Olympian Yuliya Yelistratova tests YouTuber Susana Yabar’s Triathlon Fitness | Hitting the Wall

Hi, my name is Susana.
I’m a Spanish influencer. I have a YouTube channel, and today, I’m going
to meet Yuliya, an Olympic triathlon athlete, but I’m not scared. I know she swims, she run,
she do bicycle. And I have done these before,
so why not? I think I can make it,
so let’s get started. (HITTING THE WALL) My name is
Yuliya Yelistratova, and I am Olympic triathlete
from Ukraine. Now we are in my hometown,
Zhytomyr, and Susana is coming soon
to join me in the full day
of my workout. I’m wondering how it will go,
because I know that it’s a completely
new experience for her. She’s not really familiar
with my sport discipline, and I do hope she can swim, but I’m really excited. I’m sure it will be great day. Hi, Susana, welcome to Ukraine. Hi, Yuliya, nice to meet you. – Thank you so much.
– Nice to meet you, too. Are you ready for the
challenge? Yes, I am, but what are we
going to do? We will be swimming, biking,
and running. Perfect. So you’re ready to go
for my workout? Yes, let’s get started. OK, let’s go. So, Susana, we came
first of all to the gym, because normally, before each
training session, I do just a brief stretching. A short warm-up. So you start doing this
very young, no? In my childhood,
I went for dancing. I believe it helped me start
in sports. That’s nice. So at 12 years, I started
swimming, and triathlon I started in 15. What about these things
that you have there? Did you bring them
for some reason? Yeah, I brought the bands. And this band is more
for strength training, not general,
but specifically for swim. There are also many drills
with this band. Now it’s not stretching, it’s
strength. You will feel it now. Yeah, I don’t know, I feel
it already to look at you. It’s more now like stroking
the sea, so you can try now. OK. Phew. You feel your muscle? – I feel it a lot.
– Yes, this is good. That’s good. – How many?
– Well, for the beginner… Tell me, Yuliya, how many! I want to save your energy
for swim, bike, run. We have three disciplines,
so we need all muscles. Relax. Relax, yeah. So at the end,
this is very short, no? But it helps… Yes, it’s rather short,
but because… we have about five hours
of other training today, so you can devote
too much time for the gym. Susana, as you know, triathlon
starts with the swimming, so it’s really important part
of our competitions. So today I would like to do
some open-water swim with you, and I brought some equipment
to do exercises in the water. Perfect. I have, yeah, I have paddles
for you, band for you. The idea is to fix your feet
with a band. Together? – Put them together, yes.
– And just both? Yeah, yeah, both. Let me help. Both of them? – Both legs, yeah.
– Really? OK. We use it for training. Paddles we use for power, and for strength we use band. So for you,
it’s just swim and swim, no? With all of this, so easily. You swim freestyle,
like you normally do, – but with this equipment…
– Yeah, yeah, very normal. I know it will be
a bit unusual for you, but you should try. So right now we should dive
in the water. – You come with me, no?
– Yeah, yeah, I’ll follow you. Tell me when to swim. – One, two, three, go. You are doing well. Whoo, I’m exhausted! Yeah, I think it was
a success for your first time. You managed? I did my best. Yeah, well done. You push as hard as you can, and as far as you are ready
to go for today. And I’ll do twice more. OK, yes, please. We come back together. OK, one, two, three! (OLYMPIC TRIATHLON SWIM
DISTANCE: 1.5KM) Go, go, go, go! – OK.
– OK. In triathlon, fast transition
is really, really important, because each second counts
for your total result. One, two, three. Go, faster, faster, faster. (OLYMPIC TRIATHLON CYCLE
DISTANCE: 40KM) Go on! Teamwork, this’ll do it! And now? Now we’re going for the run. OK. Go, go, go, go, go! (OLYMPIC TRIATHLON RUN
DISTANCE: 10KM) Whoo! Here we go,
but we need two more laps to cross the finish line. OK, yeah. OK? So first one wins. Oh, come on, no. You’re going to win. – Give me…
– OK, I’ll give you some time. OK, I go? – Yeah, go.
– OK. Let me lay down. Congratulations
on your first triathlon. I’m super happy. I’m super happy, thank you
so much for the help. My pleasure. I’m really glad you made it. It’s harder than what I expect, because I know, I know to swim. I know to bicycle. I know to run. But this is another level. Whoo! Yes, I’m sure that you will
want to repeat it in future. You think so? OK, let me rest a day! And tomorrow I can call you
and talk to you.


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