Off-Season Training for Snowboarding -1 / Physical training Workout Exercises

offseason training for snowboarding one two factors to maximize your physical training firstly you should know the three key types to training to improve your snowboarding while off the snow number one mental management number two technical training and number three physical training these three trainings are well known these days as off snow training there are so many physical training videos for snowboarding you can find on YouTube it's just my perspective but most of the videos are not catered to snowboarders I've been working with sports trainers for a long time for my athletes and here I should share the truth about physical training for snowboarding most good snowboard as you see in the videos these days are not working on physical training regularly it's not a fact from the official research but I have talked and confirmed it with many competitive snowboarders this doesn't mean that they don't do anything during the offseason but they do skate boarding surfing biking soccer and so on I believe that those sports are not only fun but good for physical fitness however they only contain training factors for balanced reaction speed coordination speed and power and cardio depending on what activity they do they gain one of these strengths naturally if they do nothing during the offseason can they pick up any key fitness skills for snowboarding the answer is obviously no if your muscles are not used for a while they shrink in size and it'll be weaker thus you won't be able to control your body as you visualize in your head however there are snowboarders who actually do nothing related to snowboarding during the offseason and keep their skills how they keep visualizing snowboarding in their head so that signal from their brain keeps sending their muscles many electrical pulses therefore muscles will keep receiving an electrical stimulus this is not about physical training but about mental management so we won't talk about that in this video now should we train our body for snowboarding just yet oh I would say that it's all up to you here is another fact that may bring your motivation down strengthening your muscles won't improve your snowboarding you can improve your snowboarding by memorizing with your body how to use your muscles while snowboarding then do we still need physical training for snowboarding just as I had mentioned in another video it's like driving a vehicle if there is a good driver in an old cheap vehicle versus a new driver in a new high-performance vehicle which will show the better result in one hour of racing it's hard to say isn't it how about a good driver in a new high-performance vehicle versus a new driver in an old cheap vehicle we don't need an answer to this question as it's obvious the difference between a good driver and a new driver is on driving skill and the difference between an old cheap vehicle and a new high-performance vehicle is exactly the same with our body condition maintaining or strengthening your body is about maintaining or upgrading your vehicle if you have strong skills but don't have a well-maintained body you won't be able to perform your best in other words you might not need to train your body as much for snowboarding if you are at the intermediate level or lower however less training might limit your improvement if you want to save your time and train more effectively you can try to train your body while snowboy running hard this way to train your body will allow you to work on just the muscles you need while snowboarding thus there won't be any wasted time or energy but this can be an issue as well as riding with fatigue on your body can make it harder to improve your snowboarding at a consistent rate you can train with a general training program that you would find on another YouTube channel but you should remember that if your body didn't learn to use each muscle you can't use those muscles properly while snowboarding so you will waste your training time this is what I've noticed while coaching my athletes I was coaching athletes with personal trainers for a long time but it was hard to see the result in actual snowboarding by working on physical training then I decided to rebuild our physical training program just as training your body while snowboarding this video series will introduce a new program that you have never seen before at the same time you should know that there are two more factors to manage your physical training better this information contains new and very interesting research results so keep watching please don't forget to Like and subscribe to our Channel and feel free to leave your comments below watch all our tutorials by subscribing to the online training program from our website thanks for watching snowboard dojo raise your snowboard coach from Canada [Applause]

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  1. I ride a skateboard 3 – 4 hours per week, it helps me a lot, its basically the same muscles.

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