Online Business For Sale – $24.5K/month in the Health Supplements Niche

thank you for tuning into our cellar interview series of today we've got an Amazon FBA business for sale and the health and supplements niche created in January 2016 this business makes twenty four thousand four hundred and seventy four dollars per month and net profit we do these interviews to get potential buyers more information about both the seller and the sites so looking to purchase we hope these insights are helpful for you and making a buying decision we've got the seller with us today to go through the business and cover everything from niche selection to traffic and monetization how are you doing today Marco yeah thanks for getting on with me today I'm looking forward to our chat before we get to the questions that I have for you I'm gonna go ahead and run through a quick summary of the business again the business was built in January of 2016 has a monthly revenue of ninety two thousand thirty two dollars expenses of sixty seven thousand five hundred and fifty eight dollars to make for a net profit of twenty four thousand four hundred and seventy four dollars which is generated on a 12-month average included in the sale of this business are 13 active SKUs three discontinued SKUs domain site content and files Facebook page a Twitter profile and trademark the seller is willing to include the Amazon seller central account if necessary please note that inventory is not normally included in the list price further details can be provided to active depositors Marco can you tell us a little bit about your background and building and running online businesses yeah sure my background was in construction I was general contractor but I had lots of friends we're doing online marketing like affiliate marketing and stuff I was really interested into this kind of business I tried affiliate marketing on and off on the side with a lower little success and then they came up and signed up with a course for Amazon FBA business and I really followed the course and took all the steps and their business took off yeah so how did you come up with the idea to start this business obviously that was how you got started with Amazon FBA in terms of how this business this niche these products came to be you know where'd you get the idea to source the products from us I really want to toast the brothers from us and everyone needs to go and a health niche because I'm taking supplements myself and I know I kinda was thinking but I'd be good thing to sell quality healthy supplements and started my research initial research and find the great supplier to work with and that's how it started the health niche yeah so why are you selling the business today I got a really great opportunity to invest some money and real estate business that actually I would be investing myself in some land in down in Mexico so that's the reason of the sale so when talking about how you're doing with the business now you know how much time are you putting into the business now you know on a week-to-week basis how many hours would you say you invest I rest between five and ten depends on a week I do check the listings every morning myself that's my routine my daily routine I wake up in the morning I spend I drink my coffee I look over the listings that everything is in order it not necessary to do it every day you could do it every other day this is my routine five to ten hour so five to ten hours a week and that's you know going back to the numbers that I outlined earlier that's making twenty four thousand dollars every single month working five to ten hours a week I mean obviously that is you know a lot of money for not a ton of time invested into the business how does the business make money how the business makes money at this moment is really very loyal machines I ordered supplies from factory they go directly to Amazon FBA and most of the sales have been on Amazon platform customer service I have outsourced I have a trade person who is doing all the customer service emails and that's how it works so you have a customer service person yes do you have any other employees no that's it I have a customer service only and we have create created like whole points of email templates so it's really easy to answer every customer question do you know if this employee is willing to continue working with the business when a new buyer takes over I did ask and they everything to negotiate yeah so we have the Facebook page and the Twitter profile set up for the business I mean what have you done with the social media I built them to just to have a presence I haven't done much somebody could utilize it more but I created a Twitter page I created a Facebook page and we have some followers and folks comment and like some other posts so yeah it's it's growing slowly are you actively working on them you know or is that something that a new owner should look at it's an opportunity not working actively on it so if somebody knows how to exploit the Facebook platform that works super awesome that's not my strongest side yeah so I guess another question I have in terms of marketing you know what else are you doing for marketing are they few things at the beginning I did Google did something I did some Pinterest but actually if you put all the efforts on Amazon internal PPC there is a flood of traffic you can harvest so I've been focusing almost on PPC internal Amazon PPC and how has that been working have the numbers been showing you that you're getting a high conversion on the PPC yes our conversion rates are really good and PPC and also there lots of our products are subscribe and save so need to spend money PPC there's no way to control this number so check those numbers but I'm estimating that some percentage of people will sign up for the SUBSCRIBE and save and that will expand our customer line and sales yeah so you have a domain associated with the business do you have a website set up yes we do have a set up a Shopify store for our brand yeah so it's a Shopify site that's all ready to go did you set that up more in line with the social media pages where you set it up to just try to give yourself more of a presence online or do you make a lot of sales from the Shopify site it's about more things for the online presence and for branding would you make some sales from the website but still Thomas on his main sales channel so it's me make some sales but it's not a ton most of the revenue comes from Amazon that's all right have you looked at you know do you do a lot with SEO work and Google Adwords and stuff like that or is that an opportunity for the new owner that'll be a new opportunity for I wanna see the mark on what are some of the other big opportunities that you see I mean we've already outlined some like you know utilizing the social medium or you know doing the SEO and Google Adwords and stuff like that for the Shopify site but you know what do you feel are the big opportunities difference two things are both utilize immediately will they expand the different marketplaces like Amazon Web sorry Walmart calm and just come and add more products to our product line you have 13 active SKUs alright and three discontinued SKUs why aren't you selling those skills anymore they did not take off and we did spend some money to trying to get them going and there was a bit manic return on these products so with discontinuity do you feel like getting new products that up would be easy do you have a supplier with easy access to similar products that you could send out yes would you have a great supplier has a hundreds of products in stock so in a short notice you can order short them out I mean a small amount of products and wisdom Ramazan how many different countries are you currently selling in we're sending in us only at this problem do you feel like in addition to getting on the other platforms that you mentioned like for instance Walmart jet do you feel like expanding into other market places like for instance Amazon UK Amazon Canada using the Shopify site to ship worldwide you feel like that is an opportunity it's the opportunity we do sell some through Shopify some people have Buy and they're using their it forward businesses to ship to them to different countries do you have a trademark on the brand which you have a trademark so are you part of Amazon's brand registry program yes do you feel like there are any other big opportunities that you want to mention before we move on from opportunities this could really grow the business these two things amend more products and expand Amazon and check yeah I mean you clearly have some products that are selling I mean you're making twenty four thousand dollars a month in profit and that's money going into your pocket and you know if you could add more products that will sell well and it get your products on an expanding list of marketplaces I mean there's no reason to think that this business couldn't grow HST that's it the checks the last week and the C home we have about 10,000 to 11,000 searches for our friend or mahsun monthly already so we have a good friend presence so the test new products were really very easy do you feel like there are any big risks associated with this business that you want to buyer to be aware of we are an awesome platform and just if you would flavored Amazon Terms of Service I don't see any big risks mm-hmm we are really like playing everything by the terms of service and Amazon and it's a awesome platform to sell yeah I mean I guess that is one thing worth mentioning when you are on someone else's platform like for instance Amazon you do have to play by their rules and that you know may change how you run the business a little bit but I mean as long as you said as long as you adhere to the Terms of Service there's no reason to think that that would be any sort of risk yeah because this is a third party seller on Amazon that's if you could have any chunk for them oh for sure for sure the FBA platform is you know I obviously can't speak in definites but it's probably not going anywhere just due to the fact as you said I mean it's a big source of revenue for Amazon yeah I guess a question that I have in terms of risks is in the health supplements niche is there anything you know obviously when you deal with health there could potentially be a little bit of a risk in terms of you know people looking at the products weirdly or anything like that I mean are these pretty secure products they're pretty safe and our supplier is very the integrity of the products is a really high quality products they're coming from a great supplier and I have big trust on them and we're not making any crazy health claims so yeah I mean I guess it all comes back to the fact that you're making a lot of money and obviously if you were making these outrageous claims with the health supplements that weren't true people would look at it and it wouldn't buy the products but that's obviously not true because you have such a strong foundation on Amazon you have a you know you said you get a lot of people searching for your brand on Amazon I mean this is a strong business already and there are plenty of ways to grow it more like using social media growing an email as getting on other platforms I mean expanding the product line a I mean do you feel the same way I do yeah it's an awesome business Authority and it said there's some potential to grow it with all of that said though I for one would have no real knowledge in terms of health supplements and how you know what kind of products are good and what kind of claims to stay away from when looking at selling new products I mean is there a learning curve associated with taking over the business in terms of the niche it helps to be familiar with the supplements but there is so much information available and also from the supplier we could trade the information about the brower products would you walk a new owner through how you go about choosing products to sell oh yeah I mean that would be like for 30 60 days I could have to make sure the new order would be comfortable running the business I think that'll be plenty of time and would that include email support Skype calls yes awesome would you commit to a non-compete oh yeah absolutely and obviously the best case scenario is that someone comes along and you know can give you an offer of a hundred percent cash for what you're looking for but you know sometimes that doesn't happen are you willing to negotiate on something like an urn out I would but my only reason for selling is would be for chunk of cash mm-hmm so I could invest in different place it has to be a significant amount of front end and some of it could be on terms yeah and that definitely makes sense so Marco I have a final question for you but before we get to it I want to go ahead and run through the quick summary of the business again the business was built in January of 2016 has a monthly revenue of ninety two thousand thirty two dollars expenses of sixty seven thousand five hundred and fifty eight dollars to make for a net profit of twenty four thousand four hundred and seventy four dollars which was generated on a 12-month average included in the sale of this business are 13 active SKUs three discontinued SKUs domain sigh content files Facebook and Twitter pages and a trademark the seller is willing to include the Amazon seller central account if necessary please note that inventory is not normally included in the list price further details can be provided to active depositors Marco can you just kind of recap everything that we spoke about in terms of the business and in you know 30 seconds can you kind of give me your best pitch on why someone should purchase this business very well running business at the moment and if somebody is looking for established business on Amazon and health supplement needs that recruiting takes really little time to run it and I'm doing it from Mexico of living rented spending winters in Mexico so yeah I think it's somebody looking for the establishment and Amazon yeah I mean it's definitely an established business and you've you're part of the brand registry program you have a trademark people trust the brand people search for the brand you're making a lot of money for the business for the amount of time that you're putting into it and it's just there are also a lot of opportunities that you can grow the business even more with and I mean we spoke about some of them on the call but I mean just in my opinion utilizing the Shopify site in trying to do SEO and Facebook advertising generate and email us all that stuff I mean this business could really grow even more than it already is and if you don't want to do that stuff if you just want to come in and continue running the business is I mean there's no reason to think that the business won't make more money yeah we did put we spend money on branding all our products are boxed so just to create a brand presence to create a trademark and just we're trying to build up the business up for a long term so and I mean there you go the business has been primed for being run long term has a strong foundation and it's ready for someone to take over it and grow it even more yeah exactly thank you so much Marco for taking the time today no problem thank you if you're watching this on youtube subscribe to our channel if you want more information the link will be below the video that will take you to this marketplace listing if you're watching this on Veloz excite a lot more information become a depositor today when you make the deposit one of our business advisors will be in contact with you you'll be given everything you need to review this business have a great day you

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