One Week of VEGAN LUNCHES — 7 Easy & Healthy Recipes

hi guys so I just finished recording a full week of what I eat for lunch all the recipes that I'm using I'm using from my recipe app it's called five sick health so just type that in an app store and you'll find it also some of my recipes are in my recipe ebook and I will also write all of the ingredients that I use in the description box down below so you can remake the recipes anytime you want so let's go and start with the number one on Monday [Applause]


  1. Those all look tasty 😋

  2. Such yummy and healthy ideas!!!! Thank you ❤️

  3. Ohh i wanted to dowbload your app but its not available for android 😭😭

  4. These are some terrific recipes thank you I'm going to try them!

  5. What are u mixing?

  6. Hi Alex! I loved the video! Thank you so much! Can you please do a video on the exercises you do through out the week…like what you do day by day and how long your workouts last. Thanks for all your wonderful videos!

  7. Everything looks so tasty and healthy. So creative too. Can't wait to try some of these.

  8. yum!!

  9. Which camera do you use ?

  10. All of this looks great! Definitely will have a look at the ebook!

  11. Thank you for the recipes!
    Do you know the calories?

  12. Haha jag satt o åt lite pringleschips och råkade sätta igång videon 🙂 Pringles är ju också veganskt – i alla fall röda röret, dvs den som bara är saltad.

    Det fick mig att tänka… Vad för veganska godsaker finns det att köpa i matbutikerna mer än chipsen från Pringles? Vilka andra chips? Vad för slags popcorn kan man göra? Om man vill ha smörsmak så kan man ju inte smälta vanligt smör och Bregott osv, men nåt annat måste ju gå att använda 🙂

    Tror jag sa det förut. Att jag tror nog att jag aldrig blir vegan nånsin i mitt liv, men jag gillar ju att lära mig mer om vad man kan äta som vegan 🙂 så jag älskar verkligen dina videosar 💖💖💖 du är min min MIN veganexpert 🙂 🙂

    Massa massa hearts till dig som alltid, och inte vilka hearts som helst utan awesome hearts ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. you are so beautiful. I love your eyes.

  14. That’s what i need!thank you

  15. Really Really love u recipes can you please do a dinner edition😍😍

  16. Absolutely love your videos so inspiring ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. These look AMAZING I cant wait to try them!! im a small youtube and im so in awe of how amazing your content is and how quickly your channel is growing!! you should make a video on youtube tips (:

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