I came 🙂 this time I came with a diet chocolate recipe. I am gonna make Fit Snickers 🙂 this recipe is for sport persons and students 🙂 the students said ” please don’t use blender. no blender in student house.” I said too “okey dear 🙂 I will make chocolate for you without using blender. ” a lot of protein and and really like snickers it is very nice. I love so much 🙂 recently I am always making chocolate, are you aware of this ? a lot of energy bomb 🙂
because mmm… there is no translation for this sentences that I am telling you here. 😀 LoL are we in and out from retro or something is it like a fullmoon ??? I suppose, the spring depression is coming 🙂 that’s why I am making a lot energy bomb foods. this recipes is super easy and few ingredients, without using food processor awesome taste 🙂 we will make chocolate without using a food processor with few ingredients together. I am telling ingredients and I’ll write the description section down below you can get the recipe from there 4 tbs oat flour 1 tbs oat 5 piece dates 5 or 6 piece peanuts and 5 piece almond and my precious is peanut butter :))) and grape syrup a little bit milk andd my chocolate 🙂 we will melt them what we do first? the dates that we separated form their cores. lets not use pre-prepared ones I am gonna show you how you gonna make it without food processor the dates we boiled the water I am pouring boiled water on the dates at least wait 15 minutes the dates will wait in boiled water and peel off from their shells and then we are gonna make it as smash while it is waiting in there, this recipe for the ones who starts to gym, and for students the ones who quited eating sugary stuff I am struggling right so much because I just left sugary stuff and I always wanna eat something sugary and the desire for the desert, I just eat a little bit of this with the coffee, I can say that this will hold me back I can also say that it is beneficial and rather than me, Çağrı eats everything that I made If any leftovers for me, I eat 🙂 In this way, even with the few materials that you have under your hand, In this way, even with the few materials that you have under your hand, you can make masterpieces at your homes you can make the deserts and also salty stuff. I am really happy to show you guys these recipes right now we are waiting for the dates to get out from their shells lets get our bowl the dates started to loose their shells right now lets rip out the shells from the dates inside of the dates kind of another shell, rip that out as well some of them has it but most of the time when I take out the cores from the dates, I also rip out the interior shell I say that we can make a chocalate someday the fit version of the belgian chocalate so we put the last one in it, lets get this one aside the dates are ready I am always looking out for the door because I leave it open for the fresh air there is one cat and one dog inside of the house , but the cat is very naugty the cat always escapes from the door even with the flynet was on he opens the flynet with his paw and he escapes that is why I have to watch the door time to time lets put the milk the regular milk and the most perfect smasher 🙂 lets smash them with this, if it is not happening like this I don’t know if it is sold at the grocery stores there are some smashed baby foods their content of those foods are also very clean you can buy them instead mine is like a smashed right now the milk was a little more, but it is okey. I will put some oat meal in it it is gonna equalize I am putting oat flour right now 4 tbs of oat flour 1 tbs of oatmeal lets smash them all with mixing how are gonna smash these ? for this, freezer bag regular bag anything is ok, just put them like this inside later by anything that you wish to use even by these, we smash don’t hide behind the excuses I try every method for u guys see, they are like powdery, lets add these as well lets mix it is gonna be like gum like candy it is not gonna have this form you can switch the oatmeal amount because not every bowl is the same my tea glass is like this, maybe you have the different size that is why you can adjust your amounts mine is done whatever you wanna use for this everything is ok as bowl , I am using this one because the ingredients are not so much we are putting the baking paper inside this bowl so I spread the baking paper inside lets put these in the consistence is gonna be like this it is gonna sit like ‘löh’ we are gonna spread this equally this is done, lets put this aside right now, for the middle layer 1 tbs of peanut butter 2 tbs grape syrup 2 tbs grape syrup lets mix them both still mixing it is gonna take the shape of the gum like a candy what shall we name this recipe the desert of getting into spring without depression the chocalate of getting into spring season lets put this I think I am gonna add more peanut butter the grape syrup is kind of much for this now I am gonna add some more peanut butter PEANUT BUTTER ! right it has the shape of the gum like candy lets add this up lets spread this out we are coming to the point of making snickers not salty not roasted peanut one palm of peanut I buy these stuff from the amazon because sometimes you can’t find everything at the grocery store for example, there is no turkish nuts which I realized this week In fact I was gonna put turkish nuts in this recipe however there is no turkish nuts ohh, very nice right now, I am gonna put this into the freezer in the meantime, we are gonna melt the chocolates simply you can do like this this is my way to melt the chocalates, ( it is also called as steam table ) whatever you have similar to this which has a wide mouth I had tea in this before, it is still hot I am gonna use this because there is still hot water inside I am putting down a uncrackable glass on top of that, putting down the chocolates it is gonna be about 80 gr of chocolate on top of our recipe these are sugar free chocolates just for this recipe you can also use %80 cacao ones the least one must be % 80 I had one half, I am gonna use the half the other one as well these are gonna melt on top this now this is frozen this one is also melted without burning your hand lets pour this on the top layer so this is one of the best delicious recipe, isn’t it ? what can it be !! yammy yammy If you guys are also a monster like me for the deserts there can be no excuses for us to stay away from the deserts no obstacle I am gonna cut these like a slice that way we can also control our portions you can eat this on your breaks, before the gym you can eat this on your breaks, before the gym it keeps you full, because of the oatmeal it keeps you full, it gives you energy what else can I do for you guys ?? !! 🙂 don’t say ever that ‘ I can’t do it, I don’t have the materials, the equipments. As you can see, you can make this without the equipments you need to work you brain off alright, we are gonna throw this into the freezer it is gonna stay in the freezer and we are gonna slice it see you after an hour 🙂 after an hour we are getting this out of the bowl gonna grab a plate lets get this out what is the shape of our snickers lets slice it without making you live the depression of the spring season our energy bomb chocolates are ready our energy bomb chocolates are ready our energy bomb chocolates are ready you are not gonna want to desire for chocolates believe me this is even better than the real snickers even without using the spesific equipments and with the few ingredients you can make it, as you can see. It is ready to eat 🙂

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