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over the past seven years we watched this team Toronto Raptors of the city embrace win an extremely high and I believe it's fair for me to say that everybody's hungry for more the Toronto Raptors are in a rare scenario number one seed franchise record 59 wins coach Sierra Dwayne Casey he's now with Detroit and Nick nurse who moves over those critical 18 inches he's now the head coach of the Raptors it's on to another chapter with the rob to say we're excited to welcome Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green Team threats a lot of good pieces today our solution occurs the rafters for the small city the fans come out show a lot of energy you know just be able to get see you over there Gama Patrick I had these two tickets to the Rolling Stones concert in Manchester England right and I was gonna take my son Noah we did kind of planned it out further that's kind of a little he just graduated from eighth grade so it's kind of a eighth grade graduation present and we had that kind of in limbo because you know I just didn't know what what I was gonna hear or when and and maasai and Bobby and them I went to the European combine and I said listen it's it's like next Tuesday's was like oh maybe Friday I said I want I want to go and if something happens and I need to come straight back on Wednesday or whatever I will but I booked it and end up going over there for about five or five days so we went to we went to the stones right and we got there we landed in Manchester went to the stones at old trafford stadium and then we then we went down to stratford-upon-avon and went to King Lear at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre which is I think we figured out we covered about three hundred and sixty years of British culture in 48 hours listen I love Nick nurses journey I truly do it's it's really incredible to know a guy yelled get in the hole right in his backswing Jonny Lee Nick nurse after graduating from Northern Iowa he goes to England to play professionally and within the first couple of weeks are playing they make a player-coach so Nick nurse I think the moment you talk to him you understand he's you know he's bright he's passionate and is the only person to lead to different jeans championship pretty good we're going as they only show us some of the things that he's going to bring to us but I think his history with the team his thought process is creativity strategies that they want to be creative I think you're gonna see some some different things there's probably gonna be some uncomfortableness at times when we try things that are maybe a little too far outside the box but but you know it's a it's again the seasons a process the summer league leads to training camp and the training camp leads to preseason games and the preseason leads to regular we want to try some some ideas and some things and try to put our guys in different positions try some different combinations etc to prepare us for the playoffs which is which is what matters Las Vegas Nevada the beautiful Las Vegas Strip home to the NBA for the next 12 days until we crown a champion Oh Summerlee how you do a man coach nurse what's up Beach mud cat yes sir cool welcome man give me pops where you from man Alabama he's a mantra yeah speak French to that huh yeah awesome good City man all right welcome have a good week looking forward to seeing you play all right talking to nurse last year and the year before my rookie season you know he had a lot of ideas for the team and you know he always talked to me about you can't wait to get a head coaching job you know because how he would run things and I think it's a great personality you know he's very personable with the players you know a lot of guys like him he's a inventive mind you know he's really creative it with his offense and how he wants things ran so I think his connection with the young guys and the team as a whole you know is really gonna help us moving forward you know I really like his ideas and the way he's thinking about the team these games VA games games I always talk about riding the waves right there's gonna be some really great moments good call those bad calls just like the waves were soon with some confidence some calmness I think for people sometimes it's like oh he was an assistant coach what was a change right but he's a new user he's old man he's his own man and when when you use a system code you take you take you take whatever the head coach says and that's what you do but you know now he's he's at the head he's he's supposed to to lead us and I think you know he's gonna you can see it's been a head coach for a long time before he has experience so you know it'd be interesting to see how it goes so many players have found new homes through the draft that start a free agency but in San Antonio the Kawhi Leonard's side that continues with the roster as it is for the Toronto Raptors what is their ceiling right now they've kind of done everything that they can do I'd be in the Spurs uniform at the start of next season or will he be dealt before them my guess is he'll be dealt before then at the time of the dinner we were just happy to see each other right I mean it was special for me because I was just really coming off with being signed and I flew from Toronto to Vegas to dinner with the team and you see tomorrow's guys after such a long time was was just it was just fun right it's just fun like you've seen your friends after a long time away and at that time I think the rumor is pretty new honestly I've been around long enough I don't pay just any that stuff until happens because there's so much stuff that comes up that stuff being said now there's stuff still fish stuff talked about throughout the season like I've seen all heard seen my name other guys names everything and nothing happens or something completely opposite happens like those guys are not in the front offices some have you know connections and things like that and it's like always interesting it's good for the fans and the media and all that but I had no like I wasn't worried about I know who's on my team at that point and that's what I was focused on it's interesting because you're right with social media now it's still that if you know gossip gets around the world twice before truth gets its pants on and you don't know what to believe but at the same point you knew kawaii there were issues in San Antonio Toronto was a match in the sense that they it seemed like they had bumped up against the ceiling if I was good like everyone was there everyone was having fun we you know the mall always gets there you know like everyone was there so it was cool like I didn't get any sense of anything I thought if something could have happened but I just a novela would have been him just cuz you know my mind say he is a franchise player so but you also have the second consideration in some business other top players in the NBA have been traded so it's not only the first time I happen to be standing with a general manager who was with one of his fans came by when we were standing there and asked him about Kawhi Leonard and the general manager said he could end up in this city and pointing to where I was standing meaning Toronto there was there was lots of noise and people I think there are some there's still a faction of the old guard that could not believe that Toronto was a viable option they they just know he's he's not gonna go there he's not gonna want to report there they won't pull the trigger what do they have to offer there were a lot of reasons why people could have shot it down and it happened yeah I woke up I don't know why Walker blade visiting this day particularly if I walk around like 10 hey on and I just my my phone was blowing up on likewise my phone line people on my team texting him it's someone's we going on my phone is just pinging pinging pinging Texas and you know notifications and stuff and so I'm seeing it and I'm just like nah man that's not real like no way right so and then I just simply particular like oh we just traded tomorrow I look on ESPN Twitter everything you know it was really happening so I'll just I was a shocked at first it was just koalas coming into Toronto and then it got to Tamar and then they were trying to figure out the pics or whatever else now at that point I'm still just thinking this quad for the barn then he got yok in there too so now it's like damn both of my guys going obviously it was disappointed and he eats the you know like he like we build something you know here so it was a little hard just just cuz like you meet people and you know you just you just got to get that bond for me especially because you know same drive fast and all we know yakking skills you know say you know I'm talking about man we want to win well and I have to do everything in this organization to get us to a championship level but there's also the human side of this business and that's the that's the part I really struggle with the most and that's that's what's most difficult there's excitement but a lot of excitement but there's there's also I'm a loyal person I know I'm a loyal person and you build relationships in this business over the years and you have relationships with players and people and this this doesn't the human part doesn't doesn't make it easier at all I understand it's part of the game for the business I hate to see it happen because we build these bonds like I said I'll talk about families our families get to know each other off the floor our kids our wives our girlfriends whatever it is and we're laying together for life and then you another guy comes in obviously and you have to learn how to to deal with that because now he's a part of the family and now he's going to war with us and you want to be the best you can be as a competitor as a team he's got to feel like he's part of this so it's it's a tricky thing but between those lines man you got you got to figure out how to be a professional and as guys are fancy veteran guys that know themselves it's easier for the transition I spoke to you tomorrow I live in San Antonio in the summer we had a great conversation about it he's know he got his chance to like you know move on from it and and the journeys always it's hard and there's different there's different things that happen but I mean I'm excited to line up against him and I'm excited for what we have here his top we haven't actually sat down and spoken about it but um I've done so we had a little mini camp in LA twice and we worked out this week so I got a chance to the obviously I spoke to him when the trade happened and worked out you know with a lot of coaches and you know gone through some plays and you know been around him enough to know what he sucks from everybody I think we have a you know great defensive lineup but um you know we're just kind of getting into the office and guys learning the plays and myself learning the system was one of the parties is why I'm here early to try to get adapted and adjusted to that and learning him learning his system but things were going great man nick has been amazing and helping me adjust in so I'm making me feel comfortable making me feel at home within this you know this team all right I think that'll do sir thank you I am on IG we are about ten less than ten minutes away from the five o'clock sports and our special guest with me co-hosting yup your new Toronto Raptor Danny Green too then yeah we are here we're live bring an energy is Green Ranger yeah 14 that's me right there that's me up easy-peasy all right here we go it has been an insane offseason for the Toronto Raptors I'm very excited to welcome new Toronto Raptor Danny Green to join the show thank you for beam thanks for having me put your pieces in just a second but we got some stuff to talk about first okay so what was your first reaction your very first reaction when you heard you're headed to Toronto I was actually really excited I mean I first I've got of course I didn't wanna leave San Antonio I love the city I've been there seven and a half eight years eight seasons but um you know couldn't ask for a better situation to be traded to it was closer to home I'm from New York originally know my family's there they could visit more often the city that I always loved to visit every summer I've been coming here for ten plus you know summers and a number one seed in the East so you can't ask for better so I was very excited about it just wanted to say that was super excited for our season to kick off this has been long I anticipated I want to officially welcome Kawhi Leonard Danny Green here to Toronto Toronto family Toronto City and in Canada the Toronto Raptors have arguably one of the top five players in the NBA proven Finals MVP championship rings and everybody talks about wanting to win a title it's legit now it's legit LeBron has gone from the east the teams that you're gonna be fighting with in the East who's got better personnel who's got the versatility I mean you can argue you can debate then people will talk about Philly and Boston and you know teams that are coming up Indiana and I yeah I mean but suddenly the playing field is level now the guy who was working the gate for eight years has gone the gate could be open you just need to try it and see if you can get through it so when that happened I thought wow this is this I mean this could be it this this this could be Toronto's chance to get to the NBA Finals that win a championship I want to focus on this team this journey that we have in front of this today and just stay in a present time and I look at right now I'm I'm feeling great ready to play basketball throughout this summer I worked on my body take it step by step just in fully healthy getting ready to make this extra step this season you


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