Olympic Champion Matthew Centrowitz Workout Wednesday

we are at a Piscopo High School in Alexandria Virginia we're here to film workout that consists of eight three hundreds in about 47 seconds and a brisk 100 jog in between in 20 seconds so hopefully a two-mile that will come out to 856 3200 to be exact and we'll go for about a three mile run and then come back with about six hundred rake down six hundred four hundred three hundred two hundred and maybe another two hundred this is the first time I've done this kind of workout I've done like 300 short rest but not with a hundred meter jog in twenty I've done them in like 40 to 45 seconds so this will be interesting today there might be some carnage out there I don't know you just have to wait find out it's more of a test just to see where he's at building it back here approximately seven weeks you know Alberto was really helpful throughout in he was the saying look you got to be happy wherever you are and Austin great having my dad well obviously I've had a few setbacks so I think he's like keeping a closer eye on me right now making sure that I'm you know kind of getting back to the basics like ten minutes late how much in trouble you think I am thanks I need it all right no bad guests during this alright alright David no throwing up okay let's go good good little fast good 45 lat good okay pick it up pick it up 21 22 okay 45 but now you gotta keep your job going you slow okay 47 let's push the job everybody can run fast when he get rest okay good we got 20 go okay good stuff all right so far we're doing well on a separate day I haven't got the job down yet okay we've got 47 on that good okay now the jog every got support somebody has to be in charge of that job okay 19 better goes its own time 3:21 day 47 great 19:19 better 47 flat nobody else take the job one foot you see on it one take the job you got to pass each other five laps is damn right you're supposed to be I believe five laps is there did you finish son no cuz you're not even thinking the other kids are wiped out that's good now take the job good great that was our 46 18 night 20 that's plenty Oh at the time thank you 16:18 come on kid corn great 4818 oats top good 46 to keep going wait 18 now good yeah what was the total time for Matthew okay 854 that's good good start right yeah wasn't easy no it was it easy at all justify to two guys that didn't finish my lungs are screaming my quads what lactic you can overthink certain workouts you know if you just break it down it's like an a 56 2 mile it's not that bad but when you're like a 56 2 mile and a fourth of it is 520 pace you're kind of like that's not an easy way to run it you know and you kind of start thinking like overthinking it so I think the best thing to do is just kind of come out here know what you need to do and just get it done okay so let's do a little jog yeah let's go like 6:30 you know just don't don't jaws but don't run yeah it's okay with you yes that Olympic woman just kind of solidified everything and just reinforced that a lot of hard work does pay off you know I grew a lot from it certainly he had a lot of fun celebrating the whole last year in the fall after of it I was definitely enjoying it and I probably enjoy it a little too much are we off camera nah 2017 I had numerous setbacks a little small hamstring thing popped up but took me out this past summer and then you know one week turned into three three weeks started to almost like two months so I was like pretty down and pretty upset about it after getting my butt kicked so many times and and losing all these races and you know disappointing races now coming up on two years I think now I've kind of had my feet down now and my head is out of the clouds and I'm ready now let's get back to work so now we're going to come back and do two sets of 6 4 3 2 1 hey those slows you want just good really yeah this is not camera I don't want them to think I'm a hard-ass dad okay Alberto why me whip your ass but I decided not to why do you think I moved back east yeah right now he's missed a lot of time and now Berto and I both just happy that he is healthy and he's doing good work we're not too scientific at this stage when we get down to Australia and we're gonna go for it down there I've had a lot of messages from Austrian athletes and fans and even people from New Zealand as well and they're excited it's making me super excited so he only has three competitions in three and a half weeks so that's not a lot Australia will introduce competition and you know least worldwide times at least enter that arena let's go go go go good good right through line wait 1:31 flat great okay I'm ready we got the film guy ready don't mess it up by Scott alright you better be a camera and get all the girls that was constantly looking for you not with that one good right your line very good guys fifty nine nine perfect okay good job take turn around walk you got good good good pacing good 42:8 5:20 we just strike strike strike come on David get on them twenty-eight right not enough 28 good job good job guys very good very good ok let's talk a little bit jog down very good let's talk down and then we'll talk a little bit ok since I've made the move out here I've been healthy trains and one really consistent some really good and yeah I know I'm just barely top ten on the mile and I and I believe I'm third in the 1500 I gotta get under 350 for the mile I'd like to get under 330 obviously three 1500 fits is a mile the 1500 so be it just like to be an American record holder and one of those events yeah I feel like the pressures off and now everything is just kind of like icing on the cake so and I want that icing


  1. ironman workout

  2. 5 laps is there! You’re supposed to be Ivy League! Dead

  3. "Anybody can run fast when they get rest"

  4. When I heard the 300s were at 47 I was like, wait this just sounds like an all out workout for me, but then I saw that they transition from the run to the jog with no stops. Very impressive.

  5. It's amazing how many different running forms you see out there. And they all seem to make it work.

  6. Now he’s not even a top 5 guy

  7. No wonder he has had injuries.

  8. What a NY asshole for a father. Wow.

  9. I like this guy and waiting him take the revenge from Jakob ingebrigtsen

  10. this has to be the best workout Wednesday

  11. 8:54 on the 3200m?? On a good day I can do a 1600m in 7:30 and he doin twice the distance in barely more time damnnn

  12. Yes, nice to have some input in between the workout showcase. Beautifully done.

  13. what boring awful sport

  14. He’s in my newest video 🤞🏽

  15. Centrowitz has come a long way since running passed my house during high school practices.

  16. That one guy runs like an ostrich.

  17. That Olympic Gold race was rigged.

  18. the darkest white man in existance holy shit.

  19. Working with Salazar? Ahhh k that's all we needed to know 💉

  20. Dumb question how do they get paid

  21. Hi plss help

  22. all on a day? :O

  23. Austrian athletes? 6:48


  25. I

  26. Why he training here that nigga Australian the fuck

  27. I love this site … You could see athletes actually running ….

  28. Shit he sounds uncanny to Gags yelling at you in practice

  29. there are so many ways to run an 8:56 but this by far looks the most painful

  30. 7:48 listen closely he roasts the dude that runs like a cockroach

  31. Matt just casually beat the state record in my state with his total time in the 3200 lol

  32. What is your diat

  33. 8:56 2-mile pace “not bad”

  34. 👍👍👍

  35. what is the purpose of the 3mi. jog in the middle?

  36. Thé jedi 💖

  37. I don't think I'll ever be able to define a 20s 100m as a "jog"

  38. $10 says that the guy doing the high knees will pull his hamstring.

  39. That one dude’s form is so strange

  40. “8:56 two mile not that bad”

  41. Hey. I’ve ran on that track before

  42. Matt looks smooth. But maybe it's because his training partners are THE goofiest looking humans on planet earth.

  43. Guy seems like a dick

  44. Her yerden Nike çıkıyor

  45. Does any1 know what's the name of Matt Centrowitz' bag?? It looks cool

  46. Sir, I'm getting very early with your videos Sir Must have to die in 1500 meters 4:20 pm Sir, please upload your Practice Video

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