in your way is it an event is it an emotion is it a feeling is it tension that's going on with a relationship because I'm about to give you some tools to overcome those obstacles and I want you to have one specific obstacle in mind put it in if you if you're daring to be vulnerable put that in the chat for accountability purposes and let's talk about some key tools to overcome this and I need water tool number one curiosity you know it's interesting that the most of the tools that we use that were empowered with and equipped with really are like given to us as a child my children are so curious most of the time the youngest children like curiosity is like knocked out of them as they get older my youngest children are so curious it gets them in trouble a lot and I depend on their guardian angels to protect them there so I want you to approach the obstacle that you may have faced in the past so this one think about the past this is also a great obstacle when you feel like you kind of fail when you have eaten the double stuffed Oreo or you've eaten the fruit loops or whatever it is the one way to overcome that obstacle in the future is to say what happened not blaming and shaming and saying me and I always do that that fixed mindset saying I want to learn what happened well I was super stressed there was a lot of noise the kids were being crazy there was so much stress from work I was getting a phone call from my boss everything felt like it was going insane and the only thing that really could solve the problem it's alcohol so what was missing I didn't have a buffer I forgot to turn my phone off during my hours where I'm supposed to be focused on my children I didn't have a healthy option available well what's next so I guarantee if your obstacle is a fight with your husband you're gonna have a fight again it's just how marriage works but can you grow and become the healthiest version of yourself when you face that can you not blame him for bringing ice cream into the house can you instead say hey humor ice cream into the house what happened I ate ice cream bottom line it's nothing salt he didn't shove it in my mouth what was missing I didn't have a fuelling ready I decided to blame them and States out of taking personal responsibility what's next next time I'm gonna drink a bottle of water I'm gonna go take a bath I'm going to eat my feelings I'm gonna go to bed and not be mad at him this is my journey his journeys his journey my journeys none so curiosity approach it with curiosity instead of approaching it with trying to say what did you what went wrong what went wrong just creates bling what happened says it's just a fact I ate ice cream so that's to help with past ones tool number two imagination so now I want you to take that potential obstacle that you're about to face this weekend that you listed in the chat what's the potential obstacle well we're having a ton of people over this weekend and we're moving into a house this is me legit me what do I really want I really want to say in fat burn I want to be on our vacation or three-week vacation in the next couple weeks feeling ridiculously amazing having tons of energy to engage with my kids I really want to stay on this path of integrity and make healthy decisions what am I gonna say if people ask what I'm gonna do well number one they all need know I'm a health coach now so if you're considering health coaching just know that's one of the best things ever if your health coach they're gonna start expecting you to make healthy decisions they won't be pressuring you anymore so having people over actually gives me great accountability what am I gonna do I am going to prepare a massive vegetable tray which is my go-to I'm gonna make sure we have lots of lean protein and when it comes to dessert time I'm gonna have ox of you brownies available for people along with ice cream bars for the children because I think you should still be able to have ice-cream as a child why am I making this decision and then I'm gonna revisit my wife because my children deserve for me to have a mom who's full of energy who loves to look into their eyes because I have the energy to engage with them my children deserve to have my husband deserves to have a flirty fun wife who has energy at the end of the day to engage with him here about his day and dream about what's next for our lives why am I making this decision not because I'm gonna be skinny because there's so many worthy reasons to fight for this now is it easier I planned I've imagined the event I've imagined what I'm gonna say I've imagined what I'm gonna do I'm committed to making the decision another way to do this if you're going out to a restaurant look at the menu beforehand imagine what you're gonna order plan in advance for this and third we have preparation that's our third tool how will the healthiest version of yourself so this is planning for the future a lot of times I have to stand right where I am and have to pretend I'm walking into the future and I see myself I'm standing as the fittest version of myself I am lean I'm muscular I'm I'm energetic I mean if I have this much energy and fat brain just imagine how I am when I've lost this last 17 pounds y'all won't even be able to handle me um I imagine myself and I say how with the healthiest version of myself respond to this obstacle in the future so sometimes you can't imagine the event because you're so new on this journey right you've never been to a baby shower without approaching the table and tasting everything right that was me baby showers are my favorite it was all sweets sometimes for early in this journey we can't imagine how we're going to respond but you can prepare and sometimes it's easier to say read your wine out loud if you don't have your why written down read it out loud who is depending on you to become that version what will that healthiest version of yourself act like look like feel like imagine how the healthiest version of yourself will respond to this in the future you know I used to remember going while I was on my health journey to this restaurant with a friend who'd ran triathlons was super healthy oh this was before I started my journey with Activia and I thought whatever she's ordering I'm ordering because I want a body like hers so I can imagine I am like my friends and I could say if I were my friend what would I order when I go out to eat if I were that when I'm the healthiest version of myself how will I handle that situation and then what new habits break that down what new habits do I need to establish today that will lead me to becoming that person so one of my favorite questions and there's a training called above the line that I did a couple of months ago in February it's on the YouTube channel and we talked about well if I could drink all my water how would I drink all my water if I could go to the movie theaters and not eat popcorn how would i do' imagine myself prepared bring my fueling with me to the movie theater get the giant bottle of water at the movie theater maybe the healthiest version of myself would walk right into the movie theater and sit down and not stand outside and just look at all the candy the healthiest version of myself when i went to a baby shower i imagined myself and i prepared and i said i'm gonna tell the hosts i'd love to bring a veggie tray so i know it there's at least something that i could eat on that when i went on vacation i i knew if i we were going camping my husband was preparing a campfire and he was feeding he was making s'mores of the kids i had no idea I would have this emotional reaction but I cried because s'mores sound it's so good and I had already prepared myself and when I reach an obstacle I'm calling my coach I called my coach I said I was crying sobbing and she said why are we crying like she said is everyone okay if you don't cry get off and I'm like and thank God I had already prepared myself but if this got too much I am going to call my coach that's the healthy habit I'm establishing called my coach she said are you tired I said yes she goes eat a s'more crunch bar and then why don't you just go to bed I'm like okay and I did and I was victorious over the s'mores I need someone else to be vulnerable and tell me if you have cried over food okay I had my friend called me crying number Froot Loops the other day so we've all done it not all of us only the special ones so now that we have new habits and that we need to create and am actually in preparing for the future helps us to create those habits in advance so that when the going gets tough the tough call there coach when the going gets tough the tough drinks a bottle of water this will not be easy this will be hard but you were made to do hard things you have created habits and patterns I've created habits and patterns for 35 years of my life those weren't going to be broken and recreated overnight we needed I made it to equip myself with tools commit yourself to engaging in the habits of health system so that healthy mind is developing as the healthy body develops you are going to show up differently and some people aren't going to be okay with it because you used to split three desserts at dinner and they're gonna be upset that you're having a salad and not willing to split desserts it is okay for others to be disappointed while you are in pursuit of becoming the best version of yourself and you are going to experience feelings that are uncomfortable we buffer feelings with food we buffer feelings with sugar with alcohol we buffer feelings with this so when you decide to give it up the sugar up the unhealthy habits up you're gonna feel feelings that are uncomfortable and again there's there's a habit of alcohol that the Johanna Mitchell and I did that's on the YouTube channel you can do this you were made to do hard things and you are worth fighting for so I again I'm so thankful that you guys were on here tonight we all chase obstacles I would love in the chat as we transition for you to just say one thing you learn or one thing you're gonna apply tonight and thank you for allowing me to spend 30 minutes of you I this audio may have contained the personal testimonials of some Optive via coaches or clients of Octavia the results relating these messages are based on the unique experiences of the participants and we cannot guarantee like or similar outcomes while you may be inspired by these accounts please note that any stories of success have not been verified and your individual path to optimal health will vary as always it is our recommendation that you consult with a health care provider before starting a weight loss program yours and health the app – via team

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