One Man's Journey to a Healthier Life


  1. 2.5 km *3 -7.5km? A day? Like wow is it or am I i wrong

  2. Walmart produce sucks..

  3. Ellen! You are simply amazing person 😘

  4. This is very encouraging. well done Pat!

  5. Very Calm and Humble 🙄🙄

  6. Those 58 dislikes are obese and hates exercise.

  7. Walmart cut the check.🤑

  8. Totally awesome to the max

  9. Top bloke!!! Good on ya bro.

  10. His face when she told him Walmart wanted to help him….Youare the real MVP Pat! Congrats and good luck on your journey!!!

  11. What a wonderful character he has .

    By the way it's always been about discipline there is no magic cure to being healthy also you do not have to be stick thin to look and feel good, the goal weight thing is a bit over done being 20-30 pounds over in my mind is nothing and is proven not to be unhealthy too, the goal should be to get healthy and not necessarily to a goal weight.

  12. Still here for this video a yr later! 👍

  13. why to go pat congratulations you are an insprations to lots of people.

  14. A gentle giant❤

  15. He's so right about being ignored if you're fat. I was invisible until I started losing weight, and I hadn't even realized ppl had stopped talking to me until they started again. Suddenly ladies at church, strangers at the store, even ppl at restaurants would compliment me on my clothes or my hair. That thing Ellen always says about being kind to one another doesn't exclude fat people. They could be battling health issues or are on medications that keep them from losing weight easily. And trust me, they know they're fat. A little kindness could go a long way.

  16. This is motivational

  17. They be running with that check so fast 🤣🤣 I would be taking it even faster 😂

  18. he sounds so humble & down to earth.
    amazing achievement!

  19. I met him at a club when he was big… Amazing how much he changed

  20. this need more views n likes
    SO much respect

  21. He's a fantastic person and an inspiration to alot of people.

  22. Yea he put Walmart on the map for something good ,,,,good health is Never related to Walmart ,,,,,,,,so $225 k is nothing for this kind of advertising ,,,,,,even Ellen had to do a little bit of talking up their brand and what they provide ,,,,,,,,,,,,he deserves that cheque

  23. Finally I can comment ! Doesn’t anyone think that chick who always surprises guests is a freaking SPAZ !! Omg sometimes she’s more excited than the guests hahahah

  24. Im pretty sure the cheque came from the employees of walmart

  25. I'm glad to have found this video. My wife and I have started our journey/8 day detox! We are doing great and I definitely have great expectations after watching Pat's success!!

  26. I've seen this man on YouTube. He is amazing!

  27. People go crazy when a man live unhealthy and just for one year change his diet and plan and loose weight
    But don't give a damn for someone who has lived healthy and had clean diet for his/her whole life

  28. give him 250k

  29. Wow hes really tall O.o

  30. In this day an age where we have our leaders selfishly lining their pockets by decrees that sponsor it's nice to see people do things to help out another person. this video is much needed in this world we live in

  31. From 320 pounds jan 2017 july 2017 300 lbs 32% fat dec 2017 270 29% jan 2018 very motivated losing weight

  32. Dude straight out lookin' like an NBA player tho :v

  33. I like😻…his personality and determination is so attractive i like him when he chubby 💓😍

  34. God bless him👍 keep up the good work

  35. This guy goes to my gym that’s crazy how he was on Ellen

  36. "Please don't eat me"!😂😂

  37. I'm from Avondale Arizona , he was probably touring when I was growing up because I don't recall seeing him (Avondale is small) this is good shit here tho props to the man , we got some real athletes that come out of Avondale, everyone griffan , Aaron from the philies, Felix from the NBA

  38. The first time I saw this guy was on To Tell the Truth and only one person guessed that he was the one telling the truth

  39. Congratulations!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 this is great discipline

  40. Way to go!!! Great job

  41. When he said "at 600 lbs people don't talk to you" it really haunted me.

  42. Love ❤️😘😘😘😍😍

  43. So… Walmart is wealthy enough to give money away to charities and talk shows but too poor to give their employees more hours or increase their employees wages? If Walmart has enough money to give away, Walmart has enough money to stop cutting hours and pay their employees a more reasonable living wage.

  44. I am on my weight loss journey. He is such an inspiration to me. You can tell he is a good person on the inside and out. Good job!!! 😊

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