Obama Makes Affordable HealthCare Hip – SNL


  1. It would have been so funny had Jay broken the fourth wall there at the beginning and said, while still in character, "Come one, people! Make a decision and then commit to it!""

  2. Nasim as Kim Kardashian is hotter than Kim as Kim Kardashian!

  3. Omg when no one clapped!!!XD

  4. The leader of "youcron"? Oh, ok.

  5. i love how justin enters the room like a sneaky little weasel

  6. " It's gonna be a Vine video" RIP vine😭

  7. I think they were banking on a huge gasp and cheer moment when Obama and Bieber kissed, which embarrassingly for everyone didn't come… probably because it made zero sense

  8. Kate had me ROTFLMBO!

  9. And Kate McKinnon as Biebs, wow!
    ("Who wants to kiss this stupid face.")

  10. Lmao that kim kardashian impersonation is what my brain thinks when i hear them talk

  11. You-cronnn?!? Nope, you-firedd!!!

  12. Trump actually met with Kim Kardashian

  13. And to think, Kim actually did become a guest in the White House, along with Kanye. So embarrassing.

  14. the pope is a holy symbol . this is insulting

  15. FFWD to 1-31-2019 ….A pregnant woman in Denver who is about to deliver and desperately needs a 9th month abortion….(all democrats) DONE!

  16. I am impressed by Jay's impression. One of the best celebrity sketch!

  17. I have a crush on Noel Wells


  19. Kim has an ass on-oh, wait…

  20. Why did he meet a little girl 🤔🤔🤔

  21. Harry styles is so on pointtttt!

  22. Who wrote this?

  23. So glad that stupid,idiotic president is gone,go trump

  24. Damn Jay Pharoh pssshh, [email protected]$$ mfr getting to kiss Kate McKinnon so deeply like that.

  25. Kissing Bieber essnt funny…

  26. Who knew she would actually start showing up in the next administration…

  27. Rape America great again

  28. Omg… That kiss made me sweat 😰…. Uuuuh😂😂😂😂

  29. God the dead memes

  30. That intro awkwardness lol

  31. why is this funny, Americans?

  32. Dat assssss~!

  33. imagine the hard work… america needs healthcare!! #BlueWave

  34. Season 39 was a disaster, had some of the least talented featured players.

  35. Daaamn, Mrs. Pedrad.

  36. A skit that pretty much shows why health insurance is so fu ked in the states. Thanks Obama. I couldn’t keep my doctor or my plan.

  37. Kim Kardashian’s never looked this good to me. 😍

  38. Yikes, the pope.

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