Onyx Yoga Studio, in Warren, NJ

I’m very lucky to be able to give the gift
of yoga, and live the gift of yoga and to gain the insight and the friendships that
I have gained by coming here as a teacher. I’m Shannon Elliott and I’m the owner of Onyx
in Warren, New Jersey. Here at Onyx we pride ourselves on building
community. Not only do people come for yoga but they find after time that they’re building
friendships, they’re building connections and relationships. We offer over 60 classes a week so there is
something for everyone. Yoga is very good for you physically in the
sense that you’re going to gain more flexibility and strength. You’re also going to understand
the power of your thoughts and feelings and how the thoughts the feelings and the physical
body work together in the way that make you more of the person who you mean to be. All of our teachers are trained on bringing
yoga in a therapeutic way so not only is it therapeutic for your body but for your mind
for your emotions and for the state of life so we really teach yoga in a way that is life-style oriented. What it means to me to come to work here at
Onyx everyday is that I get to walk into a room full of friends and we just continue
to build relationship and these are the people that have become my family.

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  1. Love the studio, the teachers, the community at Onyx Mind Body………….

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