Olive Oil & Black Seed Oil Is NOT FOOD!

greetings brothers and sisters family and friends I am the minister of wellness Nathanael Jordan I hope everybody's doing okay and you can probably tell I'm up early this morning to pump out some information early this morning to pump out information for those of you all who recognize this day as Father's Day happy Father's Day to you if you don't that's fine but for those who do and our father's happy Father's Day to you so I want to talk about oils I've been pumping out I'm trying to pump out videos as much as I can because it's important and I'm trying to cover topics that I constantly get questions on so I did a video on salt got some questions some people the questions were kind of framed in an argumentative tone and I don't I'm not about to debate and go back and forth when I present the information to you I'm presenting it as logically as I can and if I'm telling you that salt has a strong link to the epidemic of heart disease destroying our nation and you still want to frame the question in a debate if manner I'm not getting into it which if you want to feel like if you want to sort your food if you want to do what you want to do go ahead I'm not gonna argue with you made the video this is up to you to decide what you want to do with your health if you want to take the chance and salt your food go right ahead one of the worst things that you can do when it comes to your health they started trying to compare 2019 to thousands of years ago or times in the past this is not the past this is now and my information is to help people to live the longest lives they can now in 2019 and I believe I clearly state that in my videos but again many people they don't they don't not really serious about their health so they just jump from video to video of course I do a video blasting someone for sending me an email get a whole lot of videos then as soon as I move on to a more serious topic then the views get cut in third so only the ones that are truly serious keep up with all the videos like this and so I'm more apt to answer those questions and and so and then I did a video alcohol also but I knew the salt one I knew that would step on some toes and this one will – getting a lot of questions about oils people don't understand how to properly use essential oils I'm not against essential oils the black seed oils the olive oil is the coconut oils those are just three there's many more what I'm telling you is that they're not food it's not food it's nothing that meant to be food you shouldn't be consuming oils like food now some of you all are confused by that because you're like yeah but but we can take it internally right of course you can just like when you go the Walgreens that that legal drug store that legal drug store with the legal drug dealers inside of it Walgreens and you take their fake medicines like Tylenol what do you do with Tylenol you take it internally it's medicinal you don't eat Tylenol just because you take tylenol internally that that does that make tylenol food when you take what it sounds like nyquil you swallow it is you you take it internally but it's not food you all are getting confused by that okay just because black seed oil is medicinal olive oil is medicinal and it and there are some benefits like instead of taking the nyquil of all those fake liquid medicines instead you put some drops of black seed oil under your tongue and held it though you rub some on your skin which is much better to do it externally but there are some times or you can take it internally I have no doubt there's some benefits that doesn't make it food that doesn't mean then that you drink a whole bowl of olive oil of olive oil and black seed oil does that make sense see there there's a cut-off effect there's a cut-off effect when you but there's a level to where you lose the benefits and then you turn it from losing benefits and then you you turn something that's medicinal you try to turn it into food and you lose the benefits just because blacks eat it is oil is healthy that'll mean that you start frying chicken in black seed oil just because coconut oil is healthy for the skin that don't mean you start frying food and if they think you're doing you don't start drenching food drenching vegetables in drinking cups of black seed oil at a time if they always shoot if if black seed oil is medicinal that means I could drink a whole bottle of it right actually be okay as black seed or no that's that's just as foolish as thinking that you can drink a bottle of nyquil you lose the medicinal effects no you take one pill of nyquil or take one teaspoon every six hours and it's the same concept with the essential oils just because it's something that you can ingest does not mean it's food so that's the major misunderstanding you all are having when I say no oils I'm talking about as food all oil is 120 calories of pure fat if you're going to consume oil as food you need to keep it in the whole form the whole form is the seed so the benefits of the black seed oil the oil the black seed the whole black seed that's where came from it's 1,000 times more medicinal so if you want to consume black seed oil as food if you want to consume olive oil as food don't do the oil because you stripped away the fiber remember oil is still processed that's why you it's not food but putting it on your skin deodorant washing laundry we use lavender oil tea tree oil we use those now if I dish detergent laundry detergent I put coconut oil on my skin personally that's the proper use but just because coconut oil is healthy but no then so you see putting it on my skin and then you know whatever you put on your skin it goes in internally because it gets sucked in by the skin into the bloodstream you know or if you take a little black seed oil and you put some under your tongue but that don't mean that you sit there it's just like the DHA EPA supplement that I sell for brain healthy essential fatty acids you take a small amount and you ingest it they don't mean I open up the doggone bottle and drink it because it's not food it's a medicinal supplement that yes you in you take internally it's a medicine you have to look at essential oils as medicine when you're taking it internally not as food so you don't load it up in a smoothie you don't take a half a cup of backseat oil and put it in a smoothie no you've lost the medicinal effects now you just added a bunch of fat no instead of doing a black seed oil just buy some whole black seeds and then add that to your smooth because then you're keeping the fiber and the thousands of other micronutrients that come with it there's no such thing as an oil that is healthier than the whole form from which it came this is not complicated to understand you know so a lot of you are you you understand we're so far away from what we should be eating that there's a lot of unnecessary confusion it's really it's not that difficult is not that difficult and these are just things that you add on top of your diet anyway your diet should be a G bomb based diet is whole plant foods oil is not a whole food so we're you're already then even the whole food from which he came olives coconuts black seeds these are the whole food sources those aren't the emphases of your diet anyway those are just small additions the emphasis of your diet is not black seed oil as green vegetables beans onions mushroom bears you see that's just icing on the cake so there's nothing to fret about brothers and sisters you shouldn't be fretting you shouldn't be so confused and overwhelmed know your diet is plant rich these are just details that I'm going over because even the whole black seed will just be a small part of your diet so yes if you want to when you adding your flax seeds in and you want to put a teaspoon of black seeds whole black seeds and your smoothie I have nothing against that but don't start loading and dumping a half a bottle of black seed oil and your smoothie or dumping a whole you know slathering instead of for your salad dressing Alma just drench you with olive oil because olive oil is healthy no no that's what you're misunderstanding you're taking something medicinal and trying to turn it into food and that's because we're so brain we're not using that's that's from that's from our peel for every ill mentality so we're not using critical thinking but you know what people do that with the fake poisons with man-made medicines so that mentality is carrying over to God's medicines because that's what people do you know people do that with man's medicines they take more and more and more to they become addicted to it and the tylenol pill it clearly tells you know you take one pill yes its internal but this is not food you take one tylenol pill wait six hours take another it's not food but you have some people that don't do that they'll be like well she would have one pill helps my headache let me take two three four five six seven and that's why they put the warning on there for people who are in that mentality which is foolish but people still do it and end up dying from overdosing on Tylenol and what I'm saying is that you all you're you're applying that type of nonsensical thinking you're carrying that mentality over to the essential oils and it's going to keep you fat and sick because you're taking that same mentality okay well if your black seed oil is healthy if this is a medicinal oil I mean shoot the more the better right wrong no it's not better just like it's not better than ingest more Tylenol just like tylenol is not food essential oils is not food olive oil is not food coconut oil is not food and black seed oil is not food these are oils when used correctly when used correctly in their proper context they offer excellent benefits but we should not be cooking them as food now yes if you start using the argument of going back a thousand years ago that's somewhat people's favorite arguments always look in years and years ago such as in the men are doing in the Mediterranean diet olive oil is a staple and so people that look back and say well minister wellness but back then the no olive oil yeah but first of all the bulk of their diet with fruits and vegetables and then they were working out all day so that offset that offset the the caloric density of the olive oil that offset the caloric density things change based on your environment and how you live if you work in our outdoors if you're a farmer in the heat a thousand years ago with no technology well half a cup olive oil hurt you not this is 2019 we have to make adjustments we can't afford to consume four or five hundred calories with the oil with no fiber it goes from your lips to your hips within 10 minutes fire oil has no fiber attached to it how are you gonna burn that off you're not because we don't even have enough we barely have enough time in a day to go to Planet Fitness it's hard enough to get an hour of workout in so we have to adjust our diet now and in our times we cannot consume oil in that manner it makes no sense then the whole food that it came from is much healthier why would why do we believe why do you believe that the extracted is better than the whole who taught you that who told you that that makes no sense just like that tylenol that point that tylenol all of that is that's a super processed form of a herb you do know that right that's all those poisons there's super processed forms of whole herbs and spices and plant foods so if that if if you know that that's not better than the whole which most people don't why would you think that black seed oil is healthier than the whole black seed that it came from or that coconut oil is healthier than the whole coconut or olive oil is healthier than the whole olive what we've been brainwashed in oil and oil is addicting when you consume oil you're less food it is addicting so again there there's been plenty of studies plenty of Studies on this we don't want to duplicate what they did that was run just because they could get away with doing something they don't mean we want to do that just because in Tom's past they might have been able to get away with doing things and their diet that was not ideal we don't want to do that we want to take to our diet to a whole new level and again it's important to fit our diet for our times and again all know oil is a whole food they're very low in nutrients compared to the whole food source and they're 100% fat all oil so give you 120 calories and just I mean with 500 calories in the fourth of a cup so you're putting 1/4 of a cup of black seed oil olive oil and that's 120 calories of fat you're over your miss using something that's only meant for medicinal so you ruin your salad you're ruining the benefits of the vegetable that's why that's why I gained so much weight every time I eat Indian food because that's what they do at these Indian restaurants they drench all of the vegetables in oil that's what they're doing I mean how far do you take it again do you start is it healthy your back seed oil is food so you're telling me I can start frying food again as long as I put it in the oil as long as I use black seed oil it's okay to fry food we have to think about this we have to use critical thinking oils such as olive oil is less harmful than animal fat but it's not as healthy as nuts and seeds it's not as healthy it's not as healthy it's not as healthy as what it was extracted from so that's the segment that's the segment on on oils and I just in my tone is meant to get you all to think so that's why I'm speaking in this manner it's not meant to speak down to you or to a soul Forest it's just meant to get you all to think and I hope I accomplished that in this video that it wasn't gonna take me long that's all your confusion is think of oils the essential oils are like medicine instead of the fake medicine you take and Walgreens now with the essential oils this is real medicine but just like the fake medicine there is a way to abuse it just like what the fake medicine is not fooled it's because you can take it internally and it gives you some medicinal benefits that don't mean that you go crazy and start bumping it down it's not meant for that purpose use it in its proper context small amounts internally use it on your skin you start replacing all these toxic detergents and mouth washes and deodorants with the essential oils that's the proper way to utilize essential oils but no food is plants whole fresh fruits and vegetables that's your food so that I hope you understand if you have any questions on that leave me a comment appreciate all of you all support if these videos are being a blessing to you please be considered being a blessing to me if you can monetarily on my website for stores in stock all books DVDs all my books contain recipes so you can learn how to make salt free or your free desserts and healthy food healthy food we're having apple pie this week that's what I'm having no sugar no oils find it in the will get the 100 best foods for health and longevity and that comes with a three month free membership to dr. Fuhrman's website that gives you access to 1,500 different recipes so go there and get that book to eat for health book all the books have recipes to take the stress out so you don't have to be so stressed and it takes away the stress and confusion but I hope I've accomplished this with this video and all of my supplements are in stock also all the supplements are in stock including lowering blood sugar mood balance for anxiety depression and so forth I hope to see you all January the 4th I would love specially for those of you all who have lost weight on this program again you know not being able to buy a book or DVD or so forth listen I want you all to be healthy that's why I'm pumping out these videos to always be free I post recipes for free on my Facebook page I'm on Twitter I'm on Instagram above all 1000 times more important to me then your money is your health and I want I need that test or not I want I need that I need you to be successful because I need your testimonial so people can see the miraculous healing power thank you for those who have submitted that and I need all of you all if all possible to start making plans to come out January the 4th to be holistic health fair and seminar right here in st. Louis Missouri and if you absolutely can't make it I know many of you all have done this already you're sharing my speaker's website with your churches and organizations and colleges and universities and I know it's up to them to make that decision to bring me in prayerfully they will so that I can bring this life-saving information to your city my keynote lecture from May 4th is airing Monday evening I'll be live in the chat room to answer your questions I always go live every Wednesday on my Facebook page 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. Central Standard Time and I'm just gonna continue rolling on through pumping out the truth about health and wellness to help you all get off the death train please encourage and continue to encourage each other that's what the comments section is for us to either ask me or ask someone else a direct question about health or it's to encourage someone in the chat room about health is not really meant for the purposes of anything else and if I see that it's going beyond that then I will delete it it should be a health focus health focus helping each other encouraging each other to get off the death train have a blessed safe and healthy Father's Day


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