ODS Tips Part 8: Physical Training

hi and welcome back to our last installment of the OTS at Ben jaha for this installment we're gonna talk about the PRT which is the physical readiness test and any sort of physical training that you're gonna be in during there or called PT the very first thing that I'm going to tell everyone and this is more geared towards previous enlisted folks is that you cannot do alternate cardio I mean I guess I should have really been well known but like even if you get hurt you still can't do alternate cardio they're just gonna be like we're not letting you do cardio done it's good so I mentioned this in the big odious video the really really long one with terrible cuts and edits that is important that if you are prior enlisted make sure that you go and do your PRT your official PRT before you go just in case you get hurt while you're a toad es like I started to the someone did and that was you make sure that you are covered so just talk about the PRT for anyone that does not know it consists of a 1.5 mile run be thankful in the Army does to the Marines two three so haha and then two minutes of push-ups two minutes of sit-ups if you wanted to see what numbers you have to do you go to the link down the description below and it's based from your age and your gender for your run and the weather is nice you're going to be doing it on the track right outside of King Hall you'll see every single morning you'll be PT in there almost every single morning depending on the weather you want to do six laps around that track and that wind is going to kick your butt so pray for good weather do a little weather dance before your final PRT if the weather is bad then you're going to be doing it on an indoor track which is all the way across space I think it's crazy it takes probably about time then it's to run there so imagine how long it's gonna take to March or walk over there and that track I don't remember exactly the number that it takes but I'm pretty sure it's like somewhere between 14 and 18 laps to be able to finish the PRT so much fun right when you arrived they're gonna tell you that you're gonna have to PRTs won the first Friday that you're there to kind of get like a gauge of how you're doing I'm one on your way out that's going to be life or death this is a lot okay you're gonna do your first peyote and they're gonna tell you if you get probationary or below you're gonna end up on fat which is the fat k program is what we call it but it actually means fitness enhancement program but that's line number one if you end up with a satisfactory you're gonna end up on fat it's not a bad thing in fact I would highly suggest that if you're able to you actually volunteer for it but at the same time it's kind of knowing being on it when you just kind of want to study instead of workout but I lost five pounds while I was there or no way I didn't lose pounds I lost ten pounds while I was there and I was unfit it's good for you the second light is that they're going to tell you there's only two PRT is that it's probably the most horrible lie I experienced because it turns out that they actually give you about one a week so just expected you a PRT basically every single Friday while you're there but the only one that's actually gonna count towards your record is the last one and it's important to note that you can only have two failures in three years and then they kick you out so really make sure you push yourself on it and then once again if your prior and let's go take your PRT just in case something bad happens because I talked to them and they said they're gonna take the higher score for your official PRT for PT that you're gonna be doing a lot of running running is basically the biggest thing that they do besides random push-ups and squats and so make sure that you always have at least two pairs of tennis shoes with you especially because it can rain and when it rains it downpours who gets this thing else to know is that you're gonna be doing a lot of warm-ups and cooldowns and if your teaching team is like my teaching team make sure that you've learned how to do them because every time you mess up they're gonna just punish you and their punishment usually includes like being the push-up position they're gonna be like down and you say one team and they're gonna hold you then in the leg up you know one family there were a lot of there was actually a time that we finished a PRT and then we weren't able to do the cooldown as easily as they wanted us to and then they punished us we just did a PRT and they punished us so just be prepared for that anytime that they feel like you're not really meeting their standards the usual go-to punishment is some sort of et or what they call him bootcamp I T which is intense training I believe is intense training at least and it's not fun it will probably happen often so I just I know that the first time happened to me I definitely broke down crying I don't know it was just a lot so your PT it's gonna be at 0 5:30 almost every single morning while you're there it's probably gonna be out in the field except for when weather is really bad sometimes you actually do pt with OCS now that only happened to us once maybe twice if I remember right but you will usually do your warm ups with with OCS and your warm ups are kind of like yeah yeah we're doing great everything is awesome 1 2 3 yeah 1 2 3 2 1 and stuff like that running in place side shuffles touch and stuff like that cooldown is really really nice until you break your back and then it's not so much fun anymore after you do your PT in the morning they're gonna give you a little bit of time to go back and shower will not have time for everyone to shower so if you want to stay ahead of everyone just bring baby wipes I know it sounds so gross but you will have time to shower in the afternoon especially if you're on FAP you're repeating twice a day like you don't kinda shower twice a day so just bring baby wipes wipe yourself down be all nice and clean and presentable and put on some extra deodorant you're set something else to note is that they're gonna be checking your weight twice while you're there unless you failed your initial weight and then they might randomly sporadically do another way and to make sure that you're solid they do have if you don't make weight they do have tape and now they have the one tape and then do three separate tapes if you failed in one tape I know I can't pass tape so I really pass on the weight make sure you check out the links in the description down below to see what your required weight is and what the tape and measurement requirements are for the Navy while you're there you're gonna be doing one swim test it's going to be the third class Petty Officer swim test if you happen to fail it the first time or you refused to participate in it as one of our shipmates did because he did not know how to swim they're gonna go ahead and keep testing you out sorry about the second week there and continually test you every single day until you finally get it and that's usually during PT time so if you're like a PT buff but you fail to swim you're probably fine but if you really need that PT time work your hardest pass to swim as quickly as you can and maybe practice over the summer or whenever before you go and and then the final little warning about PT is that there is the lovely sand pit the sand pit is made of gravel sand glass trash but a seagull poop whatever you feel like it's made out of it's made out of it and when I went there I got really really hurt I had little like abrasions on my wrist which then turned into scabs which then turned into me going like and the scars lasted for a little bit and it also the same got right up in my Fitbit and broke the charging device so that sucked but it's unfortunate to note that the same pet it's gonna happen at some point they're not going to tell you when they're just gonna do it and they're usually looking for like youtuber kind of really mess up before you go but even if you don't mess up there's not gonna find a reason they will always find a reason now if you go twice ya done messed up okay we went twice you don't mess up the class before is when like three times I believe so but it's a lot harder than it looks and it's gonna be pretty excessive and you're not gonna be the only one crying trust me but other than that it's only five weeks you can do it PT is not that bad in fact I hate PT but by the end of it I was really looking for a w PT session every morning this was the ODS PT installment and is the final of our eight if you guys have any questions just go ahead and comment down below if you want to see any more just let us know in the comments and maybe we'll make another installment don't forget to Like and subscribe to see my wife and I do some really fun challenges and try weird Japanese snacks and to see the rest of the OTS videos that I've pasted up and my wife will be doing military spouse tips and I'll be doing this lovely thing about what it was like to be an enlisted versus officer and just basically just other things such as like base PX is what general bases have for you completely based from our very limited amount of experience the skin for watching and I hope that you have a magical Navy day


  1. why would you join the navy if you dont know how to fucking swim?

  2. Enjoyed watching your series. I’m a new Navy Physician Assistant, but was a prior Marine Captain. So the Navy is letting me skip ODS and go straight to my first duty station. Watching this series I felt like I got to know a little bit about what I missed. Probably not really difficult for priors but the training environment always sucks lol.

  3. What are the all PRTs, I know 1.5 mile pushups and sit-ups what’s the swim ones and are there any others?

  4. Coming from a who's seen 5 classes of ODS go through, trust me it's not hard at all. The staff are there to help you pass and graduate. Yeah they might yell and be stern but y'all got it pretty good….. unless it's cold af….. nobody wins then and the indoor track is 20 laps but people notoriously lose track of laps (its easier than you think).

    And PT is a joke for y'all, even your Punishments/RPT sessions are cake. If you're a prior you'll laugh about how easy it is.

  5. Can you explain what they mean by "float" during the swim qualification? I can tread water, but for the life of me, I can't float motionless in a pool without sinking. I ship off to ODS in about a week and I just want to thank you for the informative videos!

  6. Hi Jess, thank you so much for these videos. I'm going to be a Naval Physical Therapist and I will be going to ODS in September. I just had a couple questions for you;

    1. You mentioned in an earlier comment that they provide a seabag for you to put your stuff in. Is this going to be issued to us before we go to ODS, or can I plan on packing all my stuff in a regular suitcase when I leave for ODS?

    2. Can people park on base at ODS or should I plan on being dropped off?

    3. Can you talk a little more about the collateral duties? Does everyone get assigned a job (like DIVO or Watchbill Coordinator)?

    Your videos have been so helpful, thank you so much for all your help!

  7. Hi, Thanks for all the information!
    I had a question about weigh-ins… does it matter how much a person is overweight as long as they can tape out and pass PRT? I'm about 10 lbs overweight but tape out with no problem and no trouble with the PRT.

  8. Hi, I'll be joining ODS in July and I am very thankful for your videos (and so happy to have found them)! I had a question about PRT. What is the order of the tests performed? Is it the run then sit up then push up? Or is it just random at each PRT? (I tried this order today and I could only get to half the amounts of sits up and push ups (T-T) so I'm hoping it's the other way around lol) Also, does an instructor watch and count or do we have partners to watch and count for the PRT?

  9. Hello! Thank you so much for doing these videos. They definitely fill in the blanks on what I have heard about ODS, which is nice considering I leave in a week for mine.
    You mentioned wearing a fitbit during ODS. I currently have an apple watch that I wear regularly. Should I avoid taking this, or should I simply bring another watch to ODS with me?

  10. Hi! I am so happy I found these videos. I don't have a set ODS date, but I'm going in as a nurse when I pass NCLEX in a few weeks. I am the most worried about push-ups, I would consider myself fit, but pushups kick my butt. Is the standard of below parallel that I see in the official videos held pretty strictly? Do you have any tips on pushups? Thanks in advance, these are awesome videos.

  11. Likely the last question before I head out to ODS tomorrow. I just wanted to say thanks again for the invaluable information.

    When would you suggest waking up on a daily basis to have enough time to ready myself for PT and the day? I've heard stories of Monday being Admin day and then Tuesday being "go time" where they bang on the doors at 4:30. Is this accurate? Or when would "go time" be?

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