Onion Carrot Uttapam-Variety Dosa Recipe By Healthy Food Kitchen-Recipe in English

hi the dish that we are going to prepare today is onion carrot oath upon the ingredients required are chopped onion chopped coriander chopped carrot and a few curry leaves and a pinch of salt pepper powder and jeera powder take a kadai and add 2 spoons of oil to it now add the chopped onions to the indica die once the onions are deep-fried we have to add the next vegetable together the onions have turned golden brown hair for a deep carrot and curry leaf to it now fry them well now add a pinch of salt to it as the those are better contain salt add a little of salt not too much add a spoon of jeera powder 1/2 spoon of pepper powder and mix all them together no idea doors are better and prepare the dosa spread the onion and carrot mixture over the dosa once it has been added add the coriander leaves to it no wait know what the bottoms in Abydos is Bible that for the other side should also be fried well for a spoon of oil now the dosa is ready both sides are fried we'll only in karat uttapam is ready

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  1. How to make the dosa batter for uttappam. Will it be same ratio as you showed in crispy dosa recipe or different. Pls reply. Thanks

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