Olle Johansson "Health effects of electromagnetic fields"


  1. I am looking for the UN documents he mentioned on functional impairments.  Does anyone know where the link can be found?

  2. Thanks a lot for your valuable information.

  3. There is a scientifically proven solution on the market to protect yourself from the electrosmog. www.ctbespana.com

  4. Benjamin Franklin boycotted the US Government back in his day warning what would happen to humans if subjected to electromagnetic fields. Those who study electrical engineering are required to study his documents. Children were being diagnosed with cancer from power plants being located right next to the elementary school in Phoenix AZ in 1980s. Mr. Franklin warned us. Newest generation may be born prepared to acclimate to the environment ….eating less meat and more food that grows from the healthy earth soil (if you can find that type of food).

  5. Please can anybody give me the essential things he said?
    I dont have a time

  6. Where I live I can spot 30 wifi signals in my home,is that bad?

  7. It seems that Olle Johansson takes Joseph Göbbels as the primary example of a propagandist, when in reality Göbbels was defeated by those who dominated the world both then and now. Jesus speaks about them in John 8:43-49.

  8. I've been testing some FPV-gear for my drone. After playing half an hour with the settings, while having the 5.8GHz Videotransmitter on, I felt a strong rising headache and in a sudden, experienced a loud tinitus sound on both ears. I turned the VTX off and within a minute, headache AND tinitus were gone.

    The next experience I made was, that at the same time, when I turn on the drone AND touch the tip of the 600mW 5,8GHz Videotransmitter Antenna, it feels like a sudden burn, like if I was touching the tip of a soldering iron or, if I was touching into some high-voltage beam, which I (voluntarily) experienced as a trainee for radio- and tv-repairs. It really hurts, lol, and can therefore be considered intrinsic and bad.

  9. And it all falls on deaf ears.

  10. I am electrohypersensitive, have moved from my 35 year home into a remote area to escape rf frequencies at a epic loss of my social and economic foundation. After just 2 years in my new "safe place" Telus put in 6 micro-towers right in my small neighbourhood! This is AFTER I wrote to every leader in the surrounding municipalities and MLA's and Parks to let them know I was electrohypersensitive when I moved here. Also Telus knew since 2008 after a long campaign against Telus's massive relay towers at my last home which pointed down on my condo. I got deathly sick and recovered slowly only by moving in this remote forested area. I am so angry, there is no safe place: www. ertyu.org (Canadian Cell Tower Map)

  11. There are eugenicists that would not think twice about turning up the microwaves in your area…human or alien these beings work through (or are) people like Margaret Sanger who ,under the guise of 'planned parenthood', were ready to kill every black person in the USA!

  12. the federal court in switzerland has recently dismissed a wifii case where a man made a claim against his neighbor, what hope is there left? Shielding? Cost a fortune! I now use baryt, shungit and rose quarz, any other suggestions? fb radiation protection group

  13. Someone please buy this guy a tree to hug.

  14. Wow quite shocking. You should also be aware of Dirty Electricity, as you can see in this video… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZeCVbPVhEw

  15. What a sweet humble man ! Thank God for him !

  16. Wow Just wow

  17. Psdeudoscientific bullshit.

  18. Today he is being proven totally RIGHT! All over the World the criminal cell phone industry are starting to be panicky! T

  19. A selfish scientist would never convey this incredibly important information that the industry / capital wants to relinquish. You are a great man Olle!

  20. I used cb radio for years, now since fiber network installed in town and Vodafone is transmitting data through powerlines it is having effect on it,causing me pains In head, chest and pins and needles when ac PSU is switched on constant strong crackling on SW radio and 11m, please investigate if possible.

  21. thank you olle for your research…you have a ripple effect brother

  22. All these scientists presume that the "biblical" and "astronomical" overwhelming exposure is somehow accidental, or oversight. What if it is, in fact, on purpose, done by design to depopulate?
    Obama's long-sitting science czar wrote a 1,400 page textbook describing ways to secretly sterilize the mass population and thus depopulate the world. zombietime DAWT com / john_holdren

  23. Why doesn't IKEA Canada recognize this?! Cellular antennas (inside the building!) and countless DECT phones and routers throughout. :/

  24. million gullibe people rise every day, cheater stay in the place

  25. Great presentation! Many thanks!

  26. Sweet man, thank you.

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