OLD SCHOOL BODYBUILDERS: lost training tips,exercises,rare pictures,philosophy,routines etc.


  1. drug free lifters thats enough for me to say they are the best

  2. Video is good but the music sucks man. Its so melancholy. Makes the video a pain in the ass to watch.

  3. love the background music

  4. I wish bodybuilding was still like this, instead the big ass 300 pound bubble gut. These bodybuilders looked aesthetic and had great proportion and symentry.

  5. Un saludo desde Barcelona. Genial! Queda muy bien, con el tema musical de fondo. Felicidades.

  6. Anavar – and other compounds later. Outrageous development can only come from anabolics

  7. Franco Columbu never did weighted pull-ups. Only bodyweight.

  8. Nise spelling, real gooder wordings

  9. Why the music Of lord Of rings No me parece

  10. In addition to vacuums, I use other old school, effective methods. No need to reinvent the wheel. ""there is nothing new under the sun"…just old information introduced to new people, and other Johnny-come-lately, fly-by-night gimmicks that fool the novice in to thinking that they have found some new short-cut…there are none.

  11. Awesome info!

  12. Behind the neck press has long been abandoned as too much stress on shoulder sockets. It's an unnatural over extension of the shoulder.

  13. Great video – thanks! I agree – heavy behind the neck presses will fck your rotator cuffs up, heavy straight bar curls will fck your wrists up so be careful don't go too deep on dips either

  14. love how no one in the comments mentioned anything about the deformed chests, they all look like theyve been ran over multiple times by semi trucks, who did the photoshopping? and who edited the comments because i know atleast one thousand people commented on the chest, you photeshopped them and made them 20 times larger. what kind of prank is this and why ?

  15. By reading many comments only I can say go to a good trainer who is experienced

  16. Wow ☺ nice old workout.my dad & my brother ☺ only me a professional. Accept dad my brother quit workout in long time ago. I'm a good bodybuilding. From mix martial artist. old workout people it's really good.

  17. Old school steroids

  18. Good as gold

  19. Great tips and I've seen most of them in Pearl's book Keys to the Inner Universe which probably contains every exercise with weights known to man! Also, don't think doing any of these will make you look like these guys. Lol! That takes a lot of anabolic steroid use to achieve and the effect is only temporary. Here's an interesting article about an author who wanted to research the bodybuilding lifestyle for a character he was going to use in one of his books. This will give you a real idea of what you will have to do to get that look:


  20. Exellent video

  21. i guess english ws a second language to the writer of this..

  22. Amazing vídeo, that's culture, that is knowlege,that is 100% pure bodybilding, this is history of our sport! Excelent job!

  23. If you want to look more I Ike a classic athletic bodybuilder rather than a bloated pregnant bubble gut modern mass monster then include natural movement training in your routine, do more calisthenics and body weight training! You won't get as huge as a modern mass monster but you will look way way better and be able to move the way a human should and free of chronic injuries! Also you will have a lot more longevity. If you don't know about natural movement then check out Mov Nat. Also If you use steroids don't use the other modern bodybuilding drugs like excessive amounts of insulin and growth hormone as they have a lot to do with ruining modern physiques and causing bubble gut syndrome, definitely NOT a good look!


  25. this sure is top 3 in content about bodybuilding . everything is a dream , fantastic , i dont know if you really understand what i mean , what i feel , maybe you never will … bodybuilding is my life and … this inspired me . I will remember . Take care comrade , superb people and effort.

  26. Those expanded rib cages look terrible, ribs sticking out further than the chest. The first one shown at 0:39 looks awful

  27. I can see why we don’t use 0:25 anymore lmao that’s just begging for an injury

  28. How the hell these guys get enough protein? They must’ve ate like 4 steaks, whole chickens and about 20 eggs each day.

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