Online Class Exercise Chapter 9 Module 2

So, let’s continue with calculation of D.
For Part D, we have our gross requirements; 270 in week 9 and
we have given 100 as a scheduled receipt and we have projected balance of 280 we
calculated there already we also need to find out that from the tree a couple of
things that we need to see see we have right now we have for each C we have two
Ds so for each C
we need to be a buying 2000 and you need at this time when you’re buying you
also need to get 2 times 2 thousand which is 4000 Ds… so I’m going to have
this as my gross requirements as 4,000 Ds…also there is for each A, there is
one D so when I buy this 1200. I need to buy 1200 of Ds as well make sure that
you understand this go through this video that I said before and make sure
that you understand how I got this four thousand and twelve hundred one more
time I have for each see there are two Ds so whenever i buy the C 2000 I’m
going to get 4,000 as my gross requirement.
I also have for each a I have one D so when I buy this 1200 I’m going to buy
this 1200 DS as well so I have 4,000 on week 6 and week 7 I have 1200 so let’s
start with the PAB projected available balance for week 5 it is going to be 280
because I don’t have any activity week 6 I need to calculate my quantity that I
can order is 5,000 okay so I can order 5,000 so I
I have 4,000 as my requirement on hand I have 280 let’s apply this let’s find the
net requirements first what is my net requirements my net requirements will be this 4,000 that is needed and I have 280
that is 37 20 that is my net requirement but I can buy only 5000 I cannot buy
3720 so I’m going to buy 5,000 here my PAB is going to be right now PBT
minus 1 which is 280 okay – gross requirements of 4000 plus I don’t have
any scheduled receipts so zero and I have a planned order receipt of 5000 and
that comes to 1280 1280 will be by PA B or the projected available balance so
let’s go to week seven week seven I need 1,200. I have 1280. So, what is my
balance? 1280 – 1200 which is my G R there is no SR… I’m not buying anything
so that is it so that is going to be 80 I’m going to carry that 80 here when I
come to week 9 I have 80 but I need to I need 270 what is my requirements my
requirement will be 270 minus 80 I need 190 but I cannot buy 190 because
my total quantity is 5000 that’s what I can buy so I’m going to buy 5,000 what
is my PA be here my PAB is going to be 80…
which is the week… the week before plus sorry – my gross requirements of 270
plus no scheduled receipts zero plus I’m going to order 5000 so it is 4810 will
be my PAB… do not forget to buy these 5000 here and 5000 here where is the
lead time lead time is 1 week so I have to buy this in week 5 and I have to buy
this in week 8 that completes my MRP. Please go to online exercise 8 and
practice this.

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