Office of Well-Being

One of the first things I noticed when I
came here was is so many people are working under incredible stress; but we don’t
have any kind of real supports for them. We are expected to take care of people
out in the community but we are a community right here and we should be
taking care of each other. We go out and we get involved in other people’s lives and we need to think about our own lives. And that’s what I want to happen, I want
to support the people that work for DCF so that they can support the folks that
they’re working with in the field. The idea of the Office of Wellbeing was to
have a one-stop shop that’s centered on all things employee well-being. Current goal right now that we’re task with of reducing families in crisis, You know we need that same approach to our employees. The success of that measure,
that outcome, is going to be based on how successful our employees are. We want to make sure that they are at their best. Once we landed on the actual idea of an
Office of Wellbeing, we decided not to reinvent the wheel. We conducted research out there to see some of these high stressful jobs, what actual procedures,
policies do they have in place? What is their approach to employee well-being? So, when we looked at that actual model and took that to our actual topic of well-being we thought to our self we should maybe have an Office of
Wellbeing. You know, part of our research that we did we looked back and we saw
the amount of turnover just with CPI, that’s virtually impossible. You talk
about reducing families in crisis if we’re continually in a crisis ourselves.
What is out there that we can do to support and make a resilient workforce? If we’re in a good place personally, we’re in a good place professionally.

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