Open Gym presented by Bell | Moment: World Champions


  1. Kyle is still thicccc

  2. Where is the extended Finals Open Gym??

  3. We are the champions we did baby. Love my city and my team for give us this amazing history. As a fan, from the beginning please don't go to Israel and support injustice to the Palestinians. Don't white wash occupation.

  4. Does anyone know when this will come out?

  5. Congratulations Toronto! I am glad y’all got a dub

  6. Hopefully Kawhi stays with raptors and not like go to the clippers


  8. 2019~2020 season: (Guards)Kyle, Danny, Fred, Norman, Patrick (Foward)Kawhi, Pascal, OG, Jeff Green (Center) Marc, Serge, Kenneth Faried

  9. This is just cruel edging us like this.

  10. Congrats Toronto Raptors you deserve it

  11. Toronto Raptors are the NBA Champions but they are not the World Champions. How dare you equate this win with a World Championship? You Canadians are no better than the Americans who think any of their Championships, may it be in American Football, Baseball or Basketball is automatically a World Championship. You Canadians should be ashamed of yourself of equating a NBA Championship with a World Championship. You guys in North-America are so arrogant that you equate any sport being played here is automatically considered a World Series or World Championship. Except they are not! Basta.

  12. The Toronto Raptors show everyone " IT DOESNT HAVE TO TAKE A BANDWAGON SUPER TEAM TO WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP " Hard Work & Dedication.

  13. No cap I’m not even Canadian but I’m so proud to see the upset it’s about time

  14. Sign Kawhi Leonard. Bring Jimmy Butler to Toronto. Keep the core of the Raptors team together. A dynasty in the making with the Toronto Raptors.

  15. Masai Ujiri hugging Kyle is the most important part of the video

  16. After so many years getting trashed by Lebron, Toronto finally break through and conquer the Larry O Brien trophy. Congrats. #phoenix fan

  17. Lowkey brought tears to my eyes

  18. Can't wait for the ring ceremony

  19. WE THE NORTH WE THE CHAMPIONS!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. The only team I love in the NBA ♥️♥️

  21. I never thought I would hear the words "The Toronto Raptors are NBA Champions" ever in my life and I want to relive the final few minutes of that game forever.

  22. Hey you guys remember when people were making a big deal about the raptors losing to the Orlando magic in February? Lol 😂

  23. So many people built the foundation for this victory. So Happy for Kyle, Masai and Nick Nurse, the OGs to finally taste the fruits of this victory years in the making. What a long road its been. The only sad part that guys like DeMar and JV couldn't be there lifting that trophy.

  24. What a time to be alive! RAPS IN 6IX!!!

  25. How sweet indeed

  26. Love the Toronto Raptors, Media can doubt us all they want but we earned this, we are the 2019 NBA Champions #WetheNorth

  27. If I can’t get through 1 min without crying, how am I supposed to get through a whole HOUR of OG? #NorthOverEverthing #OpenGym

  28. Give open gym rings too

  29. so proud. 💯

  30. Im ready to go back in time and relive this entire season


  32. The first person Lowry hugged was Kawhi, because he knows how much he brought to this team in just one year

  33. I woke up this morning and the Raps were still 2019 NBA CHAMPIONS. Feels good bruh.

  34. We are the 2019 Toronto Raptors NBA CHAMPIONS of the world!!!

  35. Congrats to the Raptors!!! All of Canada are so proud of you for your historic win. Thanks for bringing the trophy home. 😊 I can't wait for the next Open Gym video covering the team's NBA Finals journey to a well deserved victory. ❤❤❤

  36. No reason for the down vote

  37. Im all smiles

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