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Hey, my name is Ben and I created Fitness pen pal Online personal training and health coaching for those looking to simplify and follow a concise plan of action to achieve their goals The merging of Fitness and Technology is exploded in recent years and while that’s led to more opportunities than ever to get in shape and be healthy, it’s also Unfortunately led people to be confused. They try this They try that and they don’t try anything long enough or something right enough for their body to make real progress they’re left with simply not knowing what’s the best way to exercise and eat for their body tight goals and Kind of put that into the regular life What I feel people truly need is a friend who knows what they’re doing They need a guide and that’s what I’m here to help you with I’m not going to try to sell you a program that’s pre-made that I’m trying to mass sell to a ton of people I’m not going to try and tell you the X Y or Z is the best way and the only way Because that’s simply not true I’m here to help you simplify Health habits and physical form in pursuing. My master’s degree studying exercise Physiology and nutrition I’ve learned how the body is actually supposed to work and what to do when it doesn’t Thing is that didn’t mean a whole heck of a lot until I started working with actually people Seven years later. I have an entirely new perspective on what real problems people deal with and weather isn’t always a simple solution Whereas in-person training connects you with your trainer for one to four specific hours per week Fitness penpal allows us flexible ongoing contact. I put all the information in your hands to be successful Then we communicate back and forth to make sure actions are carried out consistently unlike most fitness apps I only accept a small number of clients at a time. So you’re getting my full and undivided attention What will you get exactly? I send personalized workouts with video descriptions for each exercise the app tracks your personal bests and tells me when you’ve done them You can leave notes me right in there I also sent a personalized nutrition plan can be a specific or as a general as you’d like This includes how many calories to eat each day how to divide your macronutrients and what to eat and drink around your workouts Measurements body weight and photos can be input directly from your smartphone or other device So I can see where progress is at at any moment. So We can refine what you’re already doing, or we can build from the ground up anywhere in the world. I Thought people lose 100-plus pounds lower the cholesterol 100 plus points recover from a stroke combat mental illness Make a high-level sports team guilt stage for their first bodybuilding competition You think all these things have the same plan the same methodology behind them know? what they did have in common was that awesome people that I’m now proud to call friends put in the time and put in the Consistency. I just provide them in the prayer So learn more about what I do visit my website Fitness penpal comm they’re gonna find my blog product recommendations client testimonials a whole lot work whether there’s Wi-Fi it is a way to Talk to you soon

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