Old Man VS Bodybuilders (Fake Grandpa GYM Prank)

you're about to see this old man do some insane stunts expose the public were in a relationship maybe she's my sister and take on the people of the jail to doing that and all of this executed by a troll in a mask world domination that is the aim it's always been my aim and it's finally been achieved cuz my friends and I have moved out to a mansion three floors six bedrooms our balcony that leads to a swimming pool a playground exotic plants a cinema my own personal cutlery crafted by gods and five beta males that are taking the world by storm numbers are flying in our successes beyond anyone elses reached youtubers worldwide are dying to be a part of this unbeatable squad listen Nico please please let me join you this is a massive opportunity to make just think about it yet I just had to ask I need you to let me join the best squad on YouTube the beta squad you and me we could be unstoppable together please I don't even know who those old men were how dare you disrespect the elderly Nikko Abuja me you literally had to pay both of those youtubers to save what you wanted your room is a dump your pool is empty the plants are not real no one wants to join your diet group of failures everyone is laughing at you clap kids he's right of done nothing since moved into this house which means there's only one thing for me to start doing nice to change that and stop no George I'm gonna completely change my identity and live my life as an old man I'm about to live my life as Kevin Stuart's a 78 year old man I've literally changed my identity I'm serious look at this but stop admiring my ID card let's get started secure the verge orge it's time for us to go big surprise for our table today young man yeah then you think our grandson IAD loves the junk food yeah okay Donna he's gonna go into an early grave he's gonna die before I do that's why I will have a touch follow our feet time seeing it absolutely disgusting yeah a Paris bank we then laughter you bribed my KFC okay then I went to meet some new people I don't know why you like this man right here personally me and you we could be a great couple great relationship I mean we're in a relationship maybe she's my sister that's your sister Oh oh my gosh young people nowadays make me sick look at them smiling at that scene that was it for me I decided to take on the youth it's mad now I could knock out every single one of these people one punch oh my gosh look at me these are the people in direct traffic let's turn it go go do it go I saw two people that chased me down a truck March months ago if you were younger again but what would you wish you could have done I haven't seen a Northern Lights just yet would you ever attack someone why have someone like had a camera in your face and then you said if I see this online I'll see you not really no you'd never say that so you've never chased anyone doubt I talk about saying I'll see you I'll see you I'll see you no no why would I do something did I ever say that I would sue you hello my friend I do I'm doing fine I don't know you so I don't think I would know if you don't look I had an American accent I was interviewing like this these guys are fake Trump supporters yeah that's me that's what happened yeah you said I'll see you I'll see you I'll see you yeah but you never got it online though did you it's nicole mallanna well I appreciate your answer my friend thank you I'm glad you're not suing me Mario or something like that's Mario Lana Mario Ola no okay okay thank you expected to run into them again Mario Lando I was getting distracted my aim is to shock the world and I need an elderly person to endorse my message that all people can do anything could you say good luck with the prank him and I proved that anything can be done I endorse Nico's message and elderly people can do anything have you set your mind to it you can shock the world Wow I couldn't have put it better myself and that's exactly what I'm going to do destroy avidly stereotypes and shock everyone and there was only one place to start all right so now we're on route to the gym you're right boys after little weight that's what's up gays you good see you on the other side ah so you've got crutches that's not very nice I wish you the best deal recovery I use these things as recovery from the world war he just got used this one simple method ladies got back to me now some of you may have realized the sound in this clip is out of sync and that's because I redid the sound and post-production because George didn't turn the mic on the whole time I was in the gym I embarrassed myself in public just for this shambles guys to forget how to do his job and to make matters worse look at this that is my phone that waiting right there is my phone I left my phone in the gym so I need to go back to the gym later so I could refilm and pick up my phone I just hope hasn't been robbed all right we're headed back to the gym George check of the bikes were looking right now please yeah can't let the same happen again so we went back to the gym for the second time in 24 hours which is so bait so make sure you guys smash the like button right now I'm begging you pause this video and hit that like button immediately please the camera yes yes oh now that's that's Jo i watch your left in 1kt come on ray if you shout garlic why are you tired gonna I'll take more than that that's for sure I'll do more than that in my sleep let me put this down to 1000 kg let's go you see the strength right here about you see that this is how you do it on 1000 kg what you're thinking sorry will you trying to look out right now I'm much older than you and I can lift a lot more than you congratulations you should be ashamed of yourself I obviously love it here I feel at home it's a great great place to be the gym has put me don't per day to do the splits very close wasn't it his close call there was one place in the gym I had been avoiding the one area where all the alphas gathered the lifting zone but I was not scared of them anymore this skis have decided to leave a frail old man to die I mean look at me I'm suffering right there to do way more than that guys a bit weak look at my granddaughter the world I'm right you're laughing it's pathetic what you're lifting top on it we do like a little battle me against you I see the fear in your eyes my friend we will be lifted this way I'm across yes whatever you want to call it in this day and age let the battle commence Oh lift it this is all you could do is this they have to do double that what stone 1668 don't only goes up to 50 so certainly 58 I'm about to put these guys to shame right here absolutely shambles spot me please spot me spotty that's probably my granddaughter she never says much this you card let's say this is just a joke if we went out started at a fire I'd lock you out right now yes you may see the fear in this man's eyes but the point is I didn't beat him our head-to-head meaning I'm a failure I had to retire the mosque because I had taken as far as I could unless I suddenly learn a new talent in 24 hours but obviously that's not realistic okay we've decided to take it to a public park I'm gonna show people as the old man with my incredible acrobatics you can't you can't you have brothers yes in George watch and learn watch ad I keep a lot of secrets from you George you like that was very impressive yes I have gifts my people yeah okay That's not me but it was a member of the Nick Oh Defense League see I posted to my Instagram asking you guys for help if you are a gymnast from London or Watford please get in contact as soon as possible and luckily my guy will go in contact and he wasn't too bad a gymnastic so I decided to bring him down to my local park suited him up in an old man mask and he was ready to go at face value the public are about to witness an old man frail but they're about to underestimate him to the highest degree this old man can do the craziest stunts you'll ever see and people have the most in same reaction yeah I want to learn a backflip insane the world was being shaken to its core and the non-believers were closing their doors in fear people was scared to witness greatness kids tried to imitate him but they flocked this man had inspired the future this was a massive success and now George and I can head back home and feast like kings or so I thought okay so George is stressed right now because we have just locked ourselves out of this car there's no way in we're gonna be here for a while and awhile we were there for him fights we were there for so long that some random family came out of that house and invited us inside I'm not even joking they could have been killers we had no idea thank you very much great place okay well they've taken to the home and they beta sub sandwiches but these guys were great they made us sandwiches a hot chocolate and we all sat together and laughter George for locking his keys in his own car we also played bingo but after a few hours of locksmith arrived and got us into George's car he's an idiot isn't he for letting go like the key guy what a bunch of waffle this could never and will never happen to me but then we say goodbye to the family and I appreciate them for letting me stay in their house this videos got me thinking a lot it's made me want to be kind it's made me want to be compassionate and it's honestly changed me your complete and utter shambles George shame on you and your family today beta squad 5 are setting the light go haha it's me can we please hit 69 thousand likes and full of debates what page thank you Mario Ola no or something like that's Mario Lana Mario Ola no okay I'll look it up okay thank you


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