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  1. The man has a very nice home so he must make a good income. lol! Bob! Get with the program! lol! 🙂 Find a professional "licensed" insurance advisor that is certified to enroll people in the market place/exchange. Yes, agents can be licensed by their individual state but they also have to be certified to act as a broker/agent in order to guide/assist folks in the enrollment process for qualified ACA compliant plans. Floridians also have the option to go to www.healthcare.gov. This is the government website that is loaded with frequently asked questions to include a gateway in which to enroll into a ACA compliant health plan. So what are you waiting for "Bob." 1 November is just around the corner! Remember, don't just consider premium cost look at the overall plan to include prescriptions covered , doctors/network coverage etc..Your licensed agent will be your best bet to ensure you secure a plan that fits your/families health coverage needs. Good luck! 🙂

  2. Such a fake video

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