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the following audio may contain the personal testimonials of some Optive via coaches or clients of octave eeeh the results relate in these messages are basically unique experiences of the participants and we cannot guarantee like or similar outcomes while you may be inspired by these accounts please note that any stories of success have not been verified in your individual path to optimal health will vary as always it is our recommendation that you can salt with a health care provider before starting a weight loss program yours in health the app – via team all right welcome everyone to the Wednesday night habits of health call and with Optive via I am so excited tonight to be your host and to guide you through a topic that I personally have just found so much value from and I think personally the habits of health and Optive you for making me aware of this healthy mind component and that is authentically healthy how we can become true to our transformation so I am Samantha or also known as by many Sam Preston Bock I am an independent certified up to via coach and I love it I actually have been a coach without Divya now for oh gosh almost eight years and it's quite incredible just how much that this habits of Health System and the optimi of community and opportunity has impacted my life what you see here is my beautiful family my husband Harold who is also a full-time opted to be a coach with me and then my three beautiful children which you don't see is the fourth that is on the way I am currently six months pregnant and very excited and also just so thankful to the Octavia community because here I am living out one of my healthiest pregnancies in fact my pregnancies only get healthier thanks to this lifestyle so if you're tuning in with us today I would love to see where your you're tuning in from what part of the US are maybe even international that you're logging in from so share with us your your location and maybe share with this too how long have you been involved with Octavia and this amazing opportunity what are some of your results maybe you've only been on the program for a day or a few hours and maybe it's been months and even years like me I would love to see that let's share some of your positive results with everyone in the common below so when I found this program years ago what some people don't realize is that I was already a successful semi successful entrepreneur as a semi could share that part of that story later and also a health and fitness professional now congruence and authentically how being an authentically healthy person wasn't actually always something that I possessed you see I really love this word authenticity it is it's it's being used a whole lot lately and it really made me think what does it mean anyway well to be authentic actually means just being real being genuine and here's the thing I love the most being the real you or in the upto via world what I love is that it can also mean that you're becoming the most updated version of you but here's where conflict hundun hunters and and I'll explain where it entered for me too is that when we are moving away what used to be the real us and we are reaiiy denta fiying what the future real me or you looks like sometimes we get caught sometimes we feel like we once knew very well who we were what we stood for in our health in our nutrition in our mindset and in our overall values but then we discovered that we might have wanted more you might have wanted less on the scale to see less on the scale you might want to see less clothing that you had to take up and maybe more energy more zest for life and so as we discover our desire for more we sometimes start to feel like we're wearing a bit of a mask and enters frustration because we're starting to see that and feel like we live in a bit of two worlds we are competing against something yet at times we really just don't know what you know and so I see as an optical coach and having been and also having chosen to work on my personal health for a really long time now because even prior to this opportunity that was a path that I wanted to take in my life having chosen that path there's been many many times that I personally have felt very frustrated with results I was getting or even lack of results in my personal health something that really really frustrated me was when I looked at my wise and or goals and when I looked at other people's wise and what was it that frustrated me there well the thing that frustrated me the most quite honestly was that a lot of us are not that different we all tend to have you know we many of us have similar goals you know the numbers may be different but a lot of times the reasons why are very similar you know I know there's many of you on here right now raise your hand put a heart in the comments if you are a mom and you have kids I know just as many of you are on here right now and you're a dad and you have kids you know and I know that if you are a parents of any kind that your children are a big reason why you are choosing health I also know as human beings on here everybody's a human being correct that you are probably wanting more energy you know that you have maybe a full-time job and you leave the house and have to to show up at that job every day and or maybe your job is being a stay-at-home mom or a stay-at-home dad and your job is taking care of that household and the kids either way every day you are showing up for something that takes a lot of your energy takes a lot of your mental and physical energy and that you want more of that because just because it says three or four or five o'clock doesn't mean that you are ready to say lights out my kids are home but I've got nothing left that's a beautiful why but why do so many of us have such great big tantalizing wise yet some people are achieving their goals and some of us are not I'll tell you one reason why not it does not mean that there anyone else is better than the other it just means that they might have figured out something that we don't currently know you see when you look at the girl to the left the girl to the left in this picture lacked confidence she lacked structure she lacked even I would say a little bit of desire to change what she wanted was results what she wanted was the energy what she wanted was lifelong transformation that I know that we can all obtain throughout the via but even I really really struggled with the yo-yo I struggled with the yo-yo in mindset and a yo-yo on the scale okay and believe it or not that yo-yo that prison that was personally for me was only a five to eight or 10 pound weight range crazy enough that seems like nothing but it was huge because for years and years even or especially as a fitness professional I could not break free I could lose it but I always found it back what opt avea showed me is that my why wasn't any less it wasn't any less insignificant than another person that was achieving it it didn't mean that I didn't value my children as much as somebody else that was achieving that energy for their children or their spouse it simply that I was lacking some structure some awareness and something really big here because what I was fighting was really two people in one do you sometimes wake up in your transformation am I the only one that some to has some days where you wake up and you just feel like you're in crazy town like in your own head you're like I know I want this I know I said that I was gonna do the work but for some reason right now right now I feeling struggle almost like a tug O'War a tug of war between two people sundae's you feel like your strongest best version of yourself is winning you know you're gonna pull that other individual into the mud pit in other days you're just barely fighting to hang on because guys here's the thing you have the person that you were that you spent years upon years developing a certain mindset a certain body with certain habits you have the person that you started out your program as and you have the vision of the one that you're becoming through the Optive via program that's transforming into your ideal health and that doesn't mean it doesn't mean just your healthiest version of your body it means your healthiest version of your mind your healthiest version of you as a mother as a father as a friend as a sister as a brother as Louie II and you know what we have spent and invested many years and many thoughts and many negative habits and actions sometimes that really built up and made that other person pretty strong made those other habits pretty strong so yeah sometimes you might look in the mirror and on some days you feel like you're looking at the the fake plastic version of yourself either way you know and most importantly sometimes we're looking we have our vision of ourselves in the future looking at the end of those who we want to be when we're 5 10 20 30 40 50 a hundred counts down on more when we wake up and choose water over coffee first when we've transitioned successfully from the 501 to a long-term healthy eating plan where we're choosing protein and vegetables and fruits and enjoying it and loving it and not feeling like we're missing anything you have that vision in the future but you may not be that person now and so here we said today sometimes looking at that person of who we want to become in the future and feeling like it's a little plastic feeling like it's a little fake feeling like sometimes it's a little bit out of our reach and I want to tell you right now it is so not out of your reach it is so within your reach but often what happens when we fall into an oscillating pattern is that really we're just allowing our conditioned mind and the power of words and actions to pull us away from the path that we want to travel in there's actually a legit term for this okay now I am NOT a scientist I don't study I don't have a degree in this but I have spent a really long time each and every day still fighting for the healthiest version of me and I will be the first to say that I still make mistakes but I let I make more good choices than I do poor choices and that's what I want you to learn today see there's this terminology it's called cognitive dissonance and very simply put that big that big term just simply means that there is a difference which difference between what we say we value and what we do and as simple as that sounds it actually can cause a lot of conflict it can increase anxiety depression it can have us waking up and feeling uninspired because you see when we make choices that don't support the things that we say we want a ka ry our goals regularly enough our brain gets very frustrated it gets confused and when put in a state of confusion or frustration often enough our brain is gonna force us to choose and that's gonna mean that at some point we will either will go into an automatic and we will choose to merge at some point good or bad to merge our conducts and our beliefs okay so when you come in to opt in via and you set your Y and you set your goals we set it up here right we have the vision of where we're going the vision of who we're becoming the reality we really want to live but we have a current reality right now so we we have our values we have our beliefs we have our goals we have our wise but if for instance we don't submit to the specific program that we've chosen when it's related to our physical health and our nutrition if we we don't get into fat burn if we continue to eat off plan it forces us to bring our values and our beliefs and our goals down to meet our conduct a K or actions or we keep our beliefs and our values here and we become aware that we have this tendency that's the yo-yo that's the oscillation we become aware that we have this tendency to bring something very important to us that we want to achieve down because we haven't figured out that we have predictable actions that are not supporting that belief here is where we get to change we get to change toxic actually sign its brain damage creates patterns that will keep us if we choose to stay in a comfort zone will keep us moving in the wrong direction but I have some really good news the brain is more powerful than you even think your brain can actually rewrite history so so what you spent 20 years 18 years 30 years 40 years 60 years 80 years so what if you have spent a long time conditioning your brain to think you really need those creamy coffee drinks or you really need to just zone out to TV when you get home instead of choosing something else to relieve stress you know so what if that has become a habit because on a previous habits of haha one of those are fabulous health coaches Anna actually mentioned neuroplasticity and that is the ability to create patterns in your brain so just as much as you can create a negative pattern not even knowing we're doing it right you can erase that negative pattern and create a new pattern and way of thinking and acting there's actual science behind this that if you can narrow it down to a specific action that you want to create a new path in the brain that you want to create 63 days I put hashtag 63 days because I am on a personal 63 day challenge I'll tell you about here in a minute 63 days will create a new long term memory and if we can create a long term memory we can build a long term why and if we can do that we can build long-term habits and if we can build competence we can build confidence and we can build congruence see this is where you start to really win the battle between the old you versus the new you this is when you start to build up the victories and I know 63 days that somebody said well that's such a long time I am on day seven of my personal 63 day challenge and guess what by day seven I felt like I could conquer the world because my actions were meeting my values and that is powerful sometimes one of the competing thoughts that you will have that will keep you from becoming who you want to be in creating the result that you want sometimes one of those competing thoughts is actually gonna be it's too hard oh my gosh that's gonna be so painful sometimes we give the battle more power than it actually means you see if you can change a thought you can change a behavior so it starts with our thoughts what negative thinking do you have associated around your program around what it takes to reach the health that you want this is most likely an automatic weight of thinking for you and you don't even realize that you're choosing this dot pattern I want to encourage you right now here's a few words and please if you have a few words that you know fit into this category let's put them in the chat let's share with everyone because I'm still growing in this area too but here's a few few words that you can eliminate if you're gonna be really serious about this transformation I want you to eliminate try should can't and but okay the next thing that we need is to create awareness we need to know that we utilize these words that I just mentioned we need to be fully aware that we have triggers I just was talking to a friend that is a health professional is actually a nurse and she spokes and she says I would like to quit but you don't understand I worked really long hours I'm on my feet a lot I don't get the opportunity to eat healthy and smoking helps me keep my weight down as bad as lung cancer is obesity for me would be even worse so I smoked a little bit so she knows that it's not good for her she recognized she would like to quit but she's also convinced herself as she needs it to keep her weight down lucky for her I have an amazing program but it starts with hearing those things very clearly hearing the things that we say that aren't congruent accepting that we have let those things hold us back in the past and then choosing to become congruent with what we really want in the future and then also refusing refusing to justify or trivialize what we want to again bring down our values to our actions so then we are forced to move to action and this is where if we are aware of our thoughts we create a new way of thinking now we get the chance to bring their actions up to meet that so I want you to if you happen to you have a pencil and a piece of paper in front of you I would love for you right now or to just take a note somewhere so you do this after I want you to list our common actions that don't support you achieving your why common actions if we're to be very honest glue versus a further reoccurring things what are the predictable not healthy habits or not healthy thoughts that are keeping you from reaching what you truly want and then I want you to ask yourself what will you do differently so if you know that you have that trigger if you know that typically these are actions you take that don't support your goals on the other side of that paper should be this is what I will do differently and again this this next step helps you move further into congruence the next step is implementing structure guys I had been in the fitness industry for a really long time like super long time okay nutrition in that world is difficult but it nutrition should not be difficult in fact one of the negative ways of thinking and acting is that for us to follow a plan with precision that brings us to a healthy body in life but basically that's perfection but I want to tell you perfection is very subjective and if you've chosen a plan in octavia I don't think that's perfection I think that's your opt avea plan and really what we're looking at thanks to Abdul Lia is that they have made this process of becoming congruent and eliminating cognitive cognitive dissonance in our lives so we can become healthy they have given us the incredible opportunity to make something that is so difficult for so many people in reaching their ideal health they've made it simple for us if we choose again to have the supporting thought and actions to make it that way here's where opt of your opt avea plan if you are bowlers if anyone loves to bowl or has bowled out to via your plan it gives you the choice to either put the bumper in the lane or you can decide to go in the gutters and I don't know about you but when it comes to my health I've decided it's a lot easier to use the bumpers and to use optical guided plans so we're aware we are deciding here today are we making a pact that we will refuse to bring our values down to our actions but we're gonna bring our values up I mean our actions up to our values this is where we must not say oh I'll start Monday but we want immediate activation you gotta ask yourself do you have a purpose yes you have purpose you have a huge why do you have a plan yeah you probably wouldn't be on this call if you didn't but maybe some of you do and if you don't and the hope this is helping you and I hope that you reach out to the person that is showing you that your health your idea health is a possibility so yes there's a plan but will you take action you know you can create predictable patterns or you could submit to the ones that are already there and I don't know about you but I would much rather have predictable healthy transformation in my life that I can rely on than a predictable standstill and here's where you start to really tip the everything in your balance in into into balance okay you're gonna make mistakes occasionally but not right now right now starting today and starting tomorrow we are committing to one day at a time and if you can commit to one day at a time you can commit to one week at a time if you could commit to one week you can commit to one month and then one year and so on this is where you transform the body and the mind okay so as we wrap up here what was my 63 day challenge as a past fitness professional I worked out a lot I have done everything from half marathons to figure competitions basically bodybuilding I if it was a race or competition I had done it my life was always about a start and a stop and so I realized through octavia that honestly I never really just owned the underlying habit of working out weekly because I wanted to and it was something that I truly saw myself I envisioned myself as a healthy and fit person and over the past few weeks I realized that in my premise I was proud of my nutrition but I was not so proud of my activity so when I learned that I could shift that and create this new habit that I could create actions support my beliefs and it would elevate my mood it would make me feel capable and competent and congruent I decided that I was gonna start simple that I was gonna follow a simple plan so I committed for 63 days that every Monday Wednesday Friday would be sacred and that in the morning I committed to some form of activity I did not get crazy with it I did not say it had to be an hour I did not say I had to run five miles or lift weights for 30 minutes I just had to choose an activity and do it on day seven already I feel better so I want you to imagine knowing that you have this power and you simply need to choose to use it if you pull out your opted to be a guide do you actually know how your program works if you reach out to your coach if you look at your plan and decide to execute how powerful would that make you feel if you were to write down your perfect ideal a1 plan well we'll start to finish would that make you proud would that give you more energy would you feel like you finally became the most authentic healthy version of you not just on the outside but also on the inside that's the transformation I hope for you to have so thank you guys as we wrap up here thank you for joining us for the habits of health call I hope that you enjoyed it I hope that whether you're live or watching the recording that you will pass on this information to others it was my greatest honor to share this with you and I hope that you have a great night this audio may have contained the personal testimonials of some Optive via coaches or clients of Optive ear the results relating these messages are based on the unique experiences of the participants and we cannot guarantee like or similar outcomes while you may be inspired by these accounts please note that any stories of success have not been verified and your individual at the optimal health will vary as always it is our recommendation that you consult with a health care provider before starting a weight loss program yours and health the app – via team


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